Monday, November 21, 2011

I Got Nuttin'

Seriously.  My brain is just swirling with so much stuff I need to do that I can't think straight enough to write a coherent post.  What follows is just a brain dump - maybe it will help get me thinking clearer.  I'm sure it will be mostly boring and I apologize in advance.
  • When did beef get to be so expensive?  $4.29 a pound for stew meat?!?  Damn.  I haven't bought meat in a long time, obviously.
  • I have to work on keeping a calmer face when people ask to see several items at the jewelry store and then BUY THEM ALL.  The first time, a guy looked at three charms and then said "I'll take them" - I was like "ALL of them???"  By the time a lady looked at and bought three different pairs of earrings, I was much more nonchalant.  Inside, though, I was all, dang!
  • I do admire people who can decide, just like that, on gifts.  Takes me longer, plus you know I have to find the best deal.
  • Last year it did not bother me to stand for four or five hours.  This year?  Different story, and it's not just my post-surgery ankle that's aching, it's both feet and legs.  What's changed?  I'm not training for a half marathon.  Apparently all those miles each week gave me stamina for a sales job.  Who knew???
  • One year ago on this date, I ran my first half marathon.  So far, it's been my only half marathon.  I miss the body that came with that kind of training.
  • I've started my Christmas decorating.  One thing I've realized, is that if I don't do it when the mood strikes, it doesn't get done.  So the tree is up (I know, crazy, but please see previous sentence) and my pictures are swapped out.  Hey, it's a start!
  • Beginning with the beef stew I made yesterday, I will cook more in the next week than I have in the last six months.  What a concept, this "cooking" thing. 
 Shockingly, I remembered how to chop vegetables!
 Annnd, we have beef stew!
 Dis for me, right?


  1. IM a gift decider.
    a look at and KNOW and buyer


    then I always see the gifts Ive decided on offered more cheaply later :)

    theres no happy medium.

  2. I love Paco drewling over the stew LOL. Bella gets fresh meat since a couple of months. The day care where I bring her provides that and Bella loves it.

    We have something called "Sinterklaas" here, it's kind of Santa Clause: children get gifts. This is on December 5th and most people put up the Christmas decorations after December 5th. I'm not sure yet if I put up a tree this year, didn't last year and didn't miss it. Maybe I just stick to some Christmas decorations without a tree. But it won't be before the weekend of December 10th that I start with it.

    Weird about your legs and feet, could be that last year they were stronger of all the running but hey I'm no expert :)

  3. I totally get the brian dump feeling. Sometimes I find it hard to write about body/health stuff when I'm busy thinking about lots and lots of other things. The blog MAKES me remember to think about my body.

    There will be another half marathon soon for you!

    And I am the SAME WAY when people buy lots and lots of stuff. I've worked numerous sales jobs, and whenever it happens I want to yell out yipee, like they were buying the stuff for me - which just isn't true. : (

  4. Maybe the shock you feel at those large sales is the fact that the economy really isn't that great and you've got to wonder where people get the money to be that spendy?

    I'm right behind you with the tree. If I had my way I would have bought a pre-lit artificial tree this year but Mr. Helen and Little Helen overruled me. So we are going Friday to get the real thing. That's about as early as I can remember ever getting our tree but if we don't go we'd end up with no tree at all as every weekend in December is already full up.

  5. I loved your brain dump Shelley, oh and Paco, how adorable!
    I felt the same way last week, didn't blog for days, just wasn't feeling it ;-).
    The stew looks yummy!

  6. Brain dumps can make for great writing and reading.

    If our house gets any Christmas bling it has to be this week. We will be in and out traveling, so if I want to enjoy my house looking festive, now is the time - where is my energy? Ah, off to put on a Pandora Christmas music station.

  7. Haha on the brain dump. I do that in the morning when John gets up and he gets that glazed over look!

    I was wondering how your ankle was holding up for you. It is still supported with a wrap or anything?

  8. Awww... that doggie! :D

    I was wondering how your foot is healing? Do you have pain still?

  9. Mmmm beef stew. Love Paco's cameo!

  10. LOL Most of my posts are brain dumps. ;)

    Paco! Did you share? He's so cute. How can anyone resist that cute face?!

    I can't believe the Seawall Half was a year ago!! OMG! Wow. It'll happen again. Can't wait.

  11. If it were up to me I would also have holiday decorations up! :)

    I make a mean beef stew with all the stuff you have there, except for the broth its just 3 cans of V8 juice (or 1 spicy V8) and 2 regular. I love it.

    I just bought pork stew meat at the store - I don't know what I am going to do with it yet though!

  12. I wish I could start decorating now - my husband doesn't even want to see a Christmas ornament until after December 10th, and would prefer that everything be put away on December 26 - such a scrooge!

    Although I usually bring out one snowman a day starting the day after Thanksgiving!

    I usually don't buy "stew" meat, just buy an inexpensive roast and cut my own chunks - tastes the same! :D

  13. I did a post about my half marathon today too. Give it a read if you get a chance and maybe you can shed some insight how you warded of the insane starvation feelings???? I would love to know!


  14. Wow Shelley, for a post where you say you got nuthin', you had lots to say!! LOVE the pic of Paco and ths stew. OMG, he's so freakin' cute. So sorry standing is a bit of a challenge. Wish I had an invisible stool to send down so you could sit between customers and nobody would know! Take care!!!!

  15. LOL, glad you remembered how to chop vegetables!

    I usually go Christmas shopping with a general list, so once I find the right item I want I go fast. I can see myself knowing when I walked into the store to buy necklaces for a couple of people, finding the right one and just snapping them up. It might look like an impulse decision, but it's not! :)


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