Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WWU - 5.2 for 52!

5.2 on 6/2...

Clearly, I didn't think this through when I began my tradition of running my new age in miles on my birthday.  What didn't seem too bad, mileage-wise, when that number began with a "4" has gotten a little more daunting as I get older.  Especially because I'm not in training for a half marathon, so my long runs haven't been all that long - usually only 3 fact, the last time I ran more that was nearly eight weeks ago, at the Cap10K race!  But I turned 52 yesterday, so 5.2 miles was on tap.

Jeff took off a couple of hours from work in the morning so he could run with me.  We ran a nice 5 mile loop, and it was only a little difficult to run past our car to get the additional two-tenths of a mile and make it an official birthday run.  We did 2:1 intervals and took it easy, and in return, the weather was fairly decent for this time of year - it was only 68 degrees when we started out.  We got to see an orange full moon when we arrived at the park, and later on got to see a beautiful pink sky sunrise, complete with a pink sun.  It was like nature's version of a color run!

I was surprised that I felt pretty good during the run - honestly, I wondered if I'd get through it, what with the whole not running longer distances thing going on.  But my legs, lungs, and brain cooperated, and it ended up going well.  Plus I had a bonus sighting of Brian with dogs Koda and Abby, my usual Thursday running buddies (with their mama Cary).  Abby ran past me and kept glancing back, like "wait a minute, I'm usually running with that lady" - she was so cute!

After the run, we went to Blue Baker for breakfast.  Neither of us had eaten anything before the run, nor had taken any fuel during it, so we were pretty much famished and ordered a lot of food:
I destroyed the entire bagel sandwich - it was so good!
I like this picture - Jeff was laughing, and the steam from the coffee reminded me of a genie popping up to grant a wish.  If Jeff's wish was for most of the cinnamon roll, it was granted - I was pretty full after that sandwich.


You know how you SAY you want to do something, and your friend says "yes, let's do that" and then months go by and you don't actually do it?  Well, time was up last week, and I joined Cary at Planet Fitness to do a toning workout that her sister had recommended to us back in January.  Cary had actually started it a couple of weeks prior to my joining in, which was good because she had the moves figured out.  HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, it was challenging!  Especially the first day, because Cary had missed a workout, so we had a double on tap.  We did legs, abs, and chest.  The abs and chest workout was hard enough, but the legs beat me down.  It's hard to believe the same legs that let me run three miles regularly protested all of the lunges and squats so much, but they did. 

I went back on Monday, and I'll go again today, even though it's leg day again and that is not my favorite.  This has got to be good for me, right?  I keep telling myself that - it's a lot more intense than doing the 30-minute circuit workout, that's for sure.  And then I'll go for my usual 2.5 mile run with Cary on Thursday morning...that will be the real test, to see if I can run 12 hours after leg day!


  1. I love the running tradition on your birthday and that Jeff took a couple of hours off to join you. A great and healthy way to celebrate your birthday.

    I love that pic of Jeff too, he looks so happy.

    I started working out and running regularly last Monday. I did two DVD workouts and 1 run and the workouts both had a lot of leg work. I feel my legs too right now and tomorrow a short run is on my schedule, so guess we're in the same boat for that LOL.

  2. Happy belated Birthday still counts right? Good job on your run and getting to the gym
    for your weight training. I think as we get older lifting weights becomes as important or
    even more important than the cardio we gotta keep our strength up because we don't
    want to become frail at least I don't so in answer to your question yes it is good for you:) I did my legs yesterday and in a few minutes I am going to do my 2 miles you'll know on Friday whether I lived to tell the tale or not.

  3. That was nice of Jeff to take off to run with you on your b-day! My b-day is this week too. I don't think I will be running but perhaps I can do that distance on my bike!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. That is a great shot of Jeff! What a good guy to take some time of to celebrate your birthday by running with you. I may have to suggest that to Mr. Helen, the only problem being that on March 2nd it snows more often than not around here. Sigh.

    You know what? You can do the legs and the running. Yes, you'll be sore and maybe it will slow you a bit for Thursdays run but if you keep it up, you'll actually get stronger. I have faith you will prevail!!

  5. Happy birthday!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have your hubby share your joy of running.

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you are having an excellent week! And wow, you are really ramping up the exercise! So cool that we are increasing our exercise as we age, instead of the opposite, don't you think?

    That is a great picture of Jeff!

  7. That is such a great shot of Jeff! You should get it framed and put it next to your mini cooper picture :D

    You will be able to run after leg day. Might be a little slower, but you can do it.

    I am starting to look at my 47 mile ride for my birthday and wanting to go metric pretty soon LOL!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! What a great gift you have given yourself!! :)

  9. Happy birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! I like the pic of Jeff too - and the steam genie. :-)

  10. Happy birthday! I don't run, but maybe I'll start walking my age this year. Great tradition!

  11. What a great tradition! I just might borrow that idea :) I love a good bagel sandwich... and that definitely looks like one I could easily demolish as well. Love the picture of your husband!

  12. Happy Birthday, Shelley! Great job cranking out the 5.2, although I love Lori's idea of going metric :-)

    As for disliking lunges & squats, they're still better than burpees and box jumps, right?? It's all a matter of perspective...

  13. Happy Birthday to you!! Love the running tradition and love the look of that bagel sandwich :)

  14. I like that picture of Jeff, too. Besides being a good picture of him, it's artsy with the steam and the framing.

    So happy you had a happy birthday!

  15. Awesome job. Happy belated birthday.

  16. Happy Birthday month, young lady. :)


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