Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Mishmash - With Yet ANOTHER Winner!

Another Friday, another new winner announced...because I never heard from the previously drawn winner, I redrew for the Tommie Copper gear, and the lucky person is:

Congratulations!  Please email me ( so I can get your info to my contact at Tommie Copper, and your compression shorts should be on their way to you very soon.


I am not kidding when I say it's been a crazy couple of weeks...I got back from North Carolina on Wednesday, and this morning, I'm flying to Utah for the weekend.  This is SO not me - I'm the homebody, slightly hermitish person who is content with a quiet routine. That all has been thrown out the window lately!  And while I'm looking forward to life getting back to normal on Monday, I have to say I've enjoyed being this person...although I don't think I could live this jet-setting life all the time.  Besides, my poor dog misses me. And I kinda miss him, too.


Getting back to North Carolina, I met blogger Rachel on Monday!  She very nicely picked me up at Sam's place, where I showed her around the controlled chaos, and then we went out to lunch at Tribeca Tavern.  The food was great and I even remembered to take a picture of our meal:
Rachel had the fish tacos; I had the Carolina Cuban, YUM.

As with other blogger meet ups that I've been lucky enough to have, we fell right into talking like we'd known each other for years...which we have, but still.  I think it's a pretty cool blogger phenomenon where friendships that are created online translate very well to in-person.  We chatted for nearly five hours!  I hope to see Rachel again next time I'm in NC.  Here's a picture of us after lunch:
I'm using trickery to appear taller than Rachel...OK, I was just standing on the stair above her.  


My dad loves Costco, and I think Sam made him proud when he bought a membership in NC...and of course, I had to document it:
First order of business, procure card.  Then?  Costco Polish dog - it's their unwritten initiation ritual, I believe.


The other day I bought a Lego figurine grab bag just for fun.  Imagine my delight when I opened it to find Will Ferrell's character from the Lego movie (President Business) inside:
It's a sign!  Or else I am easily amused...your choice.


After being in NC for so long, I've discovered a random thing:  Harris Teeter grocery stores are everywhere.  I'm not kidding...I don't think you are ever more than a mile away from one at any given point.  We were at Sam's brand-new Target the other night - at the moment, it's the only store that is finished in the shopping center.  I looked across the parking lot and recognized the shape of the building, and confirmed my hunch with one of the Target associates when we went inside...yep, another Harris Teeter!  Too funny.  I guess he'll never want for groceries, that's for sure.

Have a great weekend!  I hope to have a Utah recap up on Wednesday...


  1. In all fairness, I am pretty tall AND I was wearing Danskos which easily add 2-3 inches :-)

    It was great hanging out! I guess I never imagined that it would be awkward and that we wouldn't have anything to talk about...and I'm glad it wasn't lol. Heck, we even talked about one of the forbidden topics-politics!!!

    Have fun in Utah!!!

    1. Also...Harris Teeters are, indeed, everywhere in this area. I think they are more prevalent than Starbucks!

  2. Poor Paco, I would have been happy to have him over for sleepovers while you were away. Bet Bella wouldn't have mind either although they might have been fighting who got to lay on the couch next to me :)

    So fun you have met a blogger friend. Still dreaming that we can meet someday.

    My favorite place in the world is at home too. To be hones when we were away last weekend I even thought about going home on Sunday afternoon :) that's the reason why I don't take vacation longer than 2 weeks, I get homesick to my home.

    Have a great time in Utah, look forward to the recap of your trip.

  3. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you should be madly in love by the time you settle down after all this traveling! Enjoy your conference - learn lots of new tips to share with us!

  4. OMGOSH IT IS A HUGE SIGN!!!! it's my, errr, your second husband!

  5. I've only met one blogger buddy in person but you are right......instantaneous comfortable friendship! :-)

  6. Okay, I know we just got done with our blogger meet-up, but I'm jealous of Rachel getting to talk to you for FIVE HOURS!! Plus, the food pic makes me nostalgic for Love Pies :))

    Hope Utah is fun and relaxing at the same time!

  7. So jealous of your meet up with Rachel! Lucky! Glad you guys had a great time. Have a safe trip to Utah! :D

  8. My sister use to live in Utah and we visited often. In fact we are running the Utah half marathon together in August. Enjoy, it's beautiful!

    Glad you got,your son all moved and settled in. North Carolina is a beautiful place to visit! I imagine you will be making many trips to visit him. Fortunately all our girls live within a 2 hour drive of us right now. However, that will probably change this summer when our youngest starts applying to med schools.

  9. Huh, If you say Kim A really fast, it sounds just like Cammy. Did I win? :)

    Does Paco sulk when you get back from a trip? My neighbor's dog will actually ignore him for a week after vacation. LOL

  10. So excited that I won the shorts!! I hope my plantar faciitis heals so I can get out there and run again soon! thanks again :-)


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