Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unique Fitness Concepts Review!

Unique Fitness Concepts is an online store that offers a wide variety of fitness-related items for sale...and yes, they do have some rather unique items, one of which I chose for my "if we ever win the lottery and have lots of money to blow" Christmas gift.  But even without lottery winnings, there are a lot of great options on this site, and being the planner that I am, I've already compiled my holiday wishlist:
1.   Garmin 220 - I love mine so much I'd buy one for Jeff (and that's saying something since he already has TWO Garmins).
2.   Gatorade Endurance Chews - These would make a great stocking stuffer!  Several people in our running club use these and really like them, so they would be fun to try.
3.   Valero Stability Ball - For core work.  This one even comes with an exercise DVD.  My size (you buy them according to your height) happens to be the purple one - bonus!
4.   Flashing Light Armband - This screams SEE ME, which is what I want when I'm running in the dark.  It's versatile in that the light can be clipped to your waistband if you don't want to use the arm strap.
5.   Harbinger Mat - I get terrible rug burn on my forearms when I do my planks at home.  This squishy mat would help alleviate that issue.  Plus Jeff would use it when he does hit floor stretches for his back.
6.   2Toms SportShield - Another great stocking stuffer!  I haven't tried this, but running club friends have recommended it.  Anything to avoid chafing and blisters, right?!
7.   Rumble Roller - Looks painful, in a good way.
8.   Aqua Weight - This intrigues me - you fill it with water and there you go - weights!  Great for traveling.
9.   The Step - How did I make it through the 90s without ever owning one of these?  Oh yeah, I didn't exercise.  I've always wanted a stepper - there are a ton of exercises you can do with it (planking with your feet on it, for one).
10.  Spiky Roller - Looks painful, in a good way.  I swear I'm not a masochist, but using a textured roller on a sore body area feels good.
11.  ProStretch Leg Stretching System - Something I've been meaning to buy for the last few years - again, several runners in our club have this and swear by it for helping with everything from plantar fasciitis pain to tight calves.
12.  FitterFirst Foot Massage Roller - OK, by now you might surmise that I have a lot of foot pain, and you'd be correct.  I could have this under my desk and use it throughout the day...ahhh, sweet relief!
13.  Brewer's Ledge Treadwall - So at just under $9K, this is a fantasy pick - but it looks fun!  It's like a treadmill for wall climbing - it slowly rolls as you climb, and you can change the angle, as well.  If you're looking for something different to add to your home gym, this would be a challenging change!

Full disclosure:  This is a collaboration between Unique Fitness Concepts and My Journey To Fit - I received compensation for writing it, but all opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. So what did you buy? Anything already? I like numbers 9, 10, 5.

    1. Nothing yet, but ::shhh:: that Garmin might just happen for Jeff for Christmas. And after my run this morning, I need #10 and 11, pronto.

  2. I think maybe 'I' told you years ago to buy a Pro Stretch. Back when I bought mine they were about $20 and it is the best $20 I've spent equipment wise. When I first got it Mr. Helen made fun of me but then his achilles started aching and I told him to try it - he swears by it now! I'm fairly convinced it's the reason I've been mostly free of calf, foot and achilles issues!

    And for the foot massage? Use a frozen water bottle. I think I've told you that before as well. Best thing ever to massage and ice and relieve PF!


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