Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Workout Update

Y'all.  Mother Nature has lost her mind.  Weather conditions for the last 10 days of running were:
  • December   9 - 72 degrees/soupy
  • December 13 - 32 degrees
  • December 15 - 67 degrees/rain
  • December 18 - 45 degrees
Normally I can move my hot weather running gear to the back of my closet by now, but I don't dare, what with this crazy weather.  I don't know if it's just Texas that seems to be dealing with erratic weather, or the entire country, but it sure keeps me guessing on a daily basis!


I ran with Erica last Thursday for the first time since the half - we took it nice and easy and my legs felt great.  On Saturday, Jeff and I met up with several of our running club peeps for a short run - we ended up doing 4.5 miles.  Oh yeah, it rained.  Too bad I didn't check the radar beforehand, as I didn't wear a hat or visor, and that made visibility a little fuzzy...glasses plus raindrops are never good.
Yes, we matched.  The shirts were just begging to be worn!

The run was a good one - we took it easy (haha, are you sensing a theme here?) and ran one of our regular routes backward, which was a nice change. 

Yesterday, I did my half mile warm up, one mile fast, half mile cool down.  It went well, although I felt like it took me about an entire mile to get really warmed up - but that could have been related to the cold weather.  I meant to stop my Garmin after the half mile warm up and restart if for the speed mile, but I went right into it.  I was pushing myself, but holy moly, a mile is a long way for me to push!  My average pace for the mile and a half run was 12:16, so I'm pretty sure my speed mile was well under 12:00, but I'll have to wait until next week to do this again and get a specific starting point.

Sam is home and came running with Jeff and I yesterday - he stayed with us for the first half mile, then went on ahead.  Here's a couple of shots of Jeff and him finishing together:
 And here's me and Sam, dressed for cold weather:
...would you believe, it was 80 degrees later on in the day?  Texas weather.  Freaky.

Sam will be here for the next 10 days or so, and he's become quite the workout enthusiast, so I think I'll try to piggyback on that and work on adding in some cross-training to my exercise.  Sam even has a consultation scheduled tomorrow with my old trainer, Brad, to make sure that he's doing all of his lifting it wrong that I hope Brad makes him do a couple of burpees while he's there?  Hah!


  1. Wow Sam has really turned his lifestyle around, I love it.

    What about starting with a 1/4 mile speedwork? Or do the mile in four times with breaks between them. I agree that 1 mile speed at once is hard, you might want to build that up.

    Weather here is typical Dutch: rain :)

  2. Y'all are so cute I swear.

    Your cold weather is headed our way but today is going to be 67 degrees! Tomorrow wind chill will be not above 30. What's a girl to wear?!?!?

    I thought of you the other day because I did 12 burpees on 12/12/12 at 12:12. Isn't it weird how you think about people you've never met? Maybe we can change that in 2013. Lots of races to be run and I have been known to travel :)

  3. I'm sitting here freezing--its 27 degrees outside! I wish we'd get some precipitation so I could get a snow picture for the blog!

    Wow, I am jealous of all those flat roads to run on. I don't think there are that many flat roads in our whole county.

    Sam is looking quite 'buff.' is that the right word? Anyway, you can tell he is working out!

  4. I always wish burpees on my loved ones :) If I have to do them, everyone should!

    It's so cool that you're all out running as a family! Enjoy the holiday break!

  5. Burpees!! I remember those tough workouts. Remember the girl scout cookie workout? Or the playing cards workouts? He was quite creative.

    Looks like Sam will be your trainer for a week. :) Hope y'all have a great time.

  6. Hi, I'm new to the blog, and I think it is great that you are so into running. I would love to run and do a marathon, but I'm afraid that even if I lost 100 lbs, that I still wouldn't be able to. Just don't have the knees/hips/ankles for it. Lol. My sister is a runner and she loves it. Eases the mind, she says. :)

  7. 72 degrees to 32 degrees in a few days???? Wow...Mother Nature is sure letting you know she's mad. :) So great that you stay fit as a family. Have a wonderful Wednesday Shelley!

  8. Didn't you lift tires too with Brad your trainer? Maybe he should make Sam do that! Yeah for getting to see your son that much time in a row. Weather in Chicago is JUST as crazy!

  9. How cool that your family is now so active together! Yeah - Sam should do some tire flipping. Show him how it is done :D

  10. I have to think that it was you who started Sam on the road to a healthier life - he was looking to you as an example - love it!

    I agree, this weather is so strange - last night on the news they said that from Alaska to Florida, there was a 142 degree difference in temperatures - so weird!

    Keep enjoying your boys this week - hugs!


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