Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Mishmash

I took a couple of quick shots of some finished knitting projects - it was stupid hot outside, so I only lasted for about five minutes getting these plus some hat pics (that I put on last week's FMM).  Hopping back and forth from behind the tripod to in front of the camera in that heat didn't make for great pictures, but at least you can see what things look like on me instead of laying flat (or on Paco):
Zuzu's Petals - love the pretty pattern, the gradient yarn, and how lightweight it is.  This will be fun to wear when it gets cold and will easily fit under a jacket or blazer.

Bluestocking Shawl - another very lightweight piece that will make me feel pulled together, when I'm really just styling it over a black t-shirt!  I have a couple of silver shawl pins that my mother gave me, and when I wear it for real, I'll anchor the two sides together with one of them.


A few months ago, I accidentally discovered a great way to style my hair.  Yes, it was born out of a lazy morning, but it works, so I'm calling it zero-effort beachy waves.  If I don't have to go anywhere right after I shower and wash it, I wrap my hair up in a towel for an hour or so, then I remove the towel and let it finish air drying.  No combing, no styling.  It looks a little like wet dreadlocks at first, but after it dries, I end up with really nice waves.  Bonus is that it's a nice way to stay cool during the dog days of Texas summer!
Not bad for doing nothing to it!


My sweet boy Davis is leaving me!  His dad got a new job and they are moving to the DFW area soon.  I got in one last time to babysit him yesterday - he's grown so much and is talking and really interactive!  Indulge me in one last set of pictures:
He got out his Superman cape that his Grandma made him - even "flew" around the house in it!
He saw the mail truck go by so we went out to get the mail.  Apparently his version of getting the mail is to sit on the porch step while I went to the mailbox.  He wanted to read the Target baby ad, which was pretty cute.
One last selfie - he pressed the button. :)
 Me and D.

I'm really going to miss him!  Of course, I'll miss his mom and dad too - his mom was one of the organizers of my running club when I joined in 2010, and she's been a big part of my running life.  Who knows - maybe I'll get to see them when I'm up that way visiting my youngest.  Life goes on, people move...but I don't have to particularly like it, you know?

Anyway, have a great weekend!


  1. All of your knitting came out beautiful! Maybe because you said it was hot when you were taking the photos, I felt hot looking at them lol!

    Sort of jealous of your beachy waves. I'm sure my hair would not look like that even if I followed the same procedure but boy would I like to get away from the constant blowdrying.

    I know you will miss Davis a lot. Hopefully you will get to see him again even if it's not as often.

    1. Haha, I think I looked how (sweaty, not oh la la HOT) in them...because I was!

  2. That really is a cute little boy--high praise, coming from this curmudgeon : )

    Your knitting is really gorgeous.

    And the shot of your hair? What I noticed was how thin you looked!

    1. He is a cutie, for sure. :)

      Thanks for the knitting compliments! The pink shawl came out really nice and that yarn (thanks again!) looks so pretty knitted up! :)

      As for the hair shot - yes, I've gotten lighter, but it also helps having a tall person take my picture - all about the angles, you know. ;)

  3. The Zuzu Petals one is my absolute favorite - so pretty! Doesn't it seem so long ago that our kids were that little - I miss it sometimes! :D

    Have a great labor day weekend Shelley!

    1. I miss the little kid stage, too. Having been through all the other stages of childhood, you can look back and see how fun that one really was.

  4. Finally catching up! The knitting projects are BEAUTIFUL Shelley. And Davis is ADORABLE! So sad he'll be moving away! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  5. That zuzu piece is stunning! I love the colors. It's like a pretty spider web!

  6. I love the red shawl the most.

    Sorry your little friend is leaving. I don't like changes very much either but sometimes you can't avoid them.

    Hope you had a great run with your group yesterday.


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