Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WWU - Running in North Carolina

Jeff and I were really looking forward to running in North Carolina - the crisp, cold mornings, the low humidity, the different routes - oooh, it was going to be nice!  Well...the different routes are nice, anyway.

Actually, we've had one cool morning - our first run here, last Monday, was in 41 degree weather, so that was awesome.  It wasn't the greatest of runs, however, mostly because it came right after we'd sat in a car for two days straight.  But hey, we got out and ran 3 miles, so I'm giving us a gold star.

We also ran on Christmas Eve morning, when it was a lovely 71 degrees (and quite humid).  Shades of Texas weather.  Another 3 miles, with a bit of a hilly terrain - we went to the White Oak Greenway to run, which is where we ran when we were here in June 2014, but we didn't go to the same part of the Greenway (couldn't figure out where it was), and this one was a challenge to run.

On Saturday, we had 8 miles on tap (still training for the Houston half marathon on Jan. 17), so we went to the American Tobacco Trail, which is another place we'd run last time we were here.  Oh Texas North Carolina, your weather vexes us so.  December 26th, and it was 66 degrees, with 100% humidity, and fog, as you can see here:
I spy a red MINI in the parking lot!

You can run either direction from this entrance to the trail (there are lots of entrances, but not many with ample parking, which is why we went to this one).  Originally we planned on splitting the distance with an out-and-back going both directions, but once we were running, we decided to just run four miles straight out before turning around. While the terrain was different, and really nice to run on, it felt like just another long run in Texas, what with the heat and humidity.  Plus, we'd had all kinds of non-runner-friendly foods the day before, so we weren't exactly feeling peppy.  But we got it done, which is all you can ask for sometimes.  Oh, and a Christmas tree on the trail - you could ask for that, too:
Jeff caught me just as I was saying "oooh, this one says RUN."  We saw this on our way out and stopped at mile 7.25 on our way back to take the pictures (OK, and take a quick rest break, too).

I have to say, it was nice to be with so many runners on this trail - there is a really strong running community in this area, and why not, with so many great trails to run on?  When we were finished, we sat at a picnic bench to try and stop sweating so much, and attempted to take a selfie, which did not go well.  Luckily, another runner offered to take our picture:
8 miles in Texas-like weather - sorry, North Carolinians, we seem to have brought it with us.

We chatted with the NC runner for a few minutes, who acknowledged how miserable the weather was for running - and she said that while she set out to do 7 miles, she only ended up with 5.5, which made me feel better about how hard it was.  

One last shot - running on a trail means that lots of tiny rocks get in your shoes and on your legs:
I brought a little bit of the ATT back to Sam's place!


  1. Sorry you had yucky weather to run in! The weather has been crazy warm in the south this fall and so far this winter.
    Good job on getting your miles in.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. So, whether you realize it or not, you are conditioned for humidity because you guys finished your run and the NC runner did not lol! Makes it easier to understand why the elite runners go to labs that create conditions for them.

    How fun to have that decorated tree on the trail! I wonder if people who use the trail decorate it? And how did you stop yourself from taking that ornament?!

    1. I think you are right; all those months of running in the humidity paid off here in NC, woohoo! The other runner looked like she was is way better shape than us, so it probably threw her to see us do more miles, lol.

      I totally want that ornament! But the tree was too charming to dismantle. Still, I need to find it to buy!

  3. How cool to see that decorated tree! I've never seen that around here on our trails. Might be fun to start it :D

    Humidity is hard to deal with. I think you are probably better prepared for it in general since you have it more often that we do. I completely wilt.

    Happy New Year and safe travels!

  4. I did an almost 70 degree run here on Christmas eve too! It was glorious because that weather is unheard of here in December!
    I saw on another blog where a runner was on a running trail and the trees where decorated for christmas. I'd love to do that at our local running trail but it's probably against some law or something!

    1. I say decorate a trail tree next year - you might start something good! As long as it's de-decorated in January, I don't see what the harm would be...

  5. I can deal with warmer temps, but I hate humidity too - we are just now getting to our real Chicago weather - I think NYE it will be a low of 9 degrees! Glad you got your running shoes on though!

    1. Good gravy, 9 degrees? That's hibernating time to me!!

  6. Good grief, you can't get a break with the weather. You need to convince one of your kids to move out this way :)

    I admire you for keeping up your running schedule when you're traveling and there are a million excuses for missing it!

  7. That decorated tree is just so awesome! How fun to run upon that! :)

  8. So nice to run in a different area, too bad it was so humid.

    Those ornaments in the tree are so cool.


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