Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Workout Update - Jacket, "Jacket"

Running jackets have been the topic of many conversations with my running buddies for a year now - first, because many of us signed up for the race distance series through the BCS Marathon, and one option was to pay a little extra to receive a race running jacket if we completed all three of those races.  So that was pretty exciting, and as I wrote earlier, it was the equivalent of a high school Letterman's jacket for me.  Unfortunately, the race organizer's definition of a jacket and ours was a little different - we ended up receiving a men's quarter-zip pullover...which is most definitely NOT a jacket.  Plus, when we signed up, we were told they would be unisex jackets, so I picked a medium for my size, which is what I usually fit into when it comes to men's tops.  Had I known this was going to be a technical shirt, I would have sized up...needless to say, I'm not thrilled with how snug it is.  Plus the color - gray and black?  I would have thought that considering runners would be wearing this, they might have chosen a color that would make us visible while out on the streets, but no.  It's pretty underwhelming and blah.  The entire thing is a disappointment, and I'm not the only person who feels this way.  We wore our new "jackets" for this picture, but I have a feeling mine will be staying in my closet for the most part:
Mine is too snug around the middle, Amy's logo is *ahem* a little low...Julia thinks it needs some color - oh and did we mention that these are NOT jackets??

Of course, even with the disappointment, that didn't stop us from having some photo fun:
The Three Amigos
Amy - photobomb level:  expert


Now THIS is what we call a jacket!  (Yes I realized I posted this picture in last week's WWU, but I'm working with what I have..).

In the meantime, Amy and I spent a lot of hours as we ran our miles (and miles and miles) on Saturdays discussing running jackets.  We were both wanting new jackets, and as we didn't know what to expect with the race series jackets, kept our eyes out for deals.  Am I glad we did that - we both ended up getting one on clearance from REI - she got a pink Brooks Nightlife jacket which, as Jeff said when he saw us coming in after that 11 (ahem, 12) miler, "you can see Amy from a mile away!" - perfect.  I ended up getting a North Face Torpedo jacket in light blue - I would have gotten it in their bright yellow color had it been available in my size, but clearance-shoppers can't be choosy.  I love my jacket - it has lots of pockets, including two on the back which work great for storing GU, gloves, headband...all kinds of stuff.  It's lightweight, wind-resistant, and layers nicely - I'm really happy with it:

The open back pocket is made for a left-hander - sweet!  Lefties, unite!


Enough about the jackets - I actually did some running, too.  Amy, Julia and I ran 8 miles together on Saturday and boy did those miles fly by!  Not that we were fast, but all that chatting was a great distraction.  I looked at my Garmin once when when we hit 3 miles, and the next time I checked it, we were at 6.4 miles - woohoo!  Love it when you can cover that much ground without feeling every step.  I wore moleskin where I'd gotten the blisters the last two weeks and it helped, although I ended up with one small blister.  Still, that's an improvement, and next week, when our long run will only be 5 miles, I have hope that I will come out of that run with zero blisters. 

The other thing I'm doing, along with running, is planking every evening.  I set the alarm on my phone to go off at 6:30 pm, and when it does, I stop whatever I'm doing, drop and get my plank on.  Then, while I'm on the ground, I've been doing my hamstring stretches and foam rolling if the roller happens to be nearby.  While this isn't the most organized form of exercise, it's getting me into the habit of doing some core work every day, and I plan on building on that.  Baby stepping my way into getting stronger!


  1. I might just set my alarm for 6:30pm and do some squats with you! I love the pink and blue jackets.

  2. I agree on the running club jacket: boring and totally not you! No, the deal you both scored on the jackets is much much better!

    I need to get back to strength training too. Setting your phone and then just do the plank is a great and smart idea!

  3. I seem to set my alarm for EVERYTHING ELSE THESE DAYS :-)
    Im in too.

  4. I think the half zips are nice, but they're definitely not jackets! I only have one jacket/fleece/outer layer that's not brightly colored, it's weird that they made the jackets black and gray. Boooooooring. I'll have to check out REI's clearance, I've been wanting a Nightlife jacket!

    I like your plank strategy! :) But.... does Paco ever try to crawl under you when you're doing it? There's almost always dog interference if I do planks, push-ups, foam-roll, etc.

    1. Yes, Paco is quite helpful when I'm doing floor exercises...
      "mom. why yu on floor?"
      "mom mom mom - yu ok?"
      ::thump:: "here my belly, now rub it"
      "I brought you a chew"

      I think I burn extra calories laughing at Paco while I'm planking!

  5. That is definitely not a jacket..they should have been more clear. I really like your blue jacket though pictured on the bottom! I love the idea of plank-a-day. I've been doing them every other day while I watch the TV. I'm hoping to tighten up my core!

  6. That's not a jacket at all - boo! I hope you guys take the time to inform them of this fact. One of my running jackets is black but I wear a reflective vest over it when I'm running. I don't need a new jacket but I 'want' a Nightlife jacket... maybe I should stay away from the REI clearance!

    Great idea about the planks. On the rare occasion I actually sit and watch a TV show (vs. running on the treadmill while watching), I always think I should get up during the commercials and do something. Lord knows I need to do something other than running!

  7. Woo hoo on the planks! And I love those runs that fly by with friends!

    Boo, that is NOT a jacket. I am not a fan of half/quarter zips. I want to be able to 100% zip. LOL. They are annoying to take on and off!

  8. I would never think that black and grey would be chosen for running jackets - you wouldn't been seen after dusk! Crazeballs - sorry about it not being "your" lettermen jacket - but I love the one you got! :D

  9. VERY irritating about the jackets. They gave something like that away in the unit where I used to work. Gray fleece vest, very unflattering color and style, and fleece? Hello, we work indoors? Anyway, I never ever wore it, although many of my workmates wore theirs all the time. I was nice and never told them how ugly it was : )

    LOL at the plank and doing whatever is close by. Because of you I've been making myself do planks when I do my PT knee exercises.

  10. LOVE the alarm-setting plank reminder! I think I'm going to shamelessly steal it from you :-)

  11. That is so NOT a jacket! the photos anyway! You guys have so much fun and it just comes through in the pictures!!!

  12. Yay to your new jacket. Boo to the 'not so much of a jacket'.

    I've been thinking about doing the planking thing each day.....hmmmmm

  13. They probably chose the cheapest option since it was a freebie, which means drab colors and no frills. It's not a jacket - it's a pullover!

    You can bling it up with some patches and color. Who knows, that could be fun :D

  14. I love your blue North Face jacket! I have a bright neon green Brooks jacket that I even wear in the winter with a fleece layer underneath.


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