Friday, July 10, 2015

FMM - Scenes From Santa Fe

I have so much to show you!  We just got home from New Mexico, where we spent four days in Santa Fe.  We went there for the wedding of our friends Cary and Brian, and boy did we have a good time!  We stayed at the hotel where the wedding was held, the La Fonda...what a treat.  Everything about that place was first class, and our room was beautiful, complete with original artwork and a hand-painted headboard:
Loved the bed, and after a couple of days I managed to stop running my shins into the frame.
Mini fridge and a Keurig were inside the armoire.  
The nice!
Sliding barn door in the bathroom was fun to use - I've only seen these on HGTV, so it was fun to play with one in person.

Pretty as it was, we didn't spend all our time in the room.  On Friday, a bunch of us went for a run (or walk, in my case - more on that on Wednesday), and then Jeff, Andi and I had breakfast at the French bakery in the hotel:
Strawberry crepe - yes please!

Then we walked around Santa Fe.  We visited the Native American vendors at the Palace of the Governors - they have to be certified to be able to sell there, and the spaces go by a daily lottery system, so you might see different vendors each day.  There was an arts and crafts show at the Plaza on the fourth of July, and we bought some items there, plus we went to a yarn store (hey, I needed a specific size of needles...).  Over the course of our time in Santa Fe, I managed to make a few purchases, which I'm sure surprises no one.  But, as I kept telling Jeff, I also SAVED us money by not purchasing things...I kept a running tally of what I'd considered (OK, maybe some of it was pie-in-the-sky considering because I'm not a wealthy art patron), but didn't buy.  I had over $2000 with my savings...that's some restraint, right?  Hah!  Here's what we (the royal, although Jeff did pick out some of this) bought:
Bottom:  yarn, inlaid turquoise, serpentine, and apple coral earrings

Plus we bought some small prints from the Georgie O'Keeffe museum, and a few other pictures - I'll show those when I get them framed.  We wandered around Canyon Road - I think we could have spent a couple of days going in all of the shops and galleries there:
Top left: La Mesa, where I saved Jeff many dollars; top right: Jeff resting up while Andi and I perused the line of Native American vendors once more; bottom left: I looked across the street to see Jeff imitating the statue; bottom right: neat garden art - they all spun!

So we also went to a wedding.  Wait, wasn't that the reason we went to Santa Fe?  It was, and the wedding was lovely.  It was held on the rooftop terrace at La Fonda.  The evening before, it poured rain, and while rain was in the forecast for the wedding day, it didn't materialize.  We were sitting outside, at 6:00 pm, in JULY, and it was only 66 degrees - it was wonderful!
The wedding - Cary and Brian looked so calm and happy and it was just really sweet to watch them say their vows.
Everything was so pretty - all the little details and personal touches made the ceremony and reception really special.
The JFR Crew - quite the difference from our usual post-run, sweaty, group pictures.  We will probably never look this good again!

This post is getting really long, and I still have so much more to show you, but it will have to wait for another day.  I'll end with this picture of Paco, who was very glad to see us after a week.  He was "happy chewing" his bone, while not letting me out of his sight:
Lub yu, Mom.  Nebber leave me again, OK?


  1. Oh Shelley what a wonderful trip. I was disappointed it was over already but look forward to more photo's. I love the dress you are wearing at the wedding, very colorful and blue looks very good on you.

    and the hotel room is lovely.

    Paco, oh Paco, you are just too adorable.

  2. Now that's what I call a fun destination wedding! Makes me want to visit Santa Fe. Are one or both of the bride/groom from there or did they just choose it because it's beautiful?

    Speaking of beautiful, JFR looks amazing, you all cleaned up really well!!

    1. The groom is from Santa Fe. His mother held a cocktail party the evening before the wedding and we got to see her beautiful pueblo-style house and the amazing landscaping...Santa Fe is so pretty! You should plan a visit out there, you'd love it.

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip! I definitely have some shower envy, lol. I also like to use my savings as justification for my spending... "I spent $200, but I SAVED $300! You should thank me!"

  4. The pictures of both the wedding and the room look beautiful. It probably would have taken me a while to realize the fridge was in the armoire! ( I've missed finding the fridge a few times in hotel Have a good weekend!

  5. What a fun trip and a great vacation! Plus, how impressive that that many of your running group would go that far for a wedding. You are really a great group of friends.

    Still laughing about "how much money you saved Jeff." I think I'll have to put this technique into practice for myself :)

    My favorite things: copper bowl, silver bracelet, and groom's(?) shoes!

    1. We have a good core group - it's been fun to travel together and really, we wouldn't have missed the wedding for anything!

      The shoes were actually Cristy's - the maid of honor. I loved them!

  6. That looks like such a fabulous trip! Congrats on saving Jeff so much money. :-)

  7. I've always wanted to go to New Mexico - glad you had such a fun trip, but I would have been fine spending time in that hotel room! :D

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  9. What a lovely recap! I want to go to Santa Fe now!!!!

  10. I lust after your pottery! Love, love handmade pottery. And that shower? Wow!

  11. Looks amazing! My sister and I have Santa Fe on our annual sister trip list!

  12. Love all of the pictures!! Everything is just beautiful especially the wedding!! :)

  13. I want that shower!!! The dress you wore for the wedding is beautiful and looks awesome on you.


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