Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WWU - Movie Date With Runners!

Loretta, CC, me, Cary...and Jeff's shadow.  Squinting into the bright sunlight because I forgot to take my sunglasses into the theater with me.  

First things first:  I cannot recommend the movie McFarland USA enough.  Go see it!!  It's not just about running - it's a true story and it's really sweet and motivating.  I loved it from start to finish, and I have to say, I got a little emotional at the very end of the movie when they showed updates on the character's lives.  Jeff and I met up with Loretta and CC at the theater and we all got a laugh when we saw that each of us was wearing a running shirt - not planned, but hey - we WERE going to a running movie after all.  Then Cary came in, wearing a running shirt, and we laughed all over again!

We had a great time - it's funny, I never would have met these people had it not been for running, but we've become good friends and it's just another reason why I'm grateful my life moved into doing something that I never thought I'd do.  Running has become so much more than simply running.  It's hard to put into words how much my life has changed for the better, but it's due to running and the really good people I've met as a result.


My four week running experiment ended on Saturday.  I was a little slower, but I suspect that was mostly due to the weather - it was 66 degrees, muggy (it was lightly raining just before we started running), and we had 18 MPH winds.  Quite a change from the wonderful mid-40 degree temps of the previous three weeks, and obviously, I run better when I'm not so challenged by the weather...but that's probably true for everyone.  Here's my updated chart:
I walked for one minute after miles 1 and 2, and again for about 30 seconds around mile 2.5 - plus the last half mile was going into the wind.  Right afterward, I was a little disappointed in my performance, because I wanted to see steady improvement.  But then I remembered I'm not a robot and things aren't always linear.  Plus, THE WEATHER!  It's all good.  It's only been a month since I changed up my running.  And I appreciate that Julia willingly went along for the ride with this change - she likes to run intervals, but since week two, not only has she run with me on Saturdays, but she's had to accept my gasping grunts instead of our usual conversation, especially during mile 3 (note to self:  cardio needs improvement). 


Speaking of cardio, Julia and I have been doing our version of speedwork on Thursdays.  We run 2:1 intervals, fast, for 2 miles.  And our speed gets even faster when we get spooked, which has been happening a lot lately.  I saw this on Pinterest - it's a pretty apt description of what our runs turn into:
So true...

Whatever gets the job done, right? 


  1. I am going to remember the movie when it's available on one of the movie channels I have a subscription too (usually takes about a year). I want to see "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon because that's about hiking. I never go to the movies anymore, again because I have a subscription to a movie channel Film1, HBO and Netflix. I'd rather watch it at home.

    You may have been a little slower last Saturday but girl, you did make improvements in the past 4 weeks. Very proud of you.

  2. Love how much your running has evolved into a real group of friends! It's funny how when you start something, you never really know where it is going to lead.

  3. I love a good true story movie!

    I think most runners feel that running is so much more than exercise. It has been a good thing for you, no matter your pace. And yes, higher temps and humidity affect pace. Still, I'd rather run slow in the sun and warmth than fast in the frozen tundra, any day!

  4. LOL @ that last poster. Sooo true.

    And I'm glad you remembered you were not a robot! I think you're doing super duper with your running. Plus, the bigger picture is the extra nice group of friends you now have.

  5. I'm impressed, thumbs up! Plus I have a movie card burning a hole in my pocket so I appreciate your thumbs up on a movie.

  6. LOVE the picture at the end!!!! And love that your running has not only given you health, but has given you a great circle of friends too!!!

  7. How cool that running has brought so much awesomeness into your life!

  8. oh good.
    I cant wait to bring the child and her friend this weekend.


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