Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Mishmash

Super random post today - although I'm getting back into the swing of things at home, my mind is all over the'll either enjoy this post or suffer through it, haha.

First up, I had a craving for a Fresca while I was visiting my parents, which is weird because I haven't had a diet soda in years...I think I drank Diet Coke for the first couple of years that I was dieting, but then I stopped using artificial sweeteners, and there went the soda.  But I used to love Fresca, and always thought it tasted refreshing and not diet-y.  So I bought a 12-pack a couple of days ago, came home, cracked one open, poured it over ice, and...blech.  It tasted like a mouthful of chemicals, which is what all diet soda tastes like to me now.  I don't know why I thought it would be different, but it was not good.  And now I have eleven cans left of the stuff!  Maybe I'll reverse trick-or-treat my neighbors and hand out some Fresca.


Sometimes, I just like to do this to my Fiestaware:

This order never lasts long, but I love opening my cupboard and seeing a rainbow of dishes.


Paco finally forgave me for leaving him - it was pretty funny, because Jeff returned home before I did, so Paco ended up bonding with him for a change and gave me the cold shoulder for a couple of days.  But now, he's back to being all up in my grill, so to speak:
If this picture had sound effects, you would be hearing "grrrrRRRRRRRR" - Paco wasn't happy that Kip was sharing my lap with him.


I put the extra large ceramic bird button that I bought at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival marketplace on a big basket in my family room:
I am so charmed by this, it's ridiculous.  


I finished the little sock that I started in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class:
 A tiny sock for my tiny Christmas tree this year!

This sock is a bit of a hot mess, as I was working so fast and trying some new techniques, but I love it to death.  And see the red stripe right below the blue/white area?  That's where Stephanie, aka my knitting bestie, actually knitted some stitches!!!  I KNOW.  Best thing ever!!

Have a great weekend.  I do not even want to tell you how many miles we will be running tomorrow.  Come back on Monday to see if we survive.


  1. I'm guessing your running more than 9 miles good luck
    with that! I'm with you on the no to diet drinks and fake
    sweeteners in general. I quit all soda drinking a few years back.

    Cute sock I will be interested to see how you decorate with it.

    Have a great weekend. We are supposed to be getting some
    cool air down here in Florida this weekend but I am skeptical
    and will wait and see.

  2. That ROY G BIV statement made me laugh out loud! I remember that from elementary school :) Beautiful Fiestaware by the way :)

  3. If you liked the taste of Fresca, you should see if you could find some grapefruit seltzer. I love it! Like you, I've given up diet sodas for the most part so when I want bubbles and refreshment, I go for club soda or seltzer - normally plain but I do like the grapefruit one.

  4. Okay, at first I thought the ROY G BIV was a typo on your blog. Then when Lori commented on it, I had to look it up. I never learned that in school! I love the rainbow fiesta ware. And I love the button on the basket, but even more, I like how you feel about it.

    Paco evidently hasn't seen that "coexist" sign that's been making the rounds.

    And I love the widdle sock. Those red stitches below the blue? Its almost like they are glowing :)

    Good luck on your run. Hopefully, no rain or humidity?

  5. We could get up to 8 inches of snow overnight - so not ready for the snow! Good luck on your run this weekend :D

  6. I organize the clothes in my closet the same way you organize your fiesta ware!

  7. It is amazing how our tastes change. I used to love diet coke, now...blech.
    LOVE the fiesta ware! It is a fiesta in your cupboard!!!! :)
    And Paco. AWWWW!!!!!

  8. I got hooked on Trader Joes mineral water recently, which led to an obsession with La Croix. I drink a ton of it now, and it always feels like a treat. Totally guilt-free!

  9. Fiesta ware makes all food look gourmet in my kitchen. :) Love those colors

  10. I am trying to get to the point of 'not liking' soda. :-) It will take time for sure!

    My cats didn't take long to forgive me after being away....they are back to being annoyingly in my face!!!! It always amuses me to see pets pout and try to show their disapproval when we go away!

  11. I have never liked diet soda. It tastes so bitter to me, even stevia and splenda (which is the worst). So, I just quit drinking soda all together. I do drink selzter water for the bubbles and add a slice of lemon. It's sometimes difficult to get that when we eat out because not a lot of people get it that way. If a restaurant has a bar area, they understand LOL.

  12. How adorable is that little sock!

    Funny that Paco is really pissed when you go away. Bella is always happy to see us both, no matter how long we were away.

    I don't drink diet soda (I use nothing that has artifical sweeteners in it). If I want a soda, I drink the one with sugar but that hardly ever happens.


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