Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Workout Update?

Have I mentioned it's been a crazy couple of weeks?  Add to that a case of bronchitis and the lovely wheezing that accompanied it, and not a heck of a lot of exercise has been happening.  I didn't end up doing the nighttime trail run - Jeff went, and enjoyed it, although I am still not sold on the whole idea of running in pitch black darkness with only a headlamp for light, among trees and dirt and whatnot.  Not every race is for everyone.  Here's a couple of pictures I swiped from their website - you can see how dark the race was, except for at the finish line:
Beginning of the race - everyone was required to wear headlamps.
Jeff coming in for the finish - it looks funny to see him run without his sunglasses.


Yesterday I ran for the first time in a week and it went well, all things considered.  My parents left on an early flight so I convinced Jenny (she's such a good sport!) to meet me at 5:15 am to do our run.  The newer part of the park where we've been running our quarter mile intervals is brightly lit and out in the open, so we didn't get the creepy sensation that's happened when we've run in that park super early in the past.  Plus, another group of runners was gathering there for their run - they were waiting for everyone to arrive, and we ended up running "through" them twice - second time I raised my hands and called out "woohoo, finish line!" as we ran past them since they looked like spectators.  Fun times, fun times.  We ended up doing five quarter mile intervals, plus walked another mile - I'm still coughing a bit but I made it through the run feeling really good, so I can't complain.

Tomorrow Erica and I will run, and then this weekend Jeff and I will go for a run on Sunday morning (Barbara and Theresa are leaving midday on Saturday, so I don't want to miss the last hours they're here).  I think by next week I'll be back into my exercise groove, and hopefully my chest congestion will be all gone as well.  Hey - life happens...both events and illness, and you do the best you can, right?  It all evens out over time.


  1. Having family and friends over, especially when they don't visit that often is far more important than running or exercise in my opinion. We don't lose it all if we don't run for a week (or even two). The roads and trails will still be there when your visiters have gone home.

    I have my eyes on such a race in the dark. Maybe this year November or next year April. It's the same race that's held twice a year and especially the finish where the route is lighted by candles must be special. One day I will run this one.

    workout schmerkout---friends family and time with them is what Id regret missing.


  3. "workout schmerkout"--that phrase is going to come in handy sometime! Yes I think you did extremely well in the midst of "real life stuff that happens."

  4. Glad you are feeling better!! :) Being sick is a pain no matter what time of year it is.

  5. Love the "Woohoo finish line" it's no wonder you have running buddies willing to meet you at 5:15 in the A.M. Sounds like you have a good time.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  6. I hope you are feeling better now! Family time is good time, but it sure is exhausting, isn't it?

  7. Glad you're about over your bronchitis! We're dealing with allergies and sinusitis in our house. Again, you inspire me with your exercise. Amazing!

  8. Ive always wanted to try a night race.... BUT, with my luck Id be sprawled all over th epavement!!
    Bronchitis is nasty!!! I still have caoughing fits sometimes and its been 3 months.

  9. Oh yeah, me and running in pitch black is a recipe for disaster! LOL

  10. Bronchitis is the worst, hope you got some meds to clear it up! I actually like the idea of that dark run, love the glow necklaces! Hugs!

  11. That race at night looks fun! Hope your cough gets better, that's no fun!

  12. I have to tell you in case you've not seen them. Knuckle lights for running. They have 3 settings brightest, bright, & flashing. I LOVE them you get so much more visibility with them then you do with a head lamp. Just found your blog but loving it already.

    1. I've heard of Knuckle lights - really should check them out as we do most of our runs in the morning before dawn. Thanks for the tip, and for reading my blog! :)


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