Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Mishmash - I Hab a Code Edition

The germs of the season finally got to me, and I have been dealing with a full-blown cold - the sneezing, watery eyes, congestion...what do you know, those TV commercial descriptions are correct!  While it's been pretty miserable and I haven't been sleeping well, I know that it'll be gone in a week, or seven least, that's what my Grandmother always said about colds, and she usually was right.  I guess I was due, considering that I haven't had one in several years - coincidentally, about the same time I started eating healthier and exercising.  But the germ factory of sick co-workers, customers, and money handling (even though I try to not touch my face AND wash my hands as often as I can while at work) finally got to me, and I'm now Typhoid Mary - and of course I went to work (the better to spread my germs!) because I'm not sick enough to stay home, and believe me, they need all hands on deck as people are shopping like crazy!  I swear, work in retail at the holidays and you'd never know there were any problems with the economy.


I have a "smart" phone, and occasionally it gets stuck, to the point where I can't even make a phone call with it.  I finally took it in to the Sprint store, and the technician there told me to think of it not as a phone, but as a computer that makes phone calls.  Okayyyy.  So apparently it needed the old "ctrl-alt-del" trick, which they did at the store (and showed me how to do it myself but do you think I can remember?  I'm counting on a google search to tell me next time I need it).  Another thing I need to change my thinking about - it's not a phone anymore, it's a computer!


While I don't recommend this for the long haul, and probably couldn't sustain it, one unexpected benefit from my seasonal job is weight loss.  Honestly, it could have gone either way - there always seems to be a plethora of treats in the back room for us (donuts, pastries from the local bakery, candy, cake, ice cream bars), but I decided on my first day there to not touch any of it - just not get started.  I'm always working over one mealtime, and while I can take a 20 minute break to eat, I've only been bringing a bottle of  light Honey Milk to tide me over.  So I guess you could say I'm sort-of doing a meal replacement diet, unintentionally - and honestly, we're so busy that I don't have time to notice any hunger.  Plus I think my protein-heavy breakfast and the protein in the Honey Milk helps with I said, I don't think this would work forever for me, but I have noticed that I no longer want to die when I put on my jeans, so yeah, some weight is coming off.  Woohoo - I'll take it, especially at this time of the year!


I need to make a public apology to Paco - for years now, he growls at the cats if they dare to come near him while he's gnawing a rawhide or one of his Nylabones.  We've always gotten onto him about that, because the cats have never taken one of his precious chews away.  Silly dog.  Except, apparently, they DO.  Well, Henry, anyway.  I was taking some pictures of Paco and Henry lolling around in the sunshine the other day, when the growling started.  LOOK:
And just when I thought Henry was done messing with Paco, he did this:
 I'm not doing anything...
Boop!  I touched your butt!
Annnnd, back to enjoying the morning sun.


A couple of contrasts with my Fashion Friday pictures this week.  Similar outfits, but in one, I felt thin.  The other?  Fat.  Weird, I know, but the way clothes fit me makes a big difference in my mood.
I felt stylish and slim in this outfit.  I dared to try something different (for me) with the animal print top - I was going for something brown to pull in the boot color.  Love these boots, btw - I am able to stand in them for 6 hours at work and not want to chop off my feet at the end of the day!
Close up of the top - love the bit of shirring and ruffle detail.  I never would have worn brown boots with a black skirt had it not been for Kristen, who gave me some fashion advice about mixing colors.  I think this worked - thanks, Kristen!

A few days later and a similar outfit - but in this, I felt fat and a bit frumpy.  Maybe I should have bought a smaller size in the top?  Or is the sweater (new - I wanted to try the long flowy style that is in now) too much fabric for me?  Also, I can tell that I was not feeling well - my cold had started the day I wore this outfit.
 Something about this outfit isn't working for me, but I don't quite know what.
I like the way the sweater looks from the back with the elastic adding some shape to it.  Also, this picture made me laugh when I uploaded it - Paco must have thought we were standing guard (ok, you take that side and I take dis side).

Once again, with my clothes, I'm reminded that I need to be more picky with what I buy - just because it's a deal doesn't mean it's a good buy, especially if I don't feel spectacular (or at least good) in it!


Have a great weekend - I am done with all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping (woohoo!), so I get to laze around (well, after I work on Saturday), which, after the last few super-busy weekends, sounds very nice to me!


  1. Hope you get over your cold soon Shelley.
    I don’t get it either, here in Holland we’re in a crisis too and the forecast for next year is that it’s getting worse but you don’t notice that when you’re in a shopping centre: people keep buying.

    I would take that weight loss too girl, especially this time of year!
    Good for you for losing at this time of year.

    Oh my goss, Paco and Henry are too hilarious! Just something I need in this depressing week: these 2 cute guys bringing a smile on my face.

    Love your outfits, you DO look stylish and slim. Great choice. Of course the last one with Paco in it is definitely the best!

    And last but not least: thank you for your lovely Christmas card I received this week.

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. I guess we need to get Stacey London to analyze the 2 outfits. Then she could gie us "her rules" for selecting. She does say that dressing well is hard work. I like the animal print outfit, too.

    Have a great Christmas.

  3. With technology, you should always turn it off and then on again. Usually that solves the problem, according to my IT husband. I'm not allowed to ask him for help unless I've already done that :-)

  4. Feel better my Friend. My phone does the same thing. Drives me crazy, sometimes I can't even hang up a phone call. I haven't thought it was a phone, but I have thought it was.....wait I can't say it.

    The outfits are cute, I can see where you didn't like the 2nd one, but it was cute. Love the boots.

    Any weight loss is a good thing, especially if you're too busy to realize you're hungry.

  5. I love the animal print top. I would wear that outfit in a heartbeat.

    Also, I love that Henry and Paco hang out... and that you wrote "boop i touched your butt." SO CUTE AND FUNNY.

    Finally, that is great about your surprise slim down. I can't believe some people actually live that way all the time, not thinking about food etc. Well done on crossing over : )

  6. I hope Kristen will pop in because she's so good at figuring this stuff out. My first reaction is that the second top is too big and the sweater would be fine if you had on jeans or slacks. It's too long for that skirt. The first outfit just looks more tailored.

    Dying at Paco and Henry... and the captions! Henry!

    Hope you feel bedder soohnt. Maybe some chicken soup this weekend?

  7. I am starting to get a cold too, and it stinks! But I will be saying "Boop! I touched your butt" all day to make up for it. ;-D

    I am SO glad you tried the brown with black -- I think it looks AWESOME! Tying them together with the animal print also works well.

    I think the second outfit doesn't work as well because of the top, not the cardigan. It's too baggy on you! You could fix it with a skinny brown or black belt; wear it over the top, not the cardigan, and wear it high up at your natural waist. I do that sometimes when I have two loose items on. It cinches one enough to give me some shape.
    You could also try changing up the colors of the second outfit -- I bet that sweater would look brighter and more defined with a lighter colored top, even a solid cream one!

    I am done Christmas shopping too, so it is wrapping and cookie-baking this weekend for me! And lots of lazing about. :)

  8. Ahhhh, see cats are clever! My father's dog torments the cat, but they just realized that it's actually the cat that starts! She takes his treats and hides them! :p

    I think you look great in both outfits!

  9. Feel better!

    Sneaky cats! Got caught though!!!

  10. I love the first outfit better on you too - so weird! I am not sure I've ever worn anything with an animal print before either - I should try that!

    Yep, my blackberry does the same thing sometimes, can't send emails, etc. I end up having to take the battery out and it does a hard reboot and all is well. :D

    Have a relaxing weekend after working tomorrow and hope you feel better!

  11. It's the synch/gather at the bottom of the short that did it. It's just not flattering unless you are a size two and then Im not even sure!

    LOVE the boots! Too cute with Paco and Henry! You look fantastic in the first outfit! Love the cardigan!

  12. Yay for the lazing around weekend, or half-weekend! I've been looking at boots lately. Need to find some without heels--I about killed myself looking 'cute' last Sunday.

    Poor Paco--stinkin' sneaky cats. Sophie does that to Noah. Usually she can't be bothered with the bones. But if he finds one particularly intriguing, she will wait until his attention is diverted (sometimes she barks to divert his attention) and then she steals it and chews on it for about 5 minutes.

    Your smart phone issue sounds just like what happened to me with my Kindle Fire. Crazy technology.

    And you look darn good in whatever you wear. But I agree. If *I* don't feel good in what I'm wearing, it doesn't matter what anyone else says.

  13. As much as I enjoy fashion Friday, I adore pet pics with captions. You crack me up!

    Next cold, try the OTC zinc lozenges at the first symptoms. It really does shorten the duration. Working retail over the holidays is germ city for certain.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Heck, even non-weight gain is a victory this time of year.

    How is your ankle?

  14. Yay for kitty photos! They deserve more blog time :D

    So innocent - not!

  15. Colds are such a drag. I had one a few months back. So get well soon. Now, the Paco/cat thing..those cats are not to be trusted.

    Love the outfits even if you feel frumpy in that one.Do you have frump butt?

  16. I hope your code gets bedder soon. I hate it when I can't breed through my nodz.
    (And Paco, I'm on your side ;)

  17. I can see where the second outfit didn't work for you and the other bloggers are right, it is the top. It needs a different neckline or needs to be more fitted but that sweater is great so with a different top, you will feel just like you did in the first photo.

    I love the boots and have a pair somewhat like those.. it is the padding on the bottom that makes wearing them so wonderful :-)

  18. Hi Shelley. Hope that pesky cold is leaving and you are starting to feel better. LOVE those boots, and LOVE LOVE the animals. So funny. Henry looks like a bundle of personality,like Paco. I don't know if he was standing guard with you in the last shot, I think he was just showing how his fur looks from behind! :) Have a great rest of Sunday.

  19. I think that either the second top is too big or just the fabric falls a little funky. I also second the idea that the sweater would look great with khakis or jeans over a skirt due to the length

  20. Ack - I know it's probably late to help you with your cold, but take a bath with a couple of cups of epsom salts. It can work wonders! And is a fairly pleasant experience besides.


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