Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Quarter Century!

My baby, my firstborn, my son Sam is 25 years old today!  Happy Birthday Sam!!!  I cannot believe he's 25 - all grown up.  So grown up, in fact, that he's in Kansas City this week on business.  Yes, business.  The little boy that I did all kinds of theme birthday parties for - fish, baseball, outer space, cowboy, art - is spending his birthday sans family, and that makes me a little melancholy.  How time does fly, even though when you're in the midst of school and sports and scouts and everything in between, you wonder if you'll ever get through it.  But you do, and kids grow up.  That doesn't mean I can't take a little trip down memory lane, which I did last night.  I looked through tons of photographs and pulled out some of my favorites.  Indulge me, if you will...
Four days old - he was 5 lbs 13 oz at birth and tiny!  Wearing a preemie sleeper here...the nurses all called him a little peanut.  Big yawn for such a little baby!
I love this picture.  I loved holding my baby.  Sometimes he would fall asleep in my arms for a nap and I'd hold him the entire time, until he woke up again.  And I don't regret a minute of that at all.
 His second Christmas, just before he turned 2.  Sam is so ancient that he had the old Fisher-Price toys - the ones that were later changed because the Little People were choking hazards!
Around 2 years old.
I think this was his 4th birthday, based on another picture where a toddler Max was trying to edge in on the gift unwrapping, lol!
Sam and Jeff in a tent somewhere - he's holding a bag of popcorn, but other than that I have no idea where they were (and I probably took the picture!).
Look closely - the child is walking a "tightrope" using a broom!  I glanced out the window to see this and got the picture.  Love that he's wearing his coonskin cap - this was in 1992, close to when we moved from California to Texas (Jeff had been to San Antonio and returned with the caps for the kids).
San Antonio - 6th birthday, and the fish themed party that the kids talked about for years...
 Sam and our new puppy Jackie - he named her, and also picked out the orange collar (his favorite color).
Sam and his kitty Taz - he was 12 here.
The baseball pictures cracked me up - Sam played from the time he was in first grade (T-ball) until 7th grade.  He looks like the weight of the game was on his shoulders in this one...
...but obviously knew how to enjoy snack time.
Woohoo - Sam was usually good for at least a base hit!  It was always so fun to watch him play ball.
Visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston - future engineer?  We had no idea.
 The Very Official Cub Scout would become...
The Very Official Crossing Guard!  (really, this pose is "hurry up and take the picture before you embarrass me!")
Sam in his sweater vest glory - this was his uniform for a few years.  He found a style he liked and stuck with it!
Very proud to call you my son, Sam - Happy Birthday!  love, Mom


  1. What a lovely tribute Shelley! Happy birthday to Sam!

  2. Happy birthday to Sam!

    Thank you for sharing this with us Shelley. I loved walking memory lane with you.

  3. Happy Birthday to Sam. I think he needs another fish cake when he gets back from KC.

  4. This is so sweet Shelley, you're making me a misty eyed this morning. (But Jeff's Tom Selleck mustache is making me LOL!). Happy Birthday Sam!

  5. I loved the photos! Between you and Chris (A Deliberate Life), I'm all misty-eyed this morning. It's amazing how fast time does fly. But the nest is never really empty...kids leave, come back, leave again, bring grandkids home...and so goes the cycle. All of it is wonderful. I can tell by the photos that you gave Sam a great childhood!

  6. So that's what you meant when you said 'post is set.' I couldn't figure out what you were talking about. Then this morning, I thought-- better check the blog! Glad I did. How fun to see all these pictures. I especially liked the pics of him as a tiny baby, and of course, with Jackie. But they were all fun to see--thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  7. Aw. Brings a tear to my eye. Why do they have to grow up so darn fast!! My kids are going to want to know why I'm constantly hugging them today. LOL

    Happy birthday, Sam!!!

  8. WONDERFUL! You have an awesome life!

  9. Happy Birthday Sam! Loved all the pictures, but I have to say my favorite was of him in the Sox uniform - go White Sox! :D

  10. Happiest of Bdays! Loved all the OLD photos. ha!

  11. Happy Birthday Sam, and congratulations, Shelley!

    Not to overshadow the birthday boy, but more pictures of Jackie please... that puppy is SO CUTE!

    1. Jackie was a cutie, wasn't she? We had her for almost 15 years.

  12. Happy birthday to him! My oldest turns 22 later this month. Time sure flies!

  13. Hi, I just started reading your inspiring blog. Congrats first of all on all the weightloss. I think I know what u mean when u say u feel a little bit melancholy. My daughter was born a year ago and has her first birthday and we already feel time has flown and is flying so fast - coming sunday she has her first birthday and I am still stuck int he time warp from when we first brought her home from hospital when she was born! :) Loved the photos you've put up particularly where he is virtually newborn and snuggled on ur chest sleeping.

  14. Awww..that's so cute Shelley - happy birthday to your son!

    Loved the photos

  15. How awesome! I love the pics. What a little guy he was, so tiny. I used to hold my babies while they slept also. Wonderful moments go by soooo fast. Happy birthday to Sam!

  16. Awwww, what a proud mama. Happy Birthday Sam!

  17. Aw Shelley, that was fun! My boys turned 25 last month. Kind of don't want to say/admit it, makes me sound old or something. Loved looking at your photos. Chrissy


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