Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Mishmash

I may have mentioned a time or two how I've started knitting (audience: oh REALLY???).  I haven't found many knitters in my community - obviously they exist, or the local knitting store wouldn't be in business - but the other day I was in the waiting room at my dentist (no cavities, thanks for asking) and a woman sat down near me and started knitting in the round (using a double strand of yarn, no less) - I swear, it was all I could do to not immediately accost her with it was, I tried to not stare too much.  Luckily for her, I was called in for my appointment fairly quickly.  I really need to find a knitting group!

And in knitting news (nice segue, right?), I finished two windmill bags this week - a regular-sized bag, and a mini-me.  Of course, it wouldn't be me if I didn't screw up, and I did - on BOTH.  Same problem - I get one I-cord going the wrong direction.  So...that makes me three for three with that error - at least I'm consistent?  I've started another one - let's see if I can get through it without messing up.  Honestly, with the I-cord, all it takes is for me to lay out the bag and double-check which direction to go...but by the third panel, apparently I think I've got it under control and don't check...and then I end up with the "Doh!" realization later on.
Pink, for a special girl - full size and a mini!
I thought the smaller one would be sweet as a doll bag, but it turned out a little larger than I expected.  Plus, I should have shortened the handles...oh well, I'm still figuring all this stuff out.  Still, it's cute, right?


One nice byproduct of my Sit and Knit diet (besides the actual knitted projects) is that I've discovered some good British television shows...Downton Abbey was one, and last week I started watching Doc Martin, after years of hearing my mother talk about it.  Now, I knew it was something about a doctor, but of course I always associated it with clunky shoes.  It's good!  And luckily, there are a lot of episodes to catch up on, plus it's still on the air.  Sweet!


The word verification on Blogger has been bugging me for a while now - TWO words?  Half the time I can't even see the letters correctly - I give it a try, but if it doesn't work, I don't end up leaving my comment.  And now?  I noticed that along with a wobbly word, there was also a picture of numbers.  What's next, a symbol that I have to describe?  I know I sound like a cranky old lady, but for crying out loud, if you have word verification on your blog, please turn it off.  I haven't had it for years and I promise you, I hardly ever get spam comments (not that this is a challenge, any spammers that might be reading!)(who am I kidding - they don't read - they just go back a year, pick a random post, and leave a link to their art website)(yeah, I don't understand the mindset behind that one, either), and if you do get one, it's easy to delete.


Just because it's pretty:
Mini carnations (my fav - yes, I am a cheap date) in my mini disk pitcher

Just because it cracks me up:
 I heer you mom, but I wait for my friend.

Paco, waiting patiently as he stares at the fence, where moments before his buddy Ginger, who was running around with him in the front yard, had slipped under.  He sat and stared, looking around, but never moved, until she got tired of our backyard and came back out to play.  Then they ran around again - too fast for me to get a good picture, but they had a good time!


Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm starting my 49th year off with a 4.5 mile run...because, why not, right?  I'm also trying to bribe some of my running club peeps to come run with us (unfortunately some will be on vacation - lucky girl Julia is going to Cabo!) by offering ice cold watermelon as a post-run treat - we'll see if anyone is crazy enough to get up super early on a Saturday.  Should be fun, regardless.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the bags and I would love to be in your knitting club. Hmmm maybe we should do it by video-conference :)

    Paco is too cute as always. Bella does the same thing with our neighbour dog, as soon as she heards her she gets crazy.

    I don't like the blogger verification either, have the same problems as you have.

    And ... I hope the mail man arrives in time tomorrow. Hope you have a great day tomorrow Shelley, celebrate in style!

  2. ahhh such a great post and yet you lost me with the birthday.
    appreciate you.
    we all do.

    Much love,


  3. Yes to turning off verification and I do the same as you if it doesn't go through the first time.

    I hope your birthday run is fun no matter the conditions and I hope that maybe there's at least a cupcake behind the watermelon?

  4. Your bags are wonderful, Shelley! And your stitches look perfect. I've not seen that pattern anywhere else. Will have to check it out on Ravelry. I wish you lived in my little neck of the woods - there is a wonderful local shop where you can sit and knit to your heart's content. For a few years, I used to go most Saturday afternoons for a few hours, and we all had a ball.

    Knitting + good tv = heavenly awesomeness!

    Happy Birthday! Your still quite the sweet young thing.

  5. I love those bags Shelley, you had me at the color ;-).
    I hate the verification too, drives me nuts.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday doing what you love with the people you love. Happy Birthday, hope this year is the best one yet!

  6. I think the little bag could be used inside the big bag to hold a wallet and other stuff that I currently put in a zippered pocket in my purse. They are really neat. You are getting good at this knitting thing.

    I would love to come run with you for your birthday! What a great idea and way to spend your morning with some special friends. Happy Birthday! Wish I was in Texas tomorrow.

  7. Sheesh - having a hard time posting today!!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday!!

    I love carnations too - mini or big, doesn't matter, I love them all!!

  8. I hate the word verification. I try once and that is it. Then no comment. I don't need reading glasses, but I will if I comment on enough blogs with that stupid verification.

    Happy, happy birthday!! May the weather cooperate and the cake have no calories tomorrow :D

  9. Happy Birthday, Shelley. I hope your 49th year includes a word verification free year. Word verification is truly evil. Cdi4 ~ g;b

  10. I LOVE der misher and der masher LOL. So much to comment on! First, on Fran's idea of a video init session-wouldn't that be the most fun ever? If you can figure out how to do that I bet you could make a million!

    Your knitting is just fantastic. I'll have to check out that Doc Martin show.

    Carnations are my favorite flower too! I love the fresh smell they have.

    That shot of Paco is too cute. Plus, waiting for his girlfriend? Oh, I mustn't let Sophie see this!

    I wonder why people DON'T turn off that word verification? Its VERY IRRITATING.

    Your BIRTHDAY!?! Have a happy happy day! Sounds like you've got a good one planned!

  11. I am with you on the verification on leaving comments - if I don't get it on the first try, I just move on.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! Running 4.5 miles is the perfect way to start your birthday weekend.


  12. Happy birthday Shelley!! I will be up early, running with you in an attempt to beat the heat!! Hope it's a great one!!!

  13. Bags are birthday flower is a carnation, love that mini pitcher, the dog...adorable...and what better way to start out a birthday...I do that as well...Happy Birthday sweets, have a blessed day.

  14. Have a great birthday! I have been intrigued by Downtown Abby...they have the seasons in Costco. I LOVE Corontation Street, and all the Brit-coms...hillarious!

  15. Happy Birthday tomorrow Shelley!

    Geminis are THE BEST!

    You should do a 4.9 mile run for fun! Looking forward another 49 years of blog posts : )

  16. Yay!! My 49th birthday is on Sunday!! I remember that we shared that (also that we have 2 sons). I am going to do the Weight Watchers Walk it 5K on Sunday morning. I think we have to be there at 8:15. Doing it with my sister, sister-in-law and her friend. I think it's a perfect way to celebrate our 49 year old fit bodies! Happy Birthday to us :-) We rock!

  17. Oh ya, I have the verification thingy. I thought you had to have it! lol I'm going to try to turn it off right now. Sorry!

  18. Oops, I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day. I, too, hate word verification. It makes me feel like there is something wrong with me, or that I am old and stupid. I use a spam catcher on my blog, but it runs in the background.

  19. Ok so my girls happened to see the picture of your pink bags and they swooned. Good job!


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