Monday, January 16, 2012

An Incomplete Pictorial Recap of the Weekend

Incomplete because many hours were spent driving up and down the great state of Texas, and frankly, showing you the Subway in Waco, the rest stop near Waxahachie, or the gas station in Hillsboro isn't all that interesting.  And you probably know what Ikea looks like.  But because it's late on Sunday night, we just got home a little while ago, I'm deeply regretting the decision to order and consume some fried jalapeƱos (oof, the nausea) and I'm not only tired but topic-less, this is the best I can do...your regularly-scheduled weight-loss and fitness blogging will resume on Wednesday, I promise.

This was a quick trip to Denton, to deliver our (not very) old couch to Max, to help install the new car stereo we gave him for Christmas to replace the old one that had been stolen when his car window was smashed about two years ago, and to run by Ikea to get the new wall system for our family room redo.  Max had gotten a ride home the day before, and arrived at his apartment complex to see his car looking like this:
Seriously?!?  Nothing was taken, because nothing (but some trash) was in it...I swear, he can't catch a break with this car.  Which is a '95 Corolla.  That he paid $500 for.  Counting the last window, and this one, we've nearly put back that into the car in new flippin' windows!!!
Some of the glass on the ground.  By the time we arrived, he had the car at the shop, getting the window replaced.  So no radio installation.  Now, the car was left there unattended for a month while he was home for Christmas break, but STILL.  You do not want to know the words I had for the @#$% who did this.
In happier news, Max and Jeff brought the new couch into his apartment.
And Jeff promptly tested it out.  Yep, still comfortable.
Max showing that Sam doesn't hold the patent on making goofy faces for the camera.
This picture is really for my mother (Hi Mom!) to show her the latest piece of art that I had framed - the one on the right (as well as the one in the middle) are watercolors that my Grandmother painted.  We all got to choose some of her work after she died, and I spent the last few months finally getting everything matted and framed.  Art for Christmas, woohoo!
Who needs four computer monitors?  A computer science major, that's who...

After we finished up at Max's place, we headed over to Sam's, where he was busy building a quieter computer:
Showing me his anti-static wrist thingie (apparently a necessity when working with electronics).
I think he's reading the instruction manual!
Yep.  Still the king of goofy faces.
These are two of my Grandmother's pictures that I had framed and matted for Sam - I'm really impressed at how nicely everything came out.  It's hard to pick mat colors; feels like such a permanent decision!  Luckily I had help at the framing place.

We went to Ikea Sunday morning, where we got what we needed and checked out in record time.  I was amazed.  We loaded up the car, had lunch all together at Smashburger (where I made the aforementioned regrettable decision to order the fried japaleƱos - so dumb!  since having my gallbladder removed in 2009, I can't eat anything fried except for french fries...everything else makes me nauseated like crazy.  last time I had fried crap was over two years ago - you'd think I'd learn, but no.  argh, I frustrate myself!), and drove home.  Jeff started assembling the wall system, with a supervisor:
"You following directionz?"
"Already bored.  What dog doing?"
"Watching bright light on camera.  Also waiting for cookie."

OK, thanks for bearing with me on such a random post.  Have a good day, and remember, stay away from deep-fried foods - they're the devil. :(


  1. Those last two pics of Kip and Paco are priceless. It brought a huge smile on my face on Blue Monday (which has no effect on me I just think it's fun to mention it :) )

    That sucks that the broke into Sam's car. Some people have no respect for other people things.

    You were on my mind yesterday night. I was watching a travel magazine, waiting till Homeland started, and they were in Texas. They visited San Antonio and Austin and said at the end that Texas was definitely worth visiting for tourists. So what do you say ... should I?

  2. I love the randomness BUT Im mad for Max.
    What is wrong with people?!

    **goes off on a rant**

  3. Jeeez.... people are so stupid. Really. Just plain stupid!

    I love that he has 4 screens, because I am currently dreaming about getting another one. Ahh.. one day. :D

    I LOVE the pics of the supervising cat :D :D

  4. My husband not only has 3 large screens on his desk but also a huge ass flat screen tv in his office. We also had tons of misc computers in our basement until we had the big flood in aug 2010 so yeah i totally get it! Sorry about the fried food :(

  5. Just like my brother who has also a major in computer science.

  6. Shelley - the paintings are so beautiful, and look lovely framed. What a great way to remember your grandmother.

    Also, I love that on one of Max's 4 screens he has facebook open.

    I hope your tummy feels better soon.

  7. I used to be able to eat anything fried and have no problems - but now it mostly makes me sick, but that's probably a good thing!

    Because I do like me some fried jalapenos!

    Hope you can rest up today!

  8. Your grandmother's paintings are beautiful! Hmmmmm, aren't I your long-lost sister?

    So sorry about Max's car. I would have said worse than $%&%&&*^%! Nothing like a good sturdy car but seriously why can't people respect other's hard work?!!

    Did I ever tell you that the car Little Helen replaced just last year was her 1990 Gio Prizm? She literally drove that thing until there were holes in the floorboards. It actually qualified for "antique" plates LOL!

  9. I think KIp is actually hopeful that Jeff is building a new ladder there!

    I LOVE your grandma's pictures--the composition, the gorgeous did a really great job in choosing complimentary mat colors.

    Don't tell them I said this, but your boys still look so young--very impressive that they are both out on their own.

  10. Sorry about the car window. Love your grandmother's paintings, especially the lighthouse one and the abstract one reminds me of peacock feathers.

  11. Grrr...I hate thugs who are consuming the oxygen of good people.

    Your son's computer looks like it will power a small countries needs.

  12. Sorry about that car window. WTF is wrong with people!

    I love Sam's pictures - they make me smile.

    As do the pets who do so love to help with our projects.

  13. YOu had a very talented Grandmother.
    Sorry about the bad luck with the car...some people just have no morals.

  14. Oh I loved your Gma's paintings! So cool! I hope you have some in your own home too.

    The photos of the non human children make me smile. So nosy..

    Wow, Jeff is a real sport. I liked the photo of him on the couch.

    Looking forward to seeing that unit all assembled! I'm sure you all are as well, probably especially Jeff. haha


  15. Kip is so cute. And of course I'm a Paco fan.

    So sorry about your tummy!! But fried jalapenos do sound good. Guess they're not worth the price though. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Love the new sofa!!!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.

    And your grandmother was so talented!!

  16. Wow! What a talented and 'handy' family you have!


  17. AWW!!!! Kip and Paco?! SOOO cute. Wow...both your boys are so "plugged in"! You have built in tech support!!! I'm envious. And for the record, I've never been to Texas, so I'd actually LOVE to see a photo of a rest stop in Waxahachie. The subway in Waco? Not so much...we have Subways here in Canada and they probably look just the same. :) Enjoy your Tuesday Shelley!!!

  18. Just a shout out from a long-lost fellow Texan! Love the paintings. My grandmother was a painter too, and it's a great reminder of how she put so much into everything she did.

  19. That sucks about Max's car. I know there has been a sting of car break ins in the area. We even got a call from the police as a public service announcement. One of those recorded mass phone calls. I live a lot closer to IKEA and it's still an adventure every time I go. It's like a 1/2 day trip every time. Can't wait to see pics of your living room re-do. Love the artwork. How special that it's your grandmothers. Such an awesome keepsake and lovely too.

  20. What the heck is going on with the car windows?! I have never had my windows broken, ever.

    Awww, look at you guys helping him settle in. Such a great family.


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