Monday, November 14, 2011

Food Neutral

The paleo diet is going round blogland right now, with Helen and Biz, among others, trying it.  I have to say that I'm a bit envious of them, because I've seen it work with a lot of people.  However, I'm not envious enough to make the effort to try it...and while I could stand to lose some weight (my clothes are telling me so), I had to think on WHY, exactly, I'm not willing to give it a try.

For one, can't figure out how to make eating Greek yogurt twice a day fit into the paleo plan.  Seriously, on many days, I have yogurt and my homemade granola for breakfast AND dinner.  I really have gotten out of the habit of preparing an evening meal with Jeff traveling so much.  And yes, much of this is laziness based on not wanting to bother with cooking for just me, but it's also made me see something:  I've become, for the most part, food neutral.  Over the past few months, I've realized that I just don't get very excited about food.  Sure, a Scotty P's chili cheeseburger sounds great, but I live over three hours from that restaurant, and I don't want one bad enough to either try and recreate it myself, or try out all the burger joints in town to see if theirs is comparable.

I get hungry, I eat.  I keep a stock of basics on hand - Greek yogurt, apples, hard-boiled eggs, granola, chicken - and during the week, this suits me just fine.  Occasionally I meet a friend for lunch and I get my salad fix, and on the weekends, we eat a real meal for dinner (and of course frozen yogurt - I'm neutral, not dead!), but otherwise, this is where I'm at, and it's comfortable.  Sure, paleo might make me lose it faster, and I'll be the first to admit, that is VERY appealing, but it's a lot more work than I am willing to put into it at the moment.

So while I'm super proud of the work that my friends are putting into the paleo challenge, and the results they are getting, it's just not for me - right now, anyway.  Of course, after all of my protestations about "I'll never run" and "I'll never swim" (but really, I'll never do a tri!), I've learned to never say never about anything, so who knows...


    I get that
    I believe that
    I always remind myself when people try to sway me only out of love and their posts :) I know what works for me...

  2. I understand exactly where you're coming from. I've been trying to lose this weight for a long time now. Every time I'd try something, someone would tell me how it's not good for me and how I should try something different. Right now, I'm just counting calories. I've only been back at it a week. But I feel a lot better because I am doing what works for me. I am always open to look at other things. Maybe I will check it out and see if it's something I can do. But with working night shift, I have to have tons of low calorie snacks to get me through. Congratulations on your weight loss. Hopefully one day I can finally say I'm comfortable where I am. Currently not the feeling. Have an awesome day.

    ~~ Shawn

  3. I'm not doing Paleo but something similar. What I read about Paleo is that it's more strict than what I'm doing but it's both low carb. You should try what I do :) I can have greek yogurt for breakfast (okay not a big portion) with nut muesli and if I want to I can have a portion as big as I want at my carb hour (usually dinner).

    But I've learned over the years that not everything works the same for everybody (which is a good thing otherwise it would be boring right?) and if this is not for you, don't do it. It takes courage to admit that.

  4. Well, I think we've been on this journey long enough, Shelley, to know that "another diet" isn't really the answer. Yes, it's enticing to want to try something different to change things up. I love me some food experiments! LOL! But, if you know it won't be a "lifestyle", then sustainable weight loss won't be the result. Not to mention the additional feelings of failure that inevitably go along with it. That's just my 2 cents :)
    Kudos to you for KNOWING THYSELF. It's half the battle!

  5. I have to admit Shelley, it's a bit hard to follow this diet - can you believe I haven't had cheese in 8 days! (yes, I am counting!).

    I followed the plan, only had 3 glasses of wine on Saturday (and 3 glasses total for the week!), and it showed a gain of .4 for the week.

    I do feel muscles I haven't felt for a while, so I guess that's good?

    Happy Monday! Um, you should really try to recreate a chili burger at home - sounds amazing!

  6. I follow a primal diet, a bit more forgiving than strict paleo. I don't have a problem with nuts or dairy and see no reason to give them up. I couldn't imagine coffee without HnH!

    There's a gazillion ways to lose weight and live a healthy just need to find the plan that is right for you.

  7. Rich really doesn't have us following super strict Paleo... there are a couple of exceptions. I found it very hard the first week but by the weekend it was getting easier. I also got phenominal scale results so I'm sure that helps me to suck it up :D

    Still, knowing yourself is probably the best gift you can give yourself.

    Although when I come visit? We are NOT eating yogurt two times a day. I'm going to show you how to feed yourself when your hubby is gone! ;)

  8. Shelley - I remember awhile back you posted about being over dieting. It seems like your lack of desire to try the Paleo diet is right on track with your attitude about living life as you are now. Once you are running again, the few pounds that are sitting between you and your pants will melt away. A diet is a diet is a diet. You have come so far, and know what works for you. Of course the Paleo diet sounds good - but could you do that forever? Now, Greek Yogurt and granola on the other hand...

  9. there's a huge lesson to be learned do what's RIGHT FOR YOU...and you definately don't need to defend yourself. There's some crazy diets out there, trust me I've been on many wagons ;-).

    Good for you Shelley!

  10. Hi Shelley! Finally checking in and trying to fix my blog. Sounds like you're doing great!!

  11. i just heard about paleo this past weekend -- anything overly restrictive never works for me... but kudos to those dedicated to it!

    hiya – newest follower here! found your awesome blog via maren @ from cow to wow & her blog roll.
    your blog is ahhh-may-zing!
    come by & say hi if ya like…
    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  12. Well you know me. I think I'm the opposite of food neutral--what would that be? But for the same reasons as you I don't want to try paleo. Gonna try to incorporate a little more protein this week and see how I do with that.

    LOL at Helen''s comment. I'm off to see what she has to say this morning!

  13. I don't even know what the paleo diet is! All I know is that I've tried dieting and restricting myself from so many things.. and I've failed every time. Now I'm eating "regular" food, in healthier portions .. and losing weight. I have time, don't need any speed diet to get where I want to go - because I'm getting there comfortably!

  14. I'm like Debby - opposite of food neutral! I love to browse recipes and come up with ideas. My problem is no time with work and all.

    You can always try a day or two a week of Paleo or Primal (and keep your yogurt). You know, to test drive it and know that you don't have to stick with it.

    Can I say that I am hating the terms paleo, primal, primarian, ancestral eating? Ugh.

  15. Strict paleo isn't for me. I have found that including dairy (paleo no-no) for protein from Greek yogurt and real cream in my coffee and cheese works just fine thanks. I go "primal-ish" I guess, which is the no grains, starch, sugar.

    I'm still convinced that whatever works FOR THE LONG TERM individually is what is best. Nutrition science sucks.

  16. Just want to clarify that I know cream has no protein. I am not afraid of fat in my diet. Gotta edit closer before I hit publish button.

  17. Paleo - Primal - PRATKINS...
    Atkins + Primal...
    you gotta do what works for you, right!?

  18. It does look tempting to try. But give up cheese?! My world would stop spinning! LOL

    Like Anne said: what works for you!

  19. I've been saying this a lot lately...for every expert (study, plan, program), there is an equal and opposite expert (study, plan, program). In the end? We're our own experts...WE know what's best for us. We've all got different body chemistries...that's why some of us thrive on vegan and some of us thrive on Paleo and some of us thrive somewhere in between :-)

  20. I've gotta say, I don't think Paleo is sustainable, just like Atkins or whatever else is going around. I have a feeling that once one stops eating Paleo they gain. Also the body NEEDS carbs, and way more so than most people give their bodies. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating the healthy things you like, and including fro yo in your diet. I hope this makes sense and doesn't seem like an attack on paleo eaters - for me, it just doesn't seem like a long term thing!

  21. I like WW and it works great for me---last time I tried to eat more earlier in the day and by 7 at night I was starving. I tend to eat more of my calories later, but that's my life. I have managed to work in breakfast though.

    I'm not sure that I could do Paleo. I'm a fruit nut!

  22. I think food neutrality is an absolute triumph! Disconnecting from the emotional dependencies is a key element to success regardless of whatever other dietary discipline you want to (or not want to) take on in the future.

  23. Amen to you Sista!! I have a few friends that are doing some sort of cleansing diet. I wish them all kinds of success, but have no desire to put in that kind of effort.

    Just going to keep on keeping on with what I know works best for me when I work it. Real food and my daily walks. Lost 100 lbs that way, so I did something right, right??

    Might need to really watch the "real foods" thing better (Dr told me today that I really need to loose 20 more pounds. Dude, if you had only seen me over 3 years ago) Anyway, I know what to do, I just need to be a bit more vigilant. The weight will come off. I have proved I can do it, so I have faith it will!!

  24. HI Shelley, yay for doin' what is best for you! THAT is the sign of a healthy life. (I'm much better at moderation not deprivation myself....) Hat's off to those on the plan, and to those who know it isn't for them. YAY all of us!!

  25. Lots of good advice in here, so there is nothing for me to say except to cheer you on, as always.

    However, can you guys do me a favor and do some blog posts on how Helen shows what to eat when your husband is away? I need help with that too! :)

  26. What you have works for you. You have a lifestyle not a diet. Stick with the lifestyle it will keep you healthier.


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