Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Mishmash

I placed an order for spices recently and threw in a jar of pumpkin pie spice - not a necessity, as I still had some left from last year, but I was trying to get my order to a certain amount to get free shipping.  Once it arrived, I was glad I did...there is a huge difference between my old jar and the new one!  I guess it's true what they say, that spices and herbs do lose their flavor over time.
Sprinkling this on my yogurt/fruit/granola breakfast combos makes me think it's autumn, even though our temperatures beg to differ.

Now, if I could only remember to switch out my mascara as often as they recommend...


Not a lot of excitement over here this week, unless you count knit-a-palooza.  Yes, I've been a knitting fool lately.  I have several projects going, and I still haven't started my sock, which is the learning project for my (MY) knitting guild this fall.  Here's what I'm working on:
Another windmill bag - these are fun gifts to knit.
Another baby hat.  I had a little trouble remembering how to do the magic loop correctly once I cast on, so I had to wait until last night to get some help with it.  I'm a little further along than the picture shows now...

Because this baby looked so cute in the first hat, she needs another:
Baby Helen - what a doll!!!

I have to say, the appeal of knitting baby things is that not only the end result is super cute because it's so tiny, but when you put it on a baby?  Cuteness overload!!!

So these baby hats.  When I was at the yarn store in Navasota last Saturday, the owner showed me this book, and I had to order it - so many great patterns and ideas, plus the author does a great job of showing how to knit...believe me, I still get muddled, and it's great to see pictures and a description of what I should be doing.
Look at this striped hat:
I have so much leftover yarn from projects, and these tiny hats don't need a whole lot, so I'm thinking I can make some really fun hats for the special babies in my life!

I'm also working on my Christmas gift project.  It uses three strands of yarn, held together, on large needles, and is hard on the hands, so I limit myself to knitting one stripe (12 rows) per day.  It's coming together nicely!
Close up of the design; I don't want to show the whole thing and ruin the surprise on Christmas morning.  I have to say, knitting in all one color, and such a basic color at that, isn't boring me to death like I thought it would; the interesting pattern really shows up this way.  Score one for moderation? LOL!

Oh, and here's my set-up for corralling the spools of yarn, thanks to Debby's suggestion of using a large bowl.  This is a drink tub, and it's working great:
All of the animals like to come over and smell the yarn - good thing these gifts are for understanding, pet-loving family members!

Last night my knitting guild had a little social knit.  We met up at a local bookstore and knitted and chatted was great to get to know some of the ladies better, and, of course, get some help on my magic loop memory loss hat.  This is exactly what I was hoping to find with this guild - love my knitting ladies!


Tomorrow we are supposed to run 9 miles.  Right now the weather forecast is for rain - which, while not pleasant, is doable.  However, there might also be some thunder and lightening, and that makes the run a no go.  I sure hope the rain holds off - we have our run, and then there's a big home football game later in the morning.  Do you think the weather will be reasonable and accommodate everyone?  We'll see...we may have to run on Sunday morning.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Baby Helen is ADORABLE! (And I'm not saying that just because she's my namesake.)

    Since you like knitting those baby hats so much, have you ever thought about contacting a local charity or the hospital and knitting some for donation to little babies that might not otherwise get a hat?

    Spices are so expensive I tend to keep them way too long. I probably should do a clean out right now. But, I'm lazy about that as well.

    Hope you get your run in! Rain might actually make it feel cooler.

    1. Actually most of the yarn shops and knitting groups do a charity-hat knitting thing, either for babies or chemo patients. I'm not there yet, on the ability to crank out the hats at the drop of a hat (and yes, I did just crack myself up writing that), but one day... :)

  2. Gah - that baby hate is so fricken cute!!! You are becoming quite the knitting queen and so glad that you found the right group of knitting friends. :D

    That's one of my fall Sunday football widow projects - restock all my spices, its been way too long!

    I plan on running 4 miles tomorrow - the most I've run in a while. My only goal? Not to stop no matter how long it takes! Have a great weekend Shelley!

  3. Your post is inspiring me to get knitting again! I know like 5 people having a people within the next few months. Originally I had hoped to make blankets for all of them, but based on my free time and motivation, hats may be a better choice :) Thanks for sharing all o fyour projects!

    I have a long (for me!) run scheduled tomorrow too. Hope the weather holds off long enough for you to get yours in!

    1. Not only is a hat a better (easier) choice, but choose one made with chunky yarn and bigger will go by so fast!

      Good luck with your long run!

  4. Wow, those cones of yarn look big! I was wondering how many 'gifts' you will be able to make out of three cones?

    Well, its exciting to me to see all your knitting projects!

    And the spice thing is making me want to make an order. I don't like the pumpkin pie spice I have right now, so I mix my own, but that's a pain to do.

    Fingers crossed for good weather for you tomorrow!

    1. I can't tell, yet - the cones hardly look touched, and I'm about 2/3s of the way through my first gift.

      The Penzey's pumpkin pie spice is really good. Do you have a store in your area?

  5. Wow, all the responses so far seem to be from readers who knit or run, or both! But nobody that runs while knitting yet. I don't do any of these things, but I do use pumpkin pie spice. Pretty sure that counts. Honestly, though, I have always felt welcome here despite not sharing those hobbies.

    Very cool projects. Helen's hat (& Helen!) is adorable!!

    Have a wonderful run!

    Ps-how are the boys? Your parents?

  6. I still love it that you discovered knitting and got such a great hobby out of it. You make such beautiful things. The baby hat on baby Helen is indeed adorable.
    Funny that we both are using the same "technique": 3 yarns using at the same time.

    I hope you will have a dry run in a few hours. Keep my fingers crossed for you.

  7. Haven't checked in on you for a while (major drama over here) but glad to see you not only going on, but looking so fit and trim!

    Wish i could knit; I just crochet when my carpel tunnel hands allow me.

    So ... I'm back! It's time I got back on my wagon, so count today as (1). Hope you can pop back on over to my blog again someday.

    Vee at

  8. Those baby hats are awesome!

    Great job on your run!!


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