Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Workout Update

Jeff was still out of town over the weekend, so I lined up my Half Homie, Julia, to run 4 miles with on Sunday.  She and I started together in our running club nearly two years ago, and I always love it when I get the chance to run with her.  Sunday was no different - we took off, chatting and just enjoying the morning...a pleasant run interrupted only once by Julia's warning of the very large, freshly dead snake that I was close stepping on, and my ensuing shriek.  Hey, whatever gets the heart rate elevated, right?
We share a love of purple as well as a love of running. 


Jenny had a busy day ahead of her yesterday so we ended up meeting very early (6:30 am) for our run - actually, I don't mind getting up so early, and the temperature difference between then and 8:00 am is usually significant, so we are probably going to continue with this start time.  Of course, it happened to be about 74 degrees when we ran, but it should have been in the low 60s.  Ah's survival of the fittest when it comes to outdoor exercise for a good portion of the year!


What has been working for me lately:
  • Running without music.  I have my headphones on and my iPod ready to go, but I haven't turned it on for the last few long runs...never thought I'd want to run without my crazy playlist, but don't have any need for music right now.
  • Listening to sounds - my breathing, which for the most part has been much better on the panic/anxiety breathing front, and also, footsteps.  It's especially noticeable when I run with someone and can hear the cadence of our footsteps as we run - it's a neat sound to zone out to.
  • My new water bottle (by Fuel Belt) - it doesn't leak!
  • Don't laugh, but taking a GU at mile 2 of my long runs seems to help.  I know, another thing that "serious" runners would think is silly, but I can't eat before I run, no matter how early I wake up beforehand.  My last two miles are always faster than the first two, so it must be the GU, right?
  • Training journals - actually, I've been using one for almost two years now.  Just got my new one; I like keeping track of my running (and for a while, my swimming) in them. 
Oldest one is on the bottom; newest is on top, ready for me to fill in!


  1. I LOVE that youre trying the sans music route.
    I still wonder if Id run more and better and faster and whatever'er if I used music---but I never have.

  2. That's already pretty hot Shelley. When I drove home yesterday afternoon it was 93 degrees at 3 pm and I thought "boy am I happy I run early in the morning" :) I love it and if I lived close to you I'm sure you had another running buddy early in the morning: MOI

    I don't think taking a GU at mile 2 is silly. We do what works for us and again: you are a serious runner! I don't want to hear that again :)

    I've bought a training journal from the Dutch Runner's world for this year and I use it every time I've run. It's pretty handy especially since I had some calf issues lately, I can look back when I had them and when not and what made the difference.

  3. I am also trying to get out earlier as the weather warms up. Right now I can't even imagine running without music, but never say never! The running journal is a great idea. I track on daily mile. Love the purple outfits!

  4. You and snakes!! I guess its better that it was dead, right? Although you might have set a new 'personal best' time if it had moved!

    This time of year I really like listening to the birds as I walk outside.

  5. I run/exercise without music occasionally and I do like it. It's a nice change.

  6. Yes, it's already getting hot here. It's gonna be a bad one according to my weather geek hubby. I love looking back in my exercise journal and seeing all I've done. I think it's a great motivator.

  7. We are supposed to be in the 90's the rest of the week through memorial day - so crazy!

    Glad you got your 4 miler in with a friend. :D


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