Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Mishmash

I have not been eating fruit much lately, but I had a hankering for cherries this week:
Along with the cherries, I also bought a watermelon - maybe I'm finally feeling the fruit now that we're experiencing summer heat?  Any case, it's good!


We got the plants from our recent Farmer's Market expedition potted.  Not only were the plants dirt cheap (3 for $10), but we recently discovered that our local grocery store (HEB) carries nice pots at great prices - much cheaper than the garden centers:
The plant in the big blue pot is some sort of succulent - I think it's so pretty!  It's supposed to have a white flower later in the summer.  The other two plants (in the smaller blue pot and the burnt orange pot) are ornamental garlic and should continually flower.  Oh - check out the moss growing around the slate tile of the was a VERY wet spring!


Synchronized cat train:
Dare I think that they were nicely sharing Jeff?  Or more likely, was it a case of copycat (haha) - if you do this, then I'll do it?  They are entertaining, I'll give you that.

Paco's turn - he says cats can't get all of the blog attention.  I stayed up late knitting, and usually when I do that, he puts himself to bed in his crate, huffing and puffing, like "I can't believe you are making me do this all by myself" - yes, my dog is the one who actually likes for you to put him to bed, locked crate door and all.  The other night, though, he went with Jeff when he went to bed...and this is what I walked into:
His head on the pillow slays me - dogs and babies...they're cute when they're asleep!

 Picture taken right after I finished the socks - ugly, but at least the coloring is even.

I finished the other half of that garish pair of clown socks.  Not gonna lie - glad I'm done with this project.  While I learned a lot (toe up, fish lips kiss heel), the entire time I was knitting them I kept thinking "why oh why did I buy this yarn?!"  And to make it worse, I put them in my car yesterday morning to get them to dry quickly, and the sun actually faded the colors!!!  Ugly just got even uglier - see for yourself:
See the line down the center of the purple section on the right sock?  I had no idea yarn would fade like that - and geez, the windows in my car are even tinted.  
 Whatever.  I'm over you, clown socks.

I've already started a new pair, using beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn.  I love the color, I love the feel of the yarn, and this is a good reminder that for me, knitting is as much about the process as it is the end product.  I haven't made a lot of yarn mistakes, but I've definitely learned from this is too short to knit with bad yarn!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Paco is hilarious. What is it with dogs and pillows? My yorkie demands pillows--stacked as high as possible (she is very cat-like and likes to be perched up high). I wish we had trained her earlier to sleep in a crate or her own bed, because now that this baby is nearing, my midwife is discouraging us from having our dogs in our bed. My husband was very displeased when I told him that. After all, Zoe is HIS baby first and foremost! We'll see how he reacts when he sees his daughter for the first time, though :). Keep the Paco pics coming!!

  2. Your babies are so funny. The cats finally seemed to make peace over Jeff :) and Paco is Paco: so sweet and funny. He is the same as Bella: she wants to be put to bed too. I always get up before R. and open her crate and she can lay on the bed for a while and yes, always on my pillow. They sometimes are just like humans right? :)

    Love the colorful socks!

  3. Paco found a much better spot that the crate - that's what you get for staying up late!

  4. Aw, Paco is so cute!! Hannah keeps going to the pet store and sending me pictures of tiny dogs - she wants another puppy but not sure I could handle a third dog in the house!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Dang - that was a fast fade on that yarn! Maybe you could dye it black or something for a solid color.

    There are times when I would love a second cat, but with John's allergies that isn't going to happen. Not to mention Pixie is *not* tolerant of other cats. She is a bully.

  6. The series of cat pics were hilarious! Is there a new sport in there--synchronized cats-on-sofa?

    Paco! :)))) He's such a good boy.

    Love your new pots and plants (they seem like they're all heat-tolerant?) And I think the socks are very cute. Boo on the fading though. I wonder what kind of dyes they used.

  7. Love the animals! Such personality! :-)

    The socks look comfortable at least!

  8. Oh those kitties!!! And Oh Paco!!! Your pets are wonderful!!! Bummer about the sock fading....and laughed at your line "I'm over you clown socks". Have a great rest of your weekend Shelley.


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