Monday, October 10, 2011

Outtakes with Paco

I have a cute dog. OK, I might be a bit biased in that opinion, but really, how can you resist this face:

So naturally, I take a lot of pictures of him.  Hey, it's not like I have small children hanging around anymore to photograph!  I work with what I have.  And what I have is a fun dog who knows the sound of the camera being turned on, and likes to jam his body into as many shots as he can.  You normally see the good pictures on this blog.  But for every good shot, there's at least 10 bad shots.  Today?  I'm giving you a behind-the-scenes look at Photography With Paco...the Outtakes™.

Remember my Fashion Friday with Janell's cowl?  Paco LOVED that cowl.  So I indulged him by kneeling down to let him sniff it.  While this shot was OK:
The next one?  Was more realistic:
Please note my lips sealed shut as Paco attempts to get up close and (too) personal!

The next series?  He kept jumping up (and not facing the camera, darn him!):
He really, really liked the cowl.  Have I mentioned that? ;)

OK, cowl removed (I was getting hot) - maybe now he'll focus?
Still smellz like Bella...

But finally, I got a cute picture - of course, he surprised me when he jumped onto my lap, but cracked me up when he turned as the camera did the last three quick beeps before the shutter snapped:

This is a more normal shot:
Camera!  Camera!!  Camera!!!

I swear, one second before this, he was calmly posing next to my face...then, he HAD to lick me - this is my avoidance pose:
Distracted by a dust bunny?  Again, he WAS looking at the camera!
OK, I gave up on him and tried to get a shot of my curly hair...but look who snuck in the background:
This time, he got me - you can still see him licking his lips.  Apparently I taste good.
Me and Paco - he's a nut, but he's MY nut.


    and yours.
    and hows the ankle feeling?!

  2. Shelley I got the biggest smile on my face you can imagine. You know I love Paco, he's so damn cute.

    I take a lot of pics of Bella too, dogs are so cute.

    Too bad Bella is fixed, wouldn't it be great to try to get little Paco's and Bella's? Wonder what kind of dogs that would be ....

    Thanks for making me smile and give Paco a big hug from me.

  3. Yay for Paco and his outtakes. I think one of my favorite ones is the one where you were trying to take a photo of a product you were reviewing and Paco was "relieving himself" in the the background lolol!

    I bet he's being great company for you while you recuperate.

  4. Both Paco and his owner are dang cute :) How's he treating you and your ankle?

  5. I LOVE PACO! I am biased about my fabulous pup, too, but that doesn't take away from the Paco love. I bet he is the best companion during your recovery (besides your hubby).

    Man, having a dog makes like so awesome!

  6. Sophie: SWOON. I'll take Paco over Helen's television boyfriend any day!

    Debby: This was so fun to see. You know I've got a few of those 'candid' shots too. LOL at pursing the lips to keep from being invaded.

  7. I am jealous of your hair - mine is straight as a board - even when I got perms as a teenager they would only last a week at most.

    Love Paco!!

  8. Hee hee - so cute! You know they say never to work with kids or animals :D

  9. Paco has got such a personality :)

  10. I take a lot of pictures of my dogs too! My big boys just don't do as many cute things as they used to ;-) Funny how hard it is to get one great shot of a dog, seems they are always looking in the wrong direction at the time! Thanks for sharing and I hope your foot is healing well and you are in less pain.

  11. OMG Shelley, these pictures are hilarious. Paco is adorable. Hope the healing is going well. Take care.

  12. PACO!!!! He's great!
    I love how his tail is a blur in most pictures. He's such a happy dog. BIG personality. :)

  13. Oh my, that dog was to.die.for. :)

    I really just wanted to drop you a comment to say that you look stunning! What a fantastic job you have done! I've only just recently started my own weight loss journey, and you are a true inspiration!

    All the best,
    Maren in Norway

  14. Love that you post puppy pics! I have a zillion pet pictures - more than of my human family. Maybe it's because the pets don't run when they see the camera?

    Stay off that ankle! Two weeks is forever, believe me I know.

  15. You are pretty funny, you and your sweet sidekick.

  16. Gorgeous! (Both of you!)



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