Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Workout Update - Did I Run?

Well, I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats, wondering if I was going to attempt to run on Saturday after being sick with the stomach flu...after all, I was still dehydrated, had barely eaten anything for four days, and hadn't run in a week.  The smart, sane thing to do would be to hold off, give myself more time to recover, and pick up with my training on my regular Tuesday run.

I think by now you all know me pretty well, and won't be surprised by this:
Ten fingers for TEN miles

Yep.  I did it.  Now, I will say that I was feeling mostly good on Friday, and figured I'd give it a try on Saturday, but I really didn't plan on going the distance.  I checked our route and had a couple of drop out points planned, where I could easily end the run and get back to the park.  We started out and immediately I could tell that I was not up to my normal running ability - namely, my legs felt like Jello.  I think we ran about a mile and a half and I told Jeff that I needed to walk a bit; we ended up doing the run/walk thing the remainder of the way.  I will say that after mile 3, when I had my first GU, my legs began to feel closer to normal, but I didn't see any point in killing myself over this run, so we continued to take it easy.  And as it turns out, we ended up leapfrogging back and forth with two women who also had been out due to illness, so it didn't feel like we were complete slackers out there.

The weather was awful...seriously, Texas - give us a break!  We ran through your stinking hot summer; the least you could do is reward us with some cooler mornings.  But was 93% humidity and 71 degrees when we started - ugh.  Except for my shoes not being soaking wet, I swear I was as drenched after this run as I was when we ran 9 miles in the pouring rain!  When we got back to the park, everyone was wiped out.  These conditions can really beat a runner down.

One bonus I noticed from not running for a week is that my arch pain/tendonitis was nearly non-existent.  Rest IS recommended as the cure for tendonitis, and hey - hopefully this did the trick...or at least gave me a reset back to a better starting point.  The top of my foot is still touchy as ever, but I think that's how it's going to be until I get it fixed.

And now, the prize:  I've had a new pair of Newtons - a special edition hot pink color, sitting in my closet for over a month now - they were a limited release, and I really wanted these shoes, but didn't quite need them yet.  So we decided that they would be my reward for reaching the 10-mile mark in training...and on Saturday, I earned them!  They are the same style as what I've been wearing, but it's amazing how bouncy new shoes feel!  I wore them on a run with Jenny yesterday:
I do believe these are the flashiest shoes I've ever owned! 
Team Jelly!

Jenny and I met at a different park - we're kind of bored with our usual Tuesday spot.  We set out running, but I could tell that I'm still not at 100% - my legs were just not quite there.  So we ran and walked for a couple of miles, and then the running felt better, so we ran and walked some more - we ended up covering over 5.5 miles!  

Tomorrow morning I'll run two miles with Erica in what should be decently cool weather, and then I'm looking forward to (yes, I said it) another 10 miles on Saturday. 


  1. I stalk you and your morning posts to start MY MORNING RIGHT.
    and I think we're both ok with that now.
    You ran.
    I covet those shoes.


  2. You are a running machine Shelley! Great reward with the cool shoes.

  3. You TOTALLY earned those awesome hot pink running shoes. Enjoy them!

  4. Those shoes were made for Shelley! Congrats on the distance - you are WOMAN!

  5. Good job on running AND listening to your body.

    Total shoe jealousy here. In fact, I've got a pair of hot pink and black sauconys bookmarked --not sure if I did that before or after I first saw yours!

  6. I just drooled a little bit when I saw the shoes. So fun!!

    You are rockin the miles, girl!!

  7. Can I just say I had no doubt that your headband would match your new shoes?! Great job on getting the 10 miles done. Truth be told, I would have probably bailed!

  8. Woo Hoo, great job on the run. And I have a little shoe envy. Those are SWANKY!!! Happy Wednesday you fab runner you!!!!

  9. I might need to steal that photo of the pink shoes for one of my pink pictures this month! Awesome!

    I am glad you were smart in how you approached the run, too.

  10. Wow, all that running after the flu! And I heard you say you are looking forward to more! Maybe that is because of the mad kicks!!! It does almost make me want to run too. So cool.

  11. Great job on the 10!! Love those shoes!!

  12. Woohoo 10 miles! And what a reward, I love the color of the shoes. There are Brooks out in pink that I want too but I already have 3 pairs of shoes. One pair needs to be replaced soon and only then I can buy the pink ones :)

    I love it how Jeff and you run together and that he doesn't leave you alone if you need to take it slow.

    Great job Shelley, so proud of you.

  13. You seriously inspire me when I read your blog. Congrats! The shoe are awesome. I love the color. They are cool.
    I want to run. It is funny I walk for an hour at the gym, and it seems like everyone is passing me. When I try to run I get half way around and am out of breath. This is something I surely want to build up to.


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