Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Mishmash

My Sit and Knit diet continues with success:  I finally finished my "Adventurous" scarf.  AKA the cussing scarf, as evidenced by Jeff's Facebook status update a week ago:  My wife Shelley took up knitting, wow can that girl cuss!  It's not that the scarf was terribly difficult to knit, but with double wraps on every third row AND the ribbon yarn that was all kinds of textures, any mistake I made (and I made a few) was really hard to figure out how to fix on my own, so that meant a trip to the knitting store, where they very nicely helped me...and helped me, and helped me. The last straw was when I was about 85% done, and messed up.  I ended up going to the knitting store yet AGAIN, getting it fixed, and then I sat there and knitted it until I was done, just in case.  Whew!  I love how it turned out, and I will make this again in the future, but not before I get more experience and am able to see and fix my own mistakes.
Close up of the pattern - I love the colors of the ribbon yarn and how this turned out...well worth the trouble!

Here's the cherries washcloth that I finished - I'm not super impressed with how well the design popped (compared to my sailboat and ducky washcloths).  The instructions for the fruit washcloths called for size 3 needles, but the ladies at the knitting store thought that was ridiculously small, so I ended up making it on size 5's.  For comparison, the sailboat was done on size 8's and the ducky on size 7's.  I'm thinking of making another fruit washcloth - for my knitting readers, would you go bigger, like size 7, or smaller, like size 3?
I actually "blocked" this a bit, although as you can tell by the uneven sides, not all that well. 

Next up for my knitting projects is a bulky baby blanket for my cousin, Jill, who is expecting her new little girl in June.  (hi Jill - surprise, I'm knitting you a baby blanket!)(you probably already guessed that)(I promise, there will be no cussing attached to this project)  Also, just to keep things interesting, some more wash cloths, the bulky baby hat, and another scarf.  Because, hey - I have all these needles...might as well use them, right?

Just a quick picture to keep up with my 10 weeks of different running outfits for my 10 Week/10K program:
Since you already saw the full pose on Wednesday, I thought I'd show how Paco wanted to get in with the green theme - he loves to play along!


Fashion Friday - Keep or Return?  OK, here's the scoop:  I'm just feeling blah about my stomach and my upper arms (never-ending issue with me - I could link and link and link to the times I've written about this, but just know, unless I get surgical intervention (which I will never do as I'm too chicken and cheap), this is what I get to deal with as a result of distorting my body with food for decades) and I am not enjoying most of my warm-weather clothes.  So I went to Kohl's and tried on a bunch of tops - egads, what is with the old-school Mrs. Roper caftan bat-wing tops?!?  I'm sorry, but they don't look good on a skinny mannequin, much less a real person!  Anyway, I came home with this:
Feeling a bit like Minnie Pearl with the price tag hanging - guess I could have tucked it into my sleeve.

I like the color, and I feel like it camouflages both my stomach and my arms, but I'm on the fence, although with the second "trying on" for the picture, I think I'm on the side of keeping it.  What do you think?

And I know that some of you are wondering why I just don't try working out those "problem" areas more.  I have, and while everything did get smaller, they were still out-of-proportionally "there" - and I was more interested in running, so I let that part of my workouts go.  When I've been on the treadmill at the gym during the last few weeks, I've watched the personal trainers work with clients, and thought maybe I should go that route again.  But some things about my gym have been getting on my nerves lately (more than the cost of lockers) and I'm not sure if I'll continue my membership there, so I don't want to get tied into anything should I have a hissy fit and quit come to a rational decision and end my membership.  Going back to Brad is not on the table as it's only personal training - you can't go to his gym anytime you want and run on the treadmill, which is something that I like having available.  Not to mention the gym is the only location with an indoor lap pool, which saves my skin, literally.  Ack, how did Fashion Friday turn into a body/gym rant?  My mind, it's a jumbled mess.


Tomorrow I have a 5 mile run on the schedule.  FIVE MILES!!!  Don't ask me why that seems so much further than the 4.5 I did last Saturday, but it does.  Plus, I got a look at the route and from about mile 1.5 to mile 3, we'll be on "Harvey Hill" - a deceptive stretch where you just keep climbing...although after that, the rest of the run will be relatively flat and/or downhill, so that is good.  And then on Sunday, I'll be in Houston for the Muddy Girl obstacle course race with Kelly and her daughter!  I figure that since we'll be getting "rest time" from running every time we reach an obstacle, the fact that I will have run 5 miles the day before won't bother me.  Any case, we're doing this for fun, so there's no pressure to be fast...not that there was any danger of that happening, lol!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your writing and laughed out LOUD at the Mrs Roper reference.
    I say keep the shirt, Minnie.
    and I say (may I?) IF IF IF YOU CARE there are so many things you could do at home for the arms.
    and yet, I also say, I love the way it seems youve made peace with who you are and how youre built.
    we all have those places where no matter what we do---they dont look like we'd like them to in our brains.
    IMO (sorry for the long comment :)) life is about accepting where we are today and even if we work still to change whatever it is we wanna change---loving ourselves already as we do.

    sorry for the rant :)

  2. I say keep the shirt too, it looks good on you and I love the colors. I have the same problem areas on my body as you have: upper arms and stomach. I'm working on them with my DVD's but so far not much progress (hmmmm maybe I should watch my calorie intake more :) )

    About the knitting I would try smaller needles but that's personal. I like smaller needles because the pattern usually shows better by using them.

    About the gym: I would wait too till I made up my mind about continuing my membership.

    And last but definitely not least: 3 miles is 4.8K and mentally 4.8 seems more easy than 5K to me so I understand you totally.

    Have a great weekend Shelley and lots of fun with Kelly next Sunday.

  3. I like the shirt on you a lot! I don't know how that style looks good on others, but never on me. Weird.

    If you are feeling blah about those areas, then definitely do a little more shopping or primping to just feel good about yourself where you are.

    I have the issue with my hips and thighs - the hardest part and last part to get in shape (and the first to grab any gain).

    Is there any other gym that you could try, even if it doesn't have a pool? Sometimes the incentive of having a membership can make you go more .

  4. I think all of us understand how you feel about problem areas even the most fit women I know complain about something. You're being your own worst critic though...

    You make that shirt look beautiful. Keep it.

    Enjoy your time with Kelley & Co. Can't wait to see the pictures and get a recap!

    This is a cut back week for me but I'm going to run at least 5 miles tomorrow. Just for you, my BIF, I'm going to find a route with a hill :D

  5. I think I have to be in the majority and say I don't really like the shirt. I think it does a nice job camouflaging the areas you want it to, but it almost draws attention to them too? I'm not really sure.

    Maybe just try googling some moves that target those areas and making up your own routines? It works best for to me to write out exactly what I'm going to do so I can referred to it at the gym.

  6. Love the scarf! And don't you think you should do it again right away with some plain jane yarn so you can see what you're doing? I think you should! Regarding the wash cloth. Smaller needles, or just knitting tighter (which is unpleasant IMO) should make the stitches more defined. But I'm confused about the sailboat washcloth--same yarn on size 7 needles? Because you got great stitch definition there.

    I like the shirt and I do think it provides camouflage, but for me the main thing is 'how do I FEEL wearing this?"

    Regarding the 'problem areas' on our bodies, for me those areas are the ones that change with age. There is NUTHIN' I can do about this. I could make them smaller by losing weight. But they would still be there. I like the weight lifting, so I do that and just imagine that the 'perfect' form is inside there somewhere, just hidden from the public. Don't I have a great imagination LOL?

    Sophie sends a wink and a lick to Paco.

  7. OH that scarf looks so cozy as I look out my window and see snow in SPRING! ugh ;-)

    I hear you on the problem areas I have the same thing and I'm not sure without surgery if I could get rid of them. But on the other hand I can't let that take away from where I came and neither should you. I say keep the top I love the colors on you!

  8. For me I know I need to add in strength training if I want to change the shape of my body - doing all cardio doesn't work for me.

    I love the Paco picture! And since you have to run 5 miles tomorrow, I'll try to run 5 too, you know, so you aren't alone! Have fun with Kelly on Sunday!

  9. I like the blue shirt. Great colors in it.
    Poor you and your spring/summer weather/wardrobe. The snow is slowly melting off our back porch this morning.

    The obstacle course race we did last July was a joke. I saved it for my "long run" of the weekend. I'm glad you are running the day before. I found that at times we had to wait for obstacles, as there were so many people in front of us. Stop.Start.Stop.Start.

    Good luck this weekend~

  10. I like that top a lot!!

    And have noticed that batwing shirts too. If they make a skinny mannequin look fat there's no way I'm putting that on my robust frame. :)

    I think you look great. Keep in mind how far you've come!

    You can do 5 miles! You got this. And Sunday is going to be so much fun. No timing. Just fun and mud and a MEDAL! Can't wait to see you.

  11. Yeah - I loved the Mrs. Roper reference too, esp. since I couldn't sleep during the night so got up and watched an episode of Three's Company...and Mrs. R. was decked out in full caftan regalia!

    I LOVE your knitting, and talking about it, and cussing at it...wouldn't it be fun to have a nice stitch and bitch session together? I've made a few of those wrap scarves - they look so cool but can be a PITA the first go round!

    Good luck with the run, tomorrow. And keep the top - looks great - very flattering.

  12. I think the top is a keeper!!!! I've said this before, and I'll say it again "Paco is adorable". Good luck on the weekend run Shelley!!!!

  13. I'm a cussing knitter too, so I get that! ;) If you want the pattern to pop more I'd go with bigger needles. :)

  14. I've got problem areas too, and I could probably make them a little better if I do a ton of strength training, but I hate doing that. And part of it is age - once I hit 50 I knew that things might not change for the better. So I do the exercise that I enjoy - running/hiking/biking - and my arms are a bit flabby. That's what sleeves are for!

  15. Oh goodness, Jeff's FB status made me snort. It sure is a beautiful scarf! (I wanted to crack wise and say "D_ _ _ that scarf is lovely...but I don't really swear..too much.) I did chuckle that you sat in that yarn store to finish the dang scarf, doggonit! Haha

    I say keep the cute top!

    Not sure what to make of a race with a name like "Muddy Girl"...uh oh..


  16. Miz said it best!! I second everything she said...and thank you Miz for saying it :-)

  17. I hope the five miler went well(WITH NO cussing!). That cracked me up!

  18. The blues in that shirt look really nice on you :)

  19. You pull that off really nicely.....I couldn't do that.

  20. Ooooh, that scarf is gorgeous! I love all those looping stitches.
    The top is flattering on you. I have to admit the cut is not one of my favorites on me; something about that elastic waistline never hits me in the right spot. but I do like it on you!

  21. Ooh! I am catching up on my reading - thanks! And I have to say, that for a beginning knitter, your work is exceptional! I have never had the patience to knit more than a row, I'm more of a crochet gal myself. It will be fun to get some things that aren't on my Target registry! And you can cuss all you want - I'm pretty sure the baby can't hear you from Texas, and the way things are going, I think she might come out with a pretty good vocabulary, since we have a 6 month old puppy who is having difficulty in understanding the importance of holding ones pee until one is outside.


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