Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rock the CASA 5K Race Recap!

Cute race shirt!

On Saturday, I ran the 30th annual Kappa Alpha Theta Rock the CASA 5K.  This was the first time I've run this race, simply because in April, there are always at least three or four 5K races to choose from each Saturday.  This race is put on by the Theta sorority girls, and they did an excellent job!  Although, I have to tell you that when I heard that packet pickup was at their house, I was perplexed...why would you have packet pickup for a race at someone's house?  Then it dawned on me - sorority house.  Oh.  Not quite the private residence I was envisioning.  Can you tell I never did the Greek life thing?

This race has the lowest entry fee I've ever paid for a 5K - just $15.  It's chip-timed, and you get a cotton t-shirt.  They also have a raffle for some items, and a silent auction for others, and this year, they raised $97,000, which is pretty amazing!  The proceeds are divided between two local children's charities (one of which is run by a good friend of mine), so it was especially nice to be a part of this.

Anyway, race morning dawned and it wasn't raining, which was a relief because we'd been experiencing some really wicked storms over the previous two days, and it looked like they might continue.  Luckily, the storms held off, and all we had to deal with were some big puddles and very high humidity.  However, the storms caused air travel to be messed up the day before, and Julia, who'd been traveling for work, only made it as far as Houston the night before, so she ended up missing the race, which was too bad.

This was Loretta's triumph return to running - she had a hip stress fracture last fall, had surgery, and after she was released to exercise, had worked her way up to running a 5K using a Couch to 5K app.  She was ready, and we were excited for her!  CC and I ran with her, doing 1:30/1 minute intervals.  She did great!!!  It was so fun to tick the miles off and be with her as she reached her goal...ahh, running.  It's good for so much more than just running.

Loretta and CC with their old-school shoe timing chips.
 Most of the JFR Crew, plus Abby-dog.

This was definitely a fun run - there were runners, walkers, lots of roller-bladers (each group had at least one person take a fall, eek), people in tutus, guys in full-body suits (I don't know how they didn't pass out from the heat while wearing something that covered everything from head/face to toe) - and a nice amount of cheering spectators.  We stuck to the intervals, and before we knew it, we were rounding the corner (where Loretta's son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were cheering us on and taking pictures) just before the finish line: 
Jeff coming in for the finish - after not running all week due to a cold, he ran this 5K in 27:53!
 Cary, Brian, and Abby - looking good for the finish!
We had about a quarter mile to go, and CC told Loretta no more intervals - we were just going to run the rest of the way.  She said we didn't have to go fast, we just had to run...and then, Loretta took off like a shot!  This is us coming in for the finish - Loretta is hidden behind the girl in the white shirt, but please note that she's ahead of us!  I had to sprint to catch up with her!
Still trying to catch up to Loretta...
I love this shot - both CC and I are looking at Loretta, and are just so happy that she's done it!
  ...and we're finished!!! 
Nothing better than having a grandbaby waiting for you at the finish line!

The route was mostly flat, with a couple of sweet downhills that we took full advantage of.  After the hills of Austin just six days before this race, it was nice to have an easier run.  Plus only running half the distance was nice, too.  We enjoyed this race and would definitely do it again next year.


  1. Love this post, what a lot of fun you guys had!

  2. I have never run a 5K in 27 minutes, never mind coming off a cold. Good job Jeff!

    And good job to you ladies and your awesome support for Loretta. I think that plus the fact that this seems like a really nice race for a good cause, must have made it one of your more fun races.

    1. Yeah, Jeff is having a really good running year so far - he's even surprising himself!

  3. You all looks so cute in your pink shirts! I love that Abby dog got to run. If I let my lab run in a race with other people she would be hazardous!

    1. Abby and her brother Koda (a chocolate lab) usually run with Cary and I during the week, but Koda had to stay home for the race. Abby does really well, except if she sees a frog. Or a rabbit. Then, all bets are off, LOL!

  4. Congratulations!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  5. That is a fun race to run! I'm sad I missed it this year after running it for the last 3 years. They have the best cheering section at the finish line. Congrats to all you guys on the great finishes!

  6. That is very cool that they were able to raise so much money without charging a high race fee!

    And racing on the flat? Yes please!

  7. Hooray for Loretta's successful return - and bravo to all the money raised! That is fantastic!


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