Friday, December 26, 2014

Gingerbread House Throwdown, Year Six!

This year, we decided to just use what came in the box for decorations - nothing additional, so it kinda limited our ideas...which was fine, as we weren't feeling super creative.  Although, as you will see, there was plenty of room for goofy antics, even with the meager supplies.  Here are the results:
I found some decorating sugar in the pantry, so we allowed that in addition to what came with the houses.  I tried to make stained glass windows using the yellow sugar,  but was laughing too hard when I outlined the window on the right and the lines got messed up. 
Apparently the Grinch tagged one house.
Side team was going for a pretty look, while Sam and Jeff were being, well, Sam and Jeff.  A shark was circling us the entire time we were decorating, and had already taken a couple of bites before we were able to move the houses to the kitchen.  (Shark = my uncle, who loves gingerbread)
So the kits came with the traditional white icing but there was a small tube of yellow icing this year as well.  All I can say is don't eat the yellow snow!
We had a sliding problem...
But I think our house was still pretty!

I had a hard time getting anyone to pose for pictures, so I was a little sneaky:
Oh, I'm just taking a picture of the house, nothing more... ;)
 This one just cracks me up.
Half of Team Awesome, and the winning house (because we tried, at least).  Hey, I'll take whatever victory I can get!

Christmas day:
One to go!


  1. SOOOOO fun! Love the throwdown pics! LOL at the shark!

  2. I'd be eating all the gumdrops and spearmint leaves!!

  3. The Grinch house is kind of the crack gingerbread house :D

    I would eat too much of the house while making it. I love gingerbread! It sounds like a fun time was had by all!

  4. I SO want to make a gingerbread house sometime! Can you please invite me to your house next time you decorate them?...heehee

  5. Team Awesome for the win! Woot!!

    And, can I admit I had no idea people actually ate those after they assembled them?

  6. You know that Christmas has arrived when the gingerbread house throwdown on your blog is here! As always I love it! Congrats on the win.

  7. ha ha ha...the gingerbread house throwdowns always make me laugh!!! Thanks!!!

  8. I love seeing your traditions! The yellow snow cracked me up. Your long hair looks be-yoo-te-ful!!


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