Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Mishmash - Feels Like Summer!

I am all ready for summer, thanks to a care package from sweet Katie J:
Flip flops, a huge beach towel (with my blog flower on it...haha, do you like how I "own" the hibiscus?), and a cool insulated cup, again with my blog flower!  So cute - and how does she know I love pink???
She also included a Sweaty Band, which I can't wait to try!
First shot - the light didn't work, but I had to include this because of the background subject...

Katie, you really shouldn't have...but I'm glad you did!  Thanks so much!!


Gecko.  Newt.  Salamander.  Lizard?  I really have no idea what this is, or if there is a difference between all four (there must be, otherwise why the different names?), but this guy was hanging around while I took the Sweaty Band pictures and I thought his color was so pretty:
I don't mind these guys when they are outside.  But every once in a while, they slip inside the house, and then?  All bets are off - it's just them and the cats.  And sometimes?  The cats win.


Speaking of pets, I wish you could see how well Paco sits and waits for his treats...he will wait until the cows come home (or we say OK, whichever comes first).  Once a month, he hears the Heartgard package crackling and is RIGHT THERE, waiting for his treat.  This month I tortured him by placing the treat on my knee and taking several pictures before he got the dog.  So fun.  And this helps to make up for all the barf I get to clean up when he throws up in his crate at night.  Pets.  Why???


I have something unusual (for me) to show you with my Sit and Knit diet - a calm, neutral-colored yarn.  You know how much I love color, but this yarn was so soft that I couldn't stop touching it at the store, so I bought it.  I'm making a scarf, using a simple pattern of casting on 34 stitches, then doing a knit 2, purl 2 repeat.  Thought it would be good practice with purling, and I am still fascinated that I can create ribbing by doing this.  So I set off, knitting away...and wait...this didn't look right.  Brought it into the knitting store, where I was told you have to "knit the knits and purl the purls" - and actually LOOK at your stitches to determine which one to do.  Oh.  I was just K2, P2 away...oops!  Once I got that straightened out, the scarf began to develop how I thought it would:
This scarf has also been an exercise in patience to see what subtle pattern develops with the yarn - again, not my usual color choice, but I like it.


Fashion Friday continues with another outfit I bought while shopping with my mom.  I love this top for several reasons:  it reminds me of something from the early 70s, the colors are so summery (can you tell it's getting warm here?) and it's loose and comfortable - the better to beat the heat AND hide my stomach.
Paired with some Lee capris that I bought at JC Penney, during an ego-tastic shopping trip where every pair of capris that I brought into the dressing room FIT.  How often does that happen???  If you're me, never.

Tomorrow we have a 5K fun run on tap - and the weather is forecast to be in the mid-50s!  Perfect running temperature!  I'm looking forward to this race - it's only 3.1 miles, woohoo!!!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Shelley, summer is just ending here in Oz so I loved that first picture, reminding me of what has (almost) gone. (It's currently Autumn!)

    Am intrigued about the sweaty band. What's it made out of?


    Ps Have to use google account when commenting here (not linked to any blogs / twitter account as I can't use my name and website address!)

    1. The sweaty band is ribbon on top with a heavier fabric underneath (how's that for a technical description, lol) - I think it's supposed to not slip when you wear it.

      Weird about your comment issue - is this just with my blog or happening other places as well?

  2. Lovely outfit Shelley, very well picked.

    Why we have pets? Because they are so adorable and fun. And at least there's always 1 happy when you come home :) I truly adore Paco. I really need to meet him in person and advantage would be I get to meet you.

    I like the yarn. I have to say that when I knit (years ago and now) I prefer color too. Somehow knitting a black sweater isn't fun.

    No sign of Summer here, in fact it looks more like Autumn these days than Spring. Oh well, we have to be patient and if the weather doesn't improve: 6 weeks before I go to Italy. It has to be better there :)

    1. You are so right about having the happy greeter!!! And heck yes, come to Texas and meet Paco (and me). :)

  3. Paco is a very good dog! I wish my cats were as easy to take care of when it is Frontline time:) Have a great 5k.

  4. Good luck with your 5k! My sister does the same thing with her dog (my niece). She enjoys "torturing" her haha!

    Loving the spring accessories!

  5. Pets are so awesome! I love how you can tell your spouse how you plan to tease them while they are sitting there and the pets don't even know LOL! (Okay, I'm mean...)

    Your outfit is so fun. You did buy all those other capris, right? Capris and I never seem to match up well, but I want them. I am liking JCP for shopping now, when I can make myself go there rather than consignment.

    1. Only one pair...and I know that in another month, I'll be regretting that decision. They have capris in petite length, which are awesome as I don't look like I'm just wearing floods instead of capris. Short people problems - I know you can relate, lol!

  6. You're a doll. Love the outfit. IT does look like something from the seventies.

    Good luck with your race. Hope this one is funner then last week's :)

  7. what a fun package to recieve!!
    If I saw one of those crawly things in my house I'd lose it ;-). Luckily we are much to cold where I am for those lizards to survive, but I did see several on our cruise last year EEEK!!

    Paco is so darn cute, give him his treat already ;-).
    Love the outfit, have a great weekend!!

  8. We just had a salamander in our basement family room last week! First time we've ever had one. Unfortunately I went down there and didn't put the lights on... as I started walking towards it all I saw was movement and I went SCREAMING back up the stairs because I thought it was a snake!! Mr. Helen came to the rescue - stunned it and took it back outside. I wanted him to kill it though, what if it comes back in?

    50 degrees is great running weather. Hope this really is a FUN 5K.

    1. Helen, it KNOWS where you live'll be back (mwhahahaha). Seriously, I swear, they do seem to return.

  9. I adore that top. I need one.

    I think some of your summer is coming our way tomorrow. Finally, fingers crossed.

    Good luck in the 5k tomorrow. Outfit?

  10. That summer top is just adorable!

    I remember when I found an atole IN.MY.SHOE! I think that poor lizard took a ride on the ceiling fan after that discovery!

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the 5K tomorrow!

  11. That kind of creature is called an anole (Uh-nole-E) in Florida, but we tend to just call them lizards.
    Good luck on your 5K!
    I have been very tempted to try the sweaty bands, most headbands that I try pop off the back of my head in no time- it makes me think I have an oddly shaped noggin or something! :)

    1. Sherrie, I have the same problem with headbands, and wondered if it was my head shape, too! I'll let you know if it does stay on during a run...would be a miracle, but I hear they happen! ;)

  12. Love the loot you got from Katie J! I still have trouble getting on her blog :( - it freezes my computer for some reason.

    Perfect weather for running! Our weekend will be sunny and in the 50s too. :D

    Happy Friday!

  13. Yay for pink AND summer!!!

    That sucks that Biz can't come to my blog. She probably needs to clear her cache. I will email her.

    Good luck with the run - hope it is fun LOL!

  14. It's summery here this weekend too! So nice.

    My pup pukes in her crate at night too if she goes too long without eating. So I give her a snack when I go to bed and then if I get up to pee I toss her a dog cookie. Keeps the puking to a minimum. The vet said I could give her pepcid but I haven't yet.

  15. Trying to comment again! On the hotel computer. I like those cute little lizards! Don't want to be startled by them though... LOVE that cute 70s style top. Reminds me of some of my most favorite clothes back then. I usually use colorful yarn too. But there's something very soothing about neutral colors, and the softness factor too. It almost looks like you're knitting a sock there! That's funny about practicing that with Paco. I do that with Sophie and kernels of popcorn. Because she dives after them like a crocodile if I drop them in my lap (my brother's description.)

  16. Shelley,
    Love the summer top. I adore the 70's styles, too. Takes me back... I love it when I can find vintage clothes. They're cut smaller, but the fabrics are delish.

    The little green guy is beautiful. Outside, yes. Inside, not so much. :) My sister called yesterday to tell me they found a GIANT one (she described it as a dinosaur) in my nephew's baseball cleat ... while his foot was IN it. "Ummm... mom, something's in my shoe." My sister: "Well, get it out." Nephew takes off shoe and my sister screams (while driving). Nice!

    Thanks for dropping in on the Turtles.. yes, the 5K was fun and I'm thrilled to be back. BTW: would love to hear what you think of your Newtons?? REALLY want a pair, along with the Saucony Kinvara 3s coming out soon AND a pair of NB Minimus. Addicted. :)

    Happy Earth Day!

  17. Firstly, you look fantastic!
    Then, LOOK AT THE LIZARD! ooooh I love little fellas like that!

  18. Ooooh, love all the pink power! Go you.
    Paco is so hilarious.
    Cute top, and those capris do fit well.
    Hope the run went well!


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