Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Workout Update - Frowny Face and an ER Visit

File this one under "probably should have shortened or cancelled the run":  Saturday's long run was brutal - it was 76 degrees and 97% humidity when the runners started (at 5:30 am, no less).  The runners set out while I stayed behind.  After a couple of hours everyone returned, and they were beat up.  Jeff, in particular, looked like this - which to be honest, is not that unusual after a long run:
 A sweaty mess.

While everyone else looked like this:
Shoes came off as soon as they were finished - that's one way you know it was a hot run.

We all got in our cars to go to breakfast, but Jeff was just not doing well...he was dizzy and had shortness of breath, and this was lasting about 40 minutes after he'd finished running, so I brought him to the emergency room - better safe than sorry.  Of course the first thing they checked for is a heart attack, which luckily all the tests came back negative.  Then, because his blood work came back elevated in certain tests, they checked for blood clots in his legs (via an ultrasound) to make sure that small clots weren't breaking free and traveling to his lungs - the doctor said small ones like that are only noticeable under extreme exertion (like running).  Also, since he'd spent so much time driving recently on the Florida trip, that is another cause/concern for blood clots in the legs.  Luckily all of that came back clear.  The blood work also showed dehydration, which can cause his symptoms - while we take getting enough fluids seriously, obviously something went wrong on this run.
Picture taken once things were looking good...please note that he kept his running shoes on the entire time!

And in the "this is what happens when you combine runner's brain with dehydration" moment:  When the nurses and doctor were out of the room, Jeff asked me "so what's the issue between Shaquille O'Neal and Miley Cyrus?"  It took me a moment to figure out he was referring to the Tweetfeud between Sinead O'Connor and Miley Cyrus...and of course I was laughing so hard I couldn't come close to answering him...and this is not something he would normally even care two hoots about, as well.

Jeff was released to go home after about four hours, and under orders to rest and rehydrate.  By the next day he was feeling much better, but is still taking it easy.  A mild cold front blew in early Sunday morning, so hopefully we won't have the awful combination of heat and humidity to contend with for the next several months.  And in the future, the running club may need to make a policy about when to shorten a run due to extreme weather conditions.


If you're wondering where the Frowny Face part of this post comes in, here you go:
Amy's face upon having to begin the long run without me on Saturday.  Honestly, I felt the same way!  (this is a dramatic reenactment after the run, as I didn't have my camera out when she did it beforehand)


I haven't run in 11 days (not that I'm counting...).  My hamstring is still really sore.  I had an appointment with my orthopedist on Tuesday (for my ankle and left foot issues) and asked him to check it out.  He's OK with me walking - says I'm not going to do any more damage to it that way.  Hurray!  He also gave me a referral for physical therapy, and I was able to get into that place much sooner than the other one, so I'm going later today to get started with that.  Fingers and toes crossed that this all helps and I get back to running soon!


  1. oh my goodness.
    my wishes for you right now are some BORING DAYS AHEAD.
    no excitement. no heat. NO SORE HAMSTRING.
    just routine.


  2. I hope Jeff is back to his usual robust well-being! That's scary, and you were wise to get him checked out. Heck of a way to get a physical exam, but no better time. Ditto Carla - some nice routine boring days will be welcome. Knitting has been known to hasten hamstring healing - proven fact!

  3. That doesn't sound good with Jeff, first thing that crossed my mind reading it: dehydration. According to the first pic he sweats a lot and loses a lot of fluids this way too. I'm glad though everything was okay. I had to laugh at his running shoes, first thing that caught my eye in that pic.

    Hooray for walking! I know it doesn't feel like a celebration but it is: better than forbidden to do anything. Not good that your hamstring is still sore.

  4. I'm so happy you get to walk! I really didn't understand why you couldn't but I'm not a doctor either. Just try to stay on fairly flat routes and you should be fine. As you know, that hammy will tell you if you're pushing too much!

    I distinctly remember a 15 mile run with my running group back in my marathon training days... it was August and soooo hot and humid. As I was running along, I noticed the trainer driving the "check on the runners" car actually had people in the car with her. Then I started noticing her looping back around and some of our best runners were in that car. Welp, I stupidly toughed it out and paid dearly for it. I wasn't able to run for 5 days after that - took me that long to feel better.

  5. That is some brutal heat and humidity!! I'm glad to hear that Jeff was only suffering dehydration, but that can lead to some serious issues if not taken care of immediately. My daughter suffered the same thing during the Winter when she was training vigorously and not hydrating.

    Glad to hear that you can do some walking. The PT should help a lot with the strained hamstring.

  6. Yikes! Glad to hear Jeff is okay! Those were the conditions at my half here in June, and I think the only way I got out of it without needing a medic is by slowing down to a walk in my last few miles. but we saw lots of runners being taken off the course :( Heat & humidity is definitely no joke. Glad to hear it cooled down a little there!

    I hope physical therapy helps! At least you can walk again, I'm sure not being able to do anything was tough.

  7. I'm so glad Jeff was "just" dehydrated. I had blood clots on my lungs years ago and it is very, very serious. Go to the ER and straight to ICU serious. Don't go home, don't go to Taco Bell for dinner serious.

  8. You know how the government makes laws to 'protect' us, like making people wear motorcycle helmets and such? Maybe they should consider outlawing running in Texas! That is brutal conditions, even when you are sitting still! I remember that humidity very well. I'm glad Jeff is okay. That happened to one of my dogs once, and it was very scary how quickly it happened.

  9. Ooh, and I forgot to say that I'm really happy you are getting the PT so soon. I hope it is as helpful for you as it has been for me!

  10. Dehydration is such a bizarre thing. It's like hypothermia. You start asking funny questions. Glad Jeff is feeling better.

  11. Yikes! Scary for all. SOOOO glad Jeff is ok!

  12. Holy cow - glad Jeff is okay, and I am glad you got him to the ER just to be on the safe side. I can't imagine running in that kind of weather! Hugs!

  13. Oh my goodness, Jeff's comment about Shaquille O'Neal and Miley Cyrus sure made me laugh! And then I laughed some more. Hahaha (so close, Jeff! Bhahahaha)
    Glad he is going fine; scary though, right?
    Sorry to hear you aren't up n at em as far as running. Boo!

  14. Yikes...not good! Glad Jeff is ok!! And so happy that you have been cleared to walk! That's one step (pun intended) closer to running again!


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