Monday, May 14, 2012

Four Year Blogiversary!

This kind of snuck up on me - the anniversary of the start of my last diet and the beginning of my blog.  Oh, and my new lifestyle.  Minor thing, right?  Actually, I think the fact that this date wasn't looming in my mind speaks volumes for how normal my new way of being is, and that in fact, it's not so new anymore.  It's just something that I do - eat right most of the time, exercise several times a week - and not something that I stress over.  Somehow, along the way, this has become my new normal.  However, I don't dare let myself forget my past, because four years ago, if I hadn't tried one last time to lose weight, you know where I'd be?  Still where I was.

I wouldn't have started blogging, and in the process, met so many wonderful people - and yes, I'm counting the online friendships as well as the in-person friendships.  Since starting my diet and this blog, the size of my body has shrunk, but my world has expanded greatly.

I wouldn't have become a runner.  I wouldn't have a half marathon medal and a bunch of race bibs hanging in my office.  I wouldn't have had the confidence to go to the gym and swim for fitness.  I never would have joined up with my trainer and flipped a tire, jumped on a high box or challenged myself the way that I did.

I'm grateful for the reprieve I seem to be receiving from my 20 year battle with food, dieting and weight gain.  As with other addictions, I know that it is only a daily reprieve, based on the work that I put into it, but this has been the longest time I've ever gone, as an adult, at a normal weight.  I look like a normal person from the outside.  Inside?  I know that deep down, I still have the ability to go on a food bender - and that was evidenced for several months last year when I was dealing with my ankle injury and my mom's illness.  That said, I didn't throw all of my hard work away, and I was able to not lose my mind completely when it came to food, but that was a good reminder that I am not, nor will I ever be, cured of my tendency to be overweight.

Here's my journey, in pictures, from May 2008 to May 2012.  Know what I see?  Someone who, for the past 3+ years, has looked like a normal-sized person.  Not a super-thin person, not a super-buff person, but just a plain old regular person.  After two decades of being really overweight, I'll gladly take this.  And I fully intend to keep doing what it takes to look like this for the rest of my life - that is a promise to myself.
Left - May 2008; Right - May 2009
Left - May 2010; Right - May 2011
May 2012 

Finally, I have to thank you, my sweet readers, for all of your support, comments and friendship over the last four years - I seriously don't think I would have been nearly as successful with my weight-loss journey had it not been for blogging, and therefore, you!


  1. I cant believe Im only a year older.

    how did my blog get so wrinkly?! :-)

  2. Happy blogiversary.

    One thing hasn't changed over the years: that beautiful smile.

    You are an inspiration to me and to many others Shelley and I'm grateful I found your blog in the online world where there are so many blogs to follow. I think I've been reading you for about 3 years now and I've enjoyed every post of it.

    Hope I can read many more years of you and maybe, who knows, we can arrange that playdate for Bella and Paco someday. That would be so awesome.


  3. Congratulations Shelley, that's awesome. I love that it sort of snuck up on you - sneaky anniversary! You continue to be so very inspiring and encouraging. Interestingly, about a fortnight ago I went back and started reading your blog from your first post to see your full journey. I think I'm going to have a lot of reading to catch me up to speed....

  4. Shelley, Congratulations. You have done an awesome job and continue to make us smile. Here to a life time of continued success.

  5. Congratulations, Shelley - you are such a big inspiration to me. You really are.

    I love this year's picture, too. You look positively glowing!

    Your hair keeps getting longer each year, too :D

  6. Thank you for all you have given us - your warmth, your wacky sense of humor, your fashion stylings, and your inspiration. Congratulations on creating this awesome life for yourself. You deserve every minute of joy that it brings.

  7. Even though you say you have an inner fat girl wanting to take over and get out, I think you have an inner (and outer) skinny girl who is stronger! Three years of maintenance is spectacular and a place where not to many people ever get to be. Congratulations.

    I, for one, am so glad you decided to try one more time - and to blog about it. My life is richer because I found My Journey to Fit. Thanks BIF!

  8. Congratulations on the anniversary!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    Glad you've kept blogging, you're always so inspiring. And love the pictures!


  10. Happy Anniversary! Keep blogging. Your posts really help inspire me to keep going on my journey. It is so true what you say about this lifestyle being the new normal.

  11. Happy Blogiversary!!! You are amazing!

  12. Congratulations!!!! Everything about your story is very inspiring!! Keep at it!!

  13. Shelley,

    You DO look like a normal person. I think the May 2012 picture is just extraordinary. You should be so proud of yourself and continue to live just the way you are as it is working for YOU. No comparisons to anyone else, just live your life with that happy attitude and love of being healthy, and you will be perfect. I love reading your blog because of your eternal sunshine.

    Reader in Chicago suburbs

  14. Happy Blogiversary!! You are awesome!! :)

  15. Despite what my husband says, I do consider my online friends my "real" friends - and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your success over the years! You have truly been an inspiration!!

    Here was your first comment on my blog! :D

    Submitted on 2009/01/02 at 5:26 pm

    My goal for January is to have a roasted vegetable meal once each week – I keep reading about roasting cauliflower, brussels sprouts, etc – now to try!

    And please, add me to your blog roll – I’ll add you to mine!


  16. Congratulations on four years of consistency! I really enjoy following you on your journey.

  17. Congratulations! I've so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog (and running by you in Austin).

    I actually went shopping for cute tops yesterday at the outlet mall. You (as evidenced in all your pics) always have the cutest ones. I'm just trying to keep up:)

  18. There's something so exciting about just looking like a "normal person," isn't there?

    Congratulations on 4 years! That's an awesome milestone, and you should be so proud of how far you've come!

    1. Normal on the outside perhaps, but awesome on the inside! Congratulations, Shelley! You're a great inspiration.

  19. SOOOOOO proud of you!! Thanks for being a constant inspiration to all of us!

  20. What a remarkable transformation you've made - you literally look like a different person, Shelley. You are one of my heroes in the blog world. You have it all - weight loss success, humor, kindness, kick ass fashion sense, and knitting! Congratulations - you deserve all good things!

  21. Happy Blogiversary! I can't tell you how much you have added to my life with your posts, your friendship, your comments and encouragement! You are an asset to us probably as much if not more then we are to you!


  22. Happy Blogiversary Shelley!!!!! Your journey is inspiring, you are a wonderful person, and I'm very honored to be one of your on-line friends!!!! Cheers to MANY more years of health, happiness and photos of Paco! Hugs!!!!

  23. Wow.... happy anniversary - such a great achievement: the blog AND your weightloss and improved health, fitness and mindset.



  24. I love that it snuck up on you; just another sign that this really is your new normal. Shelley, you are amazing, inspirational and you have the best frickin' head of hair in the blogosphere. I could really hate you if I didn't like you so much. ;-D

    Love all the photos; you look terrific, and yes, very normal. Happy Blog-aversary!

  25. Congratulations! One thing I love about you is that you're comfortable in your "normal person" skin. You're a fantastic role model :-)

  26. Congratulations on the blogging anniversary and the change in lifestyle. I wish you many more years!

    Rose in SV

  27. Four years ago I didn't even know what blogging was! Congrats on your anniversary and all that the last four years have brought you.

  28. Congrats! I love seeing your pics and it is so encouraging to see you 3 years later and that you've maintained. Makes me really believe I can do this for sure!

  29. I can't believe I didn't write HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY and you look mah-velous!!! What is wrong with me?

  30. Happy Blogiversary!!! You look amazing and beautiful. It is very difficult to maintain a weight loss, and you are healthy, and eating well, and staying fit. It's great being a plain old regular person isn't it? (You actually are not just a plain old regular person to me, you are an inspiration!)


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