Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Mishmash - On the Radio

I did a phone interview for America's Test Kitchen radio a while back (end of January, which explains why I talk about swimming and not running) and it finally aired.  Eeeeek!  I was both nervous and excited to hear how it came out, as I had to think on my feet and try to answer questions - which is not something I'm accustomed to doing!  The host, Christopher Kimball, has the nicest voice and was really kind, which I appreciated.  I tried not to be self-conscious as I spoke - it was hard not to, though, when you don't know what they are going to ask, yet you know they're recording the entire time you're talking.  Anyway, here's the link to the show if you want to listen - the segment that I'm in starts just after the 11 minute mark.  My voice is the first quote you hear, then a couple of experts in the diet field, then more of me.  The segment is called "Do Diets Work?" and I think they made some good points with it..weight loss is definitely possible, although as we all know, it's not easy.


In Sit and Knit diet news, I took a knitting class that began Wednesday night - we are making a "windmill" bag, which can be easy or complicated...naturally, I'm starting with easy!  Although we have two weeks before the next official class, the other student (who also shares my name although she spells it differently) and I are zipping in this morning to get some extra instruction on adding the second of four panels to the bag.  Which meant that I had to knit close to 100 rows yesterday - not too terribly hard, unless you're me.  I was rolling right along and nearly at 50 rows when I realized that my piece had come in on one side - I stopped and counted the stitches, and only had 19, which was a problem as I'd started with 20.  Unraveled and I'm pretty sure I've gotten it corrected, but you know what?  It's just a bag - if I have one wonky row (there is a chance some stitches might be twisted but I can't really tell), it's OK.  Here's the yarn I chose - it's a nubby cotton and I love how it feels:
I had to use the front window to get the light right for the picture...and nosy nose instantly needed to see what I was doing...
...and then check out the neighborhood for any mail people or delivery drivers that needed barking at.

The other neat thing about making this bag is that it uses the "pick up stitch" technique that I need to do to put the edge on my bulky baby blanket, so I'm hoping that after I learn it for the bag, I'll get up the nerve to finally edge and finish the blanket.  Win-win!


In case you missed my post yesterday, I did a review and giveaway for Snikiddy snacks - click here to enter if you want a chance to win both some snacks and a $25 grocery store gift card!  Winner will be announced next Friday.


Fashion Friday continues with another top that I got when my mom was here - it's similar to last week's tiered top, but pink.  I paired it with my white denim capris, and then for fun, my new darker denim capris:

I think I like how I look in the darker capris more at the moment, but give me another month of running and I suspect I'll be happier with my legs, and therefore the white capris.
 Of course, most of my pictures looked like a version of this:
Not only is he leaning into me, he's standing on my foot.  Silly dog!


Tomorrow is, you probably guessed it, another 5K race.  At first I thought they bunched them up all in March and April here because of the impending hot weather, but seeing as other Texas cities have more races throughout May/June and even July, now I'm thinking it's because we are a college town and after mid-May, the students leave...and apparently that's who race organizers think run these races.  Not entirely true, but since I'm not in a position to change that, all I can do is run every race while there is one.  Any case, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race, and hope to run just one second faster than last week.  I know, lofty goal, right?

Have a great weekend!


    Im going to pretend we're hanging out and listen to you this morning while I do the stationary bike!

  2. ATK? How awesome is that! I love that show. I'll try to catch it today.

    Have fun on your 5K - I know you'll meet your goal.

  3. I love Chris Kimball! Bow tie and all - I DVR his shows on the weekend - which is how I got the idea for the barbecue pork chops I made last weekend - the bbq sauce turned out perfect - nice and tangy and not too hot for Tony!

    I'll have to listen to that when I get home tonight. Happy Friday and I'll be looking for pictures of the 5k tomorrow on Facebook!

  4. How do you do the same exact pose in both pictures? It is like you are a professional model or something.

    So cool on the radio thing!

    1. It's a skill, that same pose thing...too bad it's not marketable, lol!

  5. I can't download it on my laptop, will try again on my computer tomorrow.

    I love the yarn colors but even more that you are taking a knitting class. How cool is that. I foresee lots of great projects in the future.

    I think you can totally have the white capris. Don't hesitate to wear them.

    And of course Paco is adorable as always.

    Have a great and fun race today.

  6. Isn't it funny how even just a few pounds makes all the difference with the white pants? I just hung mine up so I see them as a reminder because I know I'm feeling good when I wear them! Hope your race was great!!

  7. You look radiant in the picture with Paco! Your hair looks so lovely, and that dog, well he just brings the sunshine out in you : )

  8. LOVE the yarn colors Shelley, and the nose that was sniffin' them. Paco is SUCH a character!!!!!! I think you look great in BOTH pairs of capris, and I love your sandals too. Hope you have a great race today!!!!

  9. I like the jean look much better, as I'm just not a fan of light colored bottoms, personally. I just think jeans are great, because they're easy to dress up or down :) Pretty pink top, too!

  10. The yarn colors are really cute. I think you need some hot pink capris with that shirt! Although both the other are cute too!

  11. Cuuuute! I actually like the white capris better, even if the fit isn't perfect. The colors and silhouette are more flattering for you. That top is very sweet!

  12. So cool that you did an interview with Christopher kimball, I love the magazine and the show, even though I don't eat most of the stuff because of my vegan diet. And I love that yarn, I've used it before. I miss knitting, but I just don't have time.


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