Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Mishmash

Thanks for all of the suggestions regarding Paco's flea issue.  After so many of you recommended Brewer's Yeast, I bought a bottle and started giving it to him.  The dosage is two tablets per 10 pounds of dog, so I have to give him six tablets.  Do you know, my good pup just ate them right from my hand, one after the other?  How nice to not have to hide them in a hot dog or peanut butter! 
Dez my treetz.  


One thing I've always wanted to do is to be a volunteer at a hospital where I could rock the babies in the nursery.  Only problem with that is in our small town, there really aren't any "boarder babies" that need rocking.  But since I have some free time on my hands now that I'm not the organizer for the running club anymore, I still decided to volunteer at one of our hospitals, and just go where they needed help.  Turns out, it's their volunteer-run gift shop!  I've had two shifts there already, and I have to say, it's quite fun.  Their cash register system was simple to learn, the shop is stocked with some really nice items, and of course, I like talking to people (staff and visitors alike), so it's all good.  I had to learn a lot of "color" code terminology (e.g. what to do if you hear a fire code, or a stolen baby code), and a lot of other stuff that doesn't pertain to where I'm working, and all of that was fine.

The only bad part of this entire experience was having to buy the khaki pants for the uniform.  UGH.  There is a reason why I wear mainly dark colors when it comes to pants and jeans - khakis show off every lump and bump on my thighs.  I tried on about 10 pairs, no joke, and finally ended up with a heavier, twill pair that was acceptable to my hyper-critical eyes.  For a top, I had the option of an official volunteer smock, or an official volunteer button-down shirt.  I opted for the way did I need to be wearing a loose smock on top of terrible khakis.  My self-esteem can only take so much!

Long story short (I know, too late):  I like my new volunteering job, even with the khaki pants.  


Tomorrow we have another race - this time, it's a local 5K, and it benefits the organization that is run by one of my good friends, so win-win all around!  Loretta is making her triumphant return to running after her hip stress fracture and surgery, and several of us are going to run the race with her.  Should be a fun morning!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun at your race tomorrow! I think it is great that you are volunteering at the hospital to help others. I was a candy striper when I was young back then they had these hideous uniforms they gave us to wear ugh which, emphasized the hips I still shudder when I look at the pictures of my young self wearing that at least you got to buy something that fit that you picked out.

  2. Oh my goodness - babies are the very volunteer thing I've said I wanted to do! GMTA!

    You feel about your khakis like I feel about the dumb shirts they make us wear at the mall. Besides the fact that they are made of a hot, sweaty, non-breathing material, the sizing on them is so off, every single one of us complains, including the men. I wish they would just let us buy our own white shirt!

  3. Haha, we have to give our dog pills inside pieces of a hotdog too! I use to volunteer at our hospital for about a year but I was always put at the front desk to give directions and occasionally deliver flowers. There were always like 3 or 4 of us there and as much as I liked to volunteer, I felt that my time was not used wisely, so I stopped. I bet they are really strict on who they let in the baby room! Good luck this weekend and Yay to Loretta! I feel like I know her!

  4. Heeyyyy, guess who DOESN'T want to volunteer to rock the babies? LOL. I wasn't even interested in rocking babies before I worked in the NICU for 25 years. I did very much enjoy when the sick babies got well enough to rock. That was like the best reward ever. Like I told you, I am so impressed with your volunteering. You've got me thinking about what I can do.

    Anyway, your description of the uniform and your self esteem is priceless. I bet the customers so enjoy seeing and talking to you that they don't even know what you are wearing. But yes, who in the hospital (and mall, evidently) sits around coming up with hideous uniforms. When I worked, we wore "scrubs" but the dress system was pretty loose. I could wear t-shirt tops, and all the colorful scrubs that I could find. Right before I left, they changed it to everyone in the nursery wearing navy scrubs. Yuck. It looks very dismal when I go back to visit.

    So glad Paco is enjoying his new treats! I had forgotten about the hot dog trick for pills. Thanks for the reminder. I am tired of wrapping them in bits of cheese.

  5. My MIL volunteered at the NICU in Florida when they moved down there - eventually parents had to go back to work even if their kids were still in the hospital - she loved it!

    I am sure you look fine in Khaki pants Shelley! Have fun tomorrow. :D

  6. Love the volunteering. I am looking for my next volunteer project. I don't want to rock the babies, but maybe the hospital would be a good place. It's fairly close to our house too.

    Ugh on the khakis. I hope at least they aren't pleated. Pleated khakis are The. Worst.

  7. What a great volunteer gig for you Shelley! And good luck with tomorrow's race :-)

  8. "So what are you wearing "Shelly from the hospital gift shop"???



  9. Yikes, I am so right with you on pants showing off lumps and bumps. My experience is that it is less about the color and more about the fabric and fit. Occasionally one can find the perfect pair. Of course then that style will be immediately discontinued. :D

    I volunteered at the humane society and had to wear one of their T-shirts as a uniform. Unfortunately, at the time their largest size was not as large as me. Every time I put it on I had to try to pull my knees up inside it to stretch it out so I wouldn't look like an obscene version of the Michelin man's girlfriend.

    Go Paco! Sure hope this works for him.

  10. I so hope this works for Paco!

    How cool that you took a volunteering job at the hospital. Volunteering is something I want to do someday too. I don't have too much time for it now and yes, if you want to you can make time I know. But in that case I rather go see my Mom more often while she is still around. I can always volunteer when she's not around anymore.

    Saw the photos of the race on FB, looks like you had a blast.


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