Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Mishmash

Why yes, I'm bookending the week with mishmashes...

Wearing my new BCS Marathon top that my running club coaches gave me - how sweet!  I love it.

Yesterday I lost 50 pounds.  OK, not really, but it felt like I did.  I did the last bit of work I had to do in order to close out my tenure as Organizer for our running club - the budget.  Which, if you remember my distaste for all things math, should come as no surprise that I put off doing it for a month.  But I finally got it done, with a minimum of flop sweat, and officially handed it in to the home office.  Ahhhhhhh.  Now I can just run this year.  You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to not being responsible for anything club-related.


I don't know if it's his age, but Paco seems to be napping a lot nowadays.  And what is cuter than a dog falling asleep?  Evidence:


My favorite yarns to knit with are Madelinetosh DK and Vintage.  I love the way they feel as I'm knitting, I love the beautiful hand-dyed colorways, and I love how nice my projects turn out.  Trust me - I've knitted with some less-than-stellar yarn, made a duplicate project, and there was a marked difference.  Madelinetosh isn't cheap, but to me, it's worth every penny because I like it so much.  On that note, oftentimes I end up with leftovers after I've finished a project...and I hate to see this yarn unused, so lately I've been making things with the extra bits.  Here's what I've made recently:
Earwarmers!  Tart on the left, Esoteric on the right.  

Previous projects from Esoteric were another earwarmer, and fingerless gloves:
Pattern is Spiced Cocoa

And previously from the Tart, a hat:
Pattern is Boardwalk

I also made another Turn a Square hat using leftovers!  Although, I came down to the wire with the blue yarn - I could see I was going to run out with just a few rows remaining, so I dug through my box of, what else, leftover yarn, and found a teeny tiny ball - just enough to finish the blue stripes, whew!
Yarn is Whiskey Barrel and Baltic

Previously, I'd made another hat with Whiskey Barrel:
Pattern is Turn a Square - what can I say, I like this pattern!

And Baltic - oh how I love this color!  I have several skeins and tend to hoard it, but I made this cowl:
 Pattern is Cabled Feather Cowl

And now seeing all of these projects has me itching to cast on with some more Madelinetosh yarn.  Unfortunately, I'm making myself finish a scarf that I've been working on for nearly a year.  Guess why it's taken me so long?  The yarn.  Turns out I do not enjoy mohair, so I keep putting it aside.  But I want it done (and I want those needles back), so I'm gutting it out.


Guess how many miles I'm going to run tomorrow?  Guess guess guess!  THREE!  Aha, that number makes me giddy.  Loving my low miles!

Have a great weekend!


  1. First thought as I read along?''"How do you spell relief? Giving up being running club organizer!" Enjoy being in the clear lol.

    I'm not a knitter but even I can appreciate the difference in something made with great yarn vs. the cheap stuff.

    I'll be running between 3-5 myself tomorrow but we're still buried so it will be on that darn treadmill!

    1. Haha, YES - that is how I spell relief! :)

      That treadmill running - I am so lucky (and appreciate that very fact) that I don't have to use a treadmill to get my runs done in the winter. I think tready runners have a special kind of grit to do that.

  2. Thank you for being a great organizer for the two years since I've joined. Kudos to you for planning the routes, water stops, sharing runner's info & all the other fun stuff you threw in for us!

    1. I bet the run club will miss you keeping them organized!

      I can't even begin to tell you how many pictures I take of my dog sleeping! Precious I tell ya! -M

    2. Thank you, Karen - I appreciate what you said! It was fun; it's just time for someone else to have that fun, LOL. :)

  3. I am math challenged as well, it's a running joke in my office! I LOVE the finger less gloves! I may have to commission you to make me a pair :D

  4. Ahhh. I comment again! I loved this post this morning. I like the idea of all the little projects. I'm getting a little tired of how long it takes to do a scarf or shawlette.

    So glad for you that you got that final report done. Did you reward yourself for doing it?

  5. You did your part for the running club, and now it will be nice to just run. I love your knit creations. I took a crochet class last week, and I think I am challenged in the knitting/crocheting area. I may be a bit better at math, but not sure about that either!

  6. Replies
    1. Nervous perspiration caused by fear of failure. Fits me and math pretty well, haha.

  7. You are turning me into a yarn hat lover. I wish it was colder here. Did I just say that?

  8. I like to knit socks, and I always have a little ping pong ball sized ball of leftovers. I've been knitting mismatched monster socks with them, and it seems that they are multiplying at night when I'm not looking. Ugh---I store in them in a big jar, and I can barely get the lid on.

  9. Lovely projects!

    I love to watch Bella trying to stay awake but then out of the blue fall asleep. Last Saturday she was so tired from our snow walk that R. started to wonder by the end of the day if she wasn't sick. She was just tired LOL

    It will be so nice for you to just run without having to think about organization. Hope you had a great run last Saturday.


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