Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Surgery Update

I'm alive!  Writing this on Tuesday evening, still dealing with some nausea off and on every few hours...apparently if you are prone to motion sickness (of which I am the queen, unfortunately), general anesthesia can make you feel sick.  Blech.  Kelly picked me up some saltines along with my pain meds, and that has helped.  Anyway, onto the surgery.

It went well.  I'm a little foggy on the couple of hours after the surgery, but the doctor went in with a camera first (which I knew he was going to do) and saw not only the bone chips but a bone spur on the ankle, so he ground that down (sounds like woodworking to me) and also removed the chips.  He said that the cartilage looked about 95% great, so sounds like not too much permanent damage was done - woohoo!  The best thing was that while in the recovery room, he came in and put a walking boot on me - not that I'm supposed to be walking on it, mind you, but it's much more protected should I accidentally put some weight on it.  Now - when will it stop hurting?  Million dollar question.  'Cause it's not feeling too good right now.

A few pictures of my lovely day, thanks to Kelly:
Waiting to be called back to the pre-op area.  Not nervous at all!
Last shot of my wonky ankle - I wonder if it won't be so pointy and prominent now that the bone spur is gone.  The great unwrapping of the bandages in a week or so should be interesting.
Bleary-eyed - why do they have to start things so early in the morning?  Quite the fashion plate in my lavender gown and teal socks.
 OK, this hurt - the IV in my hand was painful if I moved my fingers in the slightest.  I was looking forward to being put under so I wouldn't feel it anymore!
Home.  Kelly got me settled in bed and headed out to do the drug run.  Paco laid on my stomach and was a little concerned - he kept looking from my foot to my face.  Not the greatest picture since I used my cell phone, but seriously, this was my view for a while!
Later on, I removed the boot for a while so I could ice it better and discovered that my leg was tan!!!  So THIS is what I would look like with a spray tan!  I kinda like it!  This was the stuff that they prepped my leg with - I'm assuming some sort of strong anti-bacterial something?  Anyway, it was cool. :)
I can't tell you how much it pleased me to know that the socks they gave me matched my toe polish!  Why yes, I do take delight in the small things!

Finally, I just want to tell you all how much your comments and personal emails have meant to me - I am overwhelmed by the support of our blogging community - heck, Kelly and I became friends through blogging, and that crazy girl drove up from Houston to take care of me!  You guys are the best.  Big hugs to all of you!


  1. I'm so glad everything went well Shelley and wish you a speedy recovery and I keep my fingers crossed for the day you come here to announce: I can run again!

    (speaking of which, if you have time check my latest post, you are going to be surprised by my decision)

    Paco is so so cute how concerned he is for you. I love that dog!

    And Kelly is the best too! Although I bet that if Helen lived closer she would do this for you too. The blogging community is the best.

    Take care Shelley, rest, rest, rest.

  2. Yay - glad it went well. Let the healing begin!

  3. I hope your nausea goes away soon! That's the worst! I'm glad everything went well for you and that even in your post-surgery state, you still maintain your fashion standards :-)

  4. It really is the little things! I can just see a nervous Paco going back and forth. Cute, worried, little dog.

    Now go on, feel better!

  5. Yey! I'm so glad it went well. Can't wait to hear about the recovery process.

    Also - fabulous pedicure! It is perfectly Shelley!

  6. Only you would think its great that your socks matched your toe polish!!

    Glad things went well, I was thinking of you yesterday - just take it easy - the next couple weeks will hopefully fly by for you.


  7. Awwww Paco is so worried about his mommy.

    I say the doctor fixed you up good, no more pointy ankle and running is just around the corner. That's the vibes I'm sending you my BIF.

    I had to chuckle at the sock/toes. Only YOU would go into surgery and manage to come out matchy. Love it!

  8. Hope you're feelinng even better this morning!
    It totally cracked me up that your toenails matched your socks. And the gown was purple!!!! How did they know? Did you call in advance to see what the attire would be? ;-)

    Glad Paco is there to keep you company. He's such a cutie.

  9. I've been thinking about you. You wrote a freaking blog the day of surgery. That's commitment or boredom already. I am looking forward to lots of blogs from you for the next few weeks.
    I think the sock and the gown should be featured in Fashion Friday.
    Hope you are slowly feeing less pain.
    Oh, by the way, I hate IV's in the hand, what a pain, literally.

  10. Glad your surgery went well, Shelley! Speedy healing to you!

  11. Glad you are doing ok! I have thought of you! Keep taking it easy!

  12. Wow, super blogger reporting in on the same day as surgery!!! SO glad to hear from you and hear it went well.

    Ick to the nausea. Hope it goes away soon. Fortunately they didn't do general anesthesia with my hand.

    Paco---sooo sweet. Sophie says, "hi Paco." (she told me he is a dreamboat, but not to tell anyone she said it. Queen's appearances and all that stuff.)

    Those boots are great, all my friends love them.

  13. I'm so glad things are going well so far after surgery! And poor little Paco is such a good boy!

  14. I'm glad it all went well. Hears to a quick recovery!

  15. So glad it went well! Get well soon. Can't wait to see the after pics minus the pointy-ness.

  16. The socks and toenails are a hoot!

    Damn the nausea! Folks who are prone to sea sickness are more likely to get post-op nausea. If you are still having a lot of problems, my sweetie (the anesthesiologist) says to get your doc to write a script for a scopolamine patch to wear. (Be sure to do this if you have ever another general anesthesia. Wait, she is yelling to make certain you don't have glaucoma. LOL)

    Thinking of you!

  17. I'm glad you're okay...hope the pain subsides soon :)

  18. Glad everything went ok. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  19. Paco is such a great convalescent partner! And so is Kelly for helping you out. A good friend indeed.

    Speedy recovery and hope the nausea goes away soon.

  20. Glad you are on this side of the surgery..

    Love the pedi, and of course I just looove Paco hangin' tight to Mama.

    My best sweet girl,

  21. I'm glad that you are doing well. Hang in there!

    Rose in SV

  22. Glad to hear you are doing better. Paco just loves you. How sweet.

    Be good to yourself. Keep healing.

  23. Healing is afoot!
    Keep getting better!

  24. Hi Shelley! SOOOO glad to hear all went well, and you are already on the road to recovery! Won't be long before you are on the road running!!! LOVE that Paco is taking on the role of "Nurse Paco" and giving a supportive snout and cuddle! Your blue toes are a perfect accessory to the blue socks. VERY fashion forward!! Thanks for the update, keep us posted how things are progressing. Take care.

  25. Glad you're doing okay!

  26. Glad things went well. Hope you're up and running soon.

  27. more than ANYTHING HERE I adore that Kelly drove to you.
    That touched me beyond compare.



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