Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Goin' to the Big D Again!

Ever have one of those days where you go from thinking "I should get dressed"  to "I REALLY should get dressed" to "Hey, it's pajama day!"?  That was my Monday, and a glorious day it was.  Pajamas, a couple of naps, eating Christmas leftovers - perfect.


Today we are driving to Dallas, where I'm going to meet up with Debby!  She's been in Texas, visiting family for the holidays.  We are meeting at Scotty P's for burgers (where else would two weight-loss bloggers meet?), and then I'm pretty sure we'll either A) shop; B) raise hell; or C) sit at a coffee shop and knit.  I'll let you know next week what transpired.  Max is staying here, alone.  And he's planning a party.  Which is my payback for all those high school "going away" parties that I threw for my parents - of course, AFTER they'd gone camping for the weekend.  I just hope he does as good a job of cleaning up the evidence as I did!


My last two shifts at the jewelry store are next week - Monday and Friday.  And while I'll miss my co-workers (and have made some new friends!), I won't miss the long days, and the disruption in my normal, boring life.  Plus, I'm done with working retail at Christmastime, and if you see that I'm considering doing this again next year, please remind me of that.  Oh, I want to give a shout-out to Weston, who was a blast to work with both last year and this year - he's leaving to be a full-time college student.  Good luck - you'll be missed!


One of the stocking stuffers I gave Jeff and the boys was a Lego minifigure...they were packaged so you couldn't see which one you were getting, but I knew that there was a 1:16 chance of getting a hula girl, so I told them that if they got that one, she was mine.  Wouldn't you know, Jeff got her!  I swear, between the Barbie and the little Lego girl, I was in doll heaven this Christmas.
 How cute, right?
I was trying to get a side view shot of the flower in her hair, but cracked up at seeing Paco in the background...that dog just LOVES the camera, and knows the beeping sound of when it's turned on, and poses accordingly.


Sam bought himself a new tablet - the Asus Transformer.  He was taking pictures with it while Kip and Paco were lying on the couch with him.  At first, I thought this was just a really good close-up of Kip, until I looked a little more:
See Paco's nose in the background?  I swear, even when he's not trying, he manages to get in the picture!  And actually, I love the juxtaposition of their random.


One of my co-workers, Lauren, always has fun painted fingernails, and she inspired me to get my first-ever manicure the other day when I went in for a pedicure.  I wished Helen was there to advise me on a polish color - I stood in front of the display for so long that the girl finally came over to see what was I was doing.  Anyway, I told her I wanted them cut straight across, like Lauren's (well, I didn't specify "like Lauren's" - that would have been weird).  She did that, but cut what little growth I had!  Oh well.  After it was done, I kept getting distracted by my hands - seeing color on my nails was strange, but by the next day, I was used to it, and actually liked having the nice nails while displaying jewelry at work.
The color is OPI's Purple-opolis...and yes, that would be Paco's behind in the background.


Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year - I'll see you in 2012!


  1. Have fun with Debby Shelley, that's so cool that you are going to meet her.

    Love your nails! Everytime I see Helen's nails on her blog it reminds me that I should polish my own but up till now still haven't.

    I absolutely love Paco, he's too cute everytime he sneaks into a picture.

    Have a great weekend Shelley and a good New Year's eve. See you next year.

  2. Hey! You did a Fingers Friday! They look great. If you let them grow in that shape, the next time you get a mani, they can be a bit longer but really they look fine the way they are.

    Loving the Paco shots. As usual he brings a smile to my face.

    Have fun with Debby. Siiiiigh.

  3. Hee hee! I'll see you in a couple of hours!

  4. Before I saw Helen's comment I thought the same thing - finger Friday! First ever?? So crazy!

    I love Paco and I love that picture of the noses! Have fun today in Dallas with Debby!

  5. So jealous that you get to meet Debby!!!!

    Have a great New Year's Shelley - and indeed, let 2012 not suck. :D

  6. Enjoy your meet-up! I had my first 2 the past few weeks, and they were wonderful - no, the women were wonderful.

    I also was in the Big D for Christmas. Forgot what it was like to drive on freeways and in traffic. BUT, the shopping certainly was worth it.

    Love the nails! Happy New Year!

  7. Have a fun time with Debby! I personally vote for option B - raise hell ;)

    Love that you got a biking barbie and legos for Christmas! You are too cute!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend is planned!!! Be safe and for sure you will have fun!!!

    MOtivated MO

  9. Have a great time with Debbie!

    LOVE the hula girl!

    Happy New Year Shelley!

  10. little paco!

    Great nails!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR SHELLEY!!! First ever manicure?? It's about time :0)

    Have a great night!

  12. I've been MIA, but miss you. You and your nails are beautiful. I hope you have a healthy and a happy New Year.

  13. Hi Shelley. OMG...Paco is HILARIOUS!!!!! "A camera? Here I am!!!!" Yay for the manicure. Hope you and your family have a fantastic 2012!!!!! Wishing health, happiness, love and warm noses (that one was for Paco and Kip) as we move into 2012!!

  14. I love your hula girl. I'd place her on my desk at work to entertain me while I plod away all day.


  15. Paco is such a ham! Love him.

    Yay for getting a mani! Whenever I go after a long spell without, they usually cut them much shorter than I want -- but I realize after a couple of weeks that they evened them out which lets them grow straighter and stronger. So I live with stubby for a bit because the payoff is worth it. :)


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