Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Mishmash

In the "bad pet parents" category, I bring you this:
Yes, we let Paco have some of the gingerbread house.  He wanted it!!!  How could we deny him?!?

I know.  Awful.  Hey, at least we took off the chocolate.  BTW, he loved the jelly beans that lined the peak of the roof - nibbled them off one by one.  And if you are wondering why he's eating the losing house, it's because it had less chocolate; the winning house was covered in M&Ms on the roof.  At least that's my story. ;)


Ever see something on Pinterest and think "I should try that"?  Obviously I do, as evidenced by my recent toaster fire.  Still, that didn't stop me from being curious about the melted peppermint candy "trays" that had been popping up...of course, I didn't have any of the candy on hand the day I decided to try this, so I used some leftover mini candy canes...same thing, right?
I was trying to make a heart here...and also see what one candy cane looked like, melted.  Hmmm.
Better.  Less time in the oven.  Weird but fun - if I ever think to buy a bag of those peppermint candies, I will actually attempt to make a tray.  I don't know why, other than, why not???


Last Friday, Jeff and I went to Dallas to meet up with blogger (and friend) Debby.   We met at my favorite burger place in Frisco - I bet you can guess which one...
Yep.  Scotty P's.  And no, I don't get compensated every time I mention them...I just love their burgers THAT much!
Debby and Brett, who is laughing after I told them to move closer together to for the picture and he said "do I have to?" - brothers!  I swear, they never change, right?!?
So after we ate lunch, we walked over to the oh-so-conveniently located frozen yogurt shop nearby, where we indulged.  However, neither of us were game enough to try the avocado flavor...maybe next time.
And then?  Debby taught me how to knit!  One lefty to another - I finally got it!!!  She gave me the knitting needles and yarn (notice that they are the same colors as my glasses?  cool!) and after a bit of consternation getting that first row started, I was off and running - er, knitting!!!

What a fun visit - I'm just sorry we didn't have more time to chat - three hours went by in a flash!  But there will be more visits in the future, and one of these days, I'll get to meet her menagerie!  Oh, and look:
I'm still knitting!  Going to figure out how to "cast off" soon, and start another piece that is wider - I plan on making a scarf, and have it finished while it's still winter here in Texas (which should last for another 2.5 months) - better get moving, right?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Im so jealous about the debby meetup.
    and the knitting?
    that's about where Id be too and then never ever get further than that :)
    Id pretend it was a...hankie? barbie blankey?

  2. Looks like a fun time.....we have one of those frozen yogurt places in town, can't say as I've ever seen avocado flavored! Interesting concept, a minty plate!!!
    Got my bike last night, am going to post pictures either later today or tomorrow....I'm excited!

  3. What a fun and great meet you and Debby had! Love the photos of your meet.

    I can knit but it has been years since I've done it. I used to knit my own sweaters with lots of colors and different kinds of wool.

    You're the best Mom Paco can get: which dog doesn't want to eat from a gingerbread house.

  4. Miz' comment made me laugh out loud. Me too with the Barbie blankie!

    I'm still trying not to writhe with jealousy over that meetup - or the fact that you actually had fun.

    And now I'm wondering, is it your favorite hamburger place because of the proximity to the frozen yogurt place? Hmmmmmm.....

  5. I nearly drooled of that frozen yoghurt picture. I would sell my soul for one of those right about now. :p Looks like a fantastic meetup :)

  6. What a fun meet up! I used to crochet and knit all the time growing up - we didn't have a t.v. until I was in he 8th grade, so that's probably why!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Love meeting bloggers! That's so cool!

    And learning to knit? Very impressed. I tried. It wasn't pretty. Love your color scheme. do you take orders? ;)

    Paco is adorable. I'm a big fan. Hopefully I'll lose weight and be a smaller fan. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Paco must have been in heaven! We always let our dog eat human food. Why not?! Some people get so mad at us, but you know what, he's so happy!

  9. You and Debby look like sisters...and I love froyo. My town now has 2 "shops" and we went to the new on Weds and Thurs night. Time to get those calories back under control.

  10. Wow, the commenters were on a roll from this post--a couple of them made me LOL. Paco and the gingerbread house made me LOL.

    Now you reminded me of that butter cream froyo again! I had almost managed to forget it.

    But mostly, I was SOOO impressed with your knitting. It is so even and perfect! Good job!

    Well, I do wish we lived closer. But I guess I should be content that we both have ties in CA and TX,which will probably give us a better chance of seeing each other once in a while than most bloggers. That sure was a fun day.

  11. LOL at Barbie Bankie!

    I want a burger now...

  12. I have a whole board on pinterest titled "food I've made from pinterest" and it's helped me keep track of what i've made and if i liked it or not.

  13. Yay for new skills! Can you knit me a treadmill? or some abs? Let me know.

  14. Welcome to the world of knitting! I've been a knitter for a long time and really love it. Your stitches look mahvelous dear. Yeah - casting off is important unless you're making a scarf to circumwrap the earth!

    Looks like a great day. And I loved Paco's snack - our Wally would be all too happy to clean up Paco's crumbs.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday - I gave you a shout out on my post today. Got me thinking...

  15. Love the photos of you and Debby and very impressive knitting. I laughed out loud at Paco demonishing the gingerbread house. I don't think it should be filed under bad pet parents, it should be filed under "nom, nom, nom". Look at that tongue! :) have a great Friday Shelley!!!

  16. Love the colors and want to learn to knit (I think). I am also a lefty, but do many things (cutting, tennis) righty so I wonder which way I'd go?

  17. Matchy Matchy! I love it!

    So cool you got to meet Deb. Hopefully I will get to meet you on one of your Cali visits. Would LOVE to meet Jannell too!

  18. Ha! When you said you gave Paco some of the gingerbread house I had visions of you having some AFTER - hopefully not - way too much slobber on it after I'm sure.

    I love the idea of catching up with other bloggers. I met someone recently (though it was for something else) and it was good to talk to someone who was kinda serious about it as well.

    You look like you had a great time!


  19. Shelley, my niece learned how to knit looking at You Tube videos! She's making awesome scarves now.

    I'm going to try that soon.

    Good job!

  20. Oh, pretty, pretty knitting!

    Your meet up with Debby looked so of these days....

  21. OMG, your attempts at candy-melting are hysterical.
    You have already exceeded what I can do with knitting; I can make one string but could never figure out how to start the next line. LOL!

  22. I know how to crochet and I want to learn to knit!

    You have also been tagged on my blog!

    Give me about ten minutes to finish the post though ;)

  23. Lucky Paco! I wish someone would teach me how to knit or crochet. Three of my children are lefties. I am right handed but I had to learn how to use my left hand so I could show them how to cut, print and write in cursive. Wonder if I could knit left handed...

  24. I keep hearing about Pintrest but have yet to check it out. Your candy plates inspire me to take a look ~

  25. I didn't know you are a lefty, so am I. My Mom makes beautiful things knitting, crocheting and I am going to find someone who is left-handed to teach me. Love Paco he is one lucky dog!! Our Deke looks just like Paco. Deke is a mixed fox terrier, beagle and we love him so much.


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