Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Workout Update

I ran in double digit mileage last week for the first time in about a month!  It helped that I threw an extra day in there, what with National Running Day and all - plus, we didn't have a race on Saturday, so Jeff and I just went out and ran a loop, which ended up being nearly 4.5 miles!

I'm feeling really good about my running in general.  Mainly because I'M FIFTY (how long do you think I can milk this thing?  I'm thinking a loooong time, haha), and I can do what I want.  With FIFTY comes a lot of empowerment.  Who do I need to please?  Me.  Especially when it comes to something physical - let's face it, running is all on me.  And I've struggled with it for quite a while now.  I've tried many different ways to do it "right" - via intervals, a short walk break at each mile, walking the hills, slowing down, speeding up - all good, but nothing that has brought back the Shelley Runner of 2010.  And I realize that time moves on, people get older (ahem), and things aren't quite the same, but you know what?  I was a pretty decent runner back then, and I miss that feeling.  So what was different?

Well, much as I hate to say it, I mostly did my long runs alone.  I ran, I walked, I powered through - and I wasn't half bad at it.  Yes, I love my running buddies, but I've come to realize that no matter who I'm doing a long run with on Saturdays, I'm stressing about keeping up with their pace so much that I think I unintentionally slow myself down...trying to save myself so that I can make it through the entire run.  I've been tempted to buy a shirt that says "Running is mental, and we are all crazy" because, YES.  I am the poster child when it comes to letting my mind overrule my legs and lungs.  So I'm going to run solo once we start training...I'm sure there will be parts of the run (especially the shorter distances) where I'll be with other people, but first and foremost, I'm going to do my own thing and not worry about keeping up with anyone.

Besides, I don't do this for fun:
Bandages covering my injection sites; also please note the pity party pedicure that I treated myself to prior to that doctor's appointment.

I willingly let my orthopedist stick a needle into my right ankle and top of my left foot every few months, just so I can run with less pain.  So if I'm going to do this, I might as well have the best run possible, both mentally and physically, right?

That's my plan for the upcoming training season (it starts at the end of this month) - run, walk, whatever - just keep moving forward, stop stressing, and enjoy the run!

Speaking of enjoyment, here's a few pictures from my recent runs:
About 20 runners met up at 6:00 am last Wednesday to celebrate National Running Day.  Here's Julia and I with Dan, one of the owners of our local running store.
And here's Mike, the other owner - I about busted a gut laughing at his outfit.  It's all technical fabric, but seriously - doesn't he look like a man from the 1960s, wearing plaid Bermuda shorts, a white undershirt, black crew socks...and those shoes - oh man, those shoes.  He swears if I tried them on I'd see what the fuss is about, but seriously...those shoes are too crazy!  Any case, he was a good sport in letting me poke fun (and yes, this picture ended up on Facebook, where even MORE people got to witness his awesome ensemble)!

Finally, here's a shot of the beautiful sunrise that Jeff and I got to see on Saturday morning as we set off for our run:
Times like these makes waking up super early worth it!


  1. I'm behind in my blog reading so a belated 'Happy Birthday'. Looks like you've had a blast. Lucky you were home when you had your busted water hose. Imagine if you'd been out all day and came home to that! Good luck with the changes you are making to your running. I know you've been struggling for ages so hope this works. I love how you've come to love running so much.

  2. I say milk the FIFTY for 365 full days then start milking 51.
    some day you and I shall share a sunrise watching.
    I just know it.

  3. Just wait to see how fast you will be when you hit 60 ha ha. I prefer to do my long runs alone. Less pressure... More enjoyable in a different way.

  4. First that sunset is absolute stunning.

    We have to do what feels good for us. Although I sometimes would like to run with someone, part of running is the fact that I'm alone. My daily life is busy enough as it is and running by myself is me time. Besides I think it's very hard to find someone that runs at the same pace as me/you. In my opinion there is always someone that is holding back or has to work too hard to get a good run in.

    I think you will be fabulous next training season and you know you can always go back to running with someone. Good luck and I look forward to be a virtual part of the training season.

  5. YES on FIFTY! You're the boss of you! I'll look forward to seeing how your training season goes this year.

    And what kind of shoes are those?

  6. I don't want to try on HOKA's either! I'm sure I'll love them but not the price tag!

  7. Hey, you gotta do, what you gotta do. If you realize peeps with you is negatively affecting your performance, for whatever reasons, you gotta find a cure for that, and it sounds like you have. Good job!

    Gorgeous sunrise!

  8. I hope I can write a post like this when I turn 50. Except for the needle in the ankle part - I'd like very much to skip that, please!

    You rock. Not much more to say than that. :)

  9. I agree with you about running solo a bit when you are really training. I love my running buddies but am finding it interesting to try and get MY workouts done while running with them. Social club runs are way more fun...oh well, at least I have the pre and post run interaction/coffee to enjoy. I am determined to follow the plan this summer and not alienate my running friends.

    And, I will be having a PPP the next time I need one, haha.

  10. I know you wish Shelley 2010 would return, but I still think you are doing great. You haven't given up, you haven't reverted to your own ways - you are a true and true runner, no matter how fast. Remember that. :D

  11. I look forward to following your training and runs through your next decade!!! BEAUTIFUL sunrise! WOW...seeing that makes rising at the crack of dawn so worth it. Have a wonderful Wednesday Shelley!

  12. I think Hokas look like clown shoes. Seriously. I would trip over them constantly, too - I can just tell.

    One of the reasons I hardly ever do bike events is how I want to always go at my own pace. I feel so much pressure to keep up with other people that it becomes less fun. Do whatever you need to do!

    1. YES to clown shoes. I hear they are super comfortable, but honestly, I don't think I would wear them (with a straight face, anyway).

  13. I agree with you...getting up incredibly early is hard, but once you roll out of bed and see that sunrise, it's all worth it. I always have a more productive day when I get up early, and there's something about a beautiful sunrise that makes you really appreciate life!

  14. It's interesting you mention this. I definitely love having company on my long runs, because it can get boring for me without, but I do notice that I do a little better pace-wise by myself. I don't necessarily try to keep up with whoever I'm running with, since they know I run a slower pace, but I think when I run by myself I just kind of set off and see what I can do, and don't worry about pace AT ALL. But don't stress about it, just have fun!

  15. Shelly, I saw you the other night at the knitting guild meeting and your cute baby hats. The guy I work with is a runner and saw your blog and showed knitting things and he sent me to your site. Very cool site and I'm starting to walk a lot and eventually run I hope or run/walk sort of thing. Mainly just saying HI!!! Rowena


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