Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Pretty/Gross Edition

I'm going to start with some pretty pictures - and just in case you don't want to see the shots of my ankle during surgery and how it looks now, I'll tell you when to stop scrolling, ok?

Anyway, I have been completely spoiled by friends and family during my recovery from ankle surgery.  From flowers sent by both my parents and Helen:

Not the greatest shots of either, but hey, I was on crutches and woozy!  Still, they were both so pretty and I loved them!

To the bag of goodies Kelly brought me, all to help me get back to running, and of course the basket of presents from my mom that I have been opening once a day (ok, once day I opened two):
 A wide variety of fun!  Also opened (and consumed) was a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans.
 I am loving the fake mustaches!  We will have to do a fun family shot with them come Thanksgiving.  And you know I'm dying to try out the glasses and clown nose on Paco!
 Love these earrings!  I wore them to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  Nothing like a new pair of earrings to make you feel good!
Hat from Kelly, socks from my's like they KNOW me or something... :)

To the cards, emails, comments, texts, and even well-wishes from the Queen:
Queen Sophie, that is!  I hope to have an audience with her next time I'm in California.  Oh, and visit with her mom, too!

Even my pool buddy, Nancy, has been calling, and the other night she came by to take me out to dinner.  I answered the door and she was holding one of those energy-efficient light bulbs in her hand...I thought, wow, that's a different get-well gift!  Then I got a closer look:
 It's a stress ball!  She said she (rightly so) figured I could use it.

All of this has been wonderful and I've appreciated it so, so much!


Ankle update:  My visit to the doctor was a whirlwind as usual.  I chose this doctor because of his reputation as an expert with ankle issues, but he is all business and a fast-talker.  Luckily I had my friend Erica in the exam room with me, and afterward, she wrote down his timeline for me because we were getting confused.  So the good news is that it's looking like it's supposed to, which is bruised and swollen.  I'm still in the boot, although he said I could stop using the crutches.  Which I did, but boy howdy, it really hurt.  So for another few days, I'll still use them.  I am to continue to rest the ankle for another two weeks, and then, around October 26th, I can swim!  Yay.  At the moment, I still can't drive, because of the boot, and even if I tried it without the boot, what if I had to slam on the brake?  Not a good scenario, so I'm pretty much confined to the house, which is (mostly) OK, since it keeps me resting.

I can go for a brisk walk at the six week point - which is November 15th - and YES, that date is marked on my calendar!  If, the day after said walk, I wake up with no pain, then I can slowly start adding some running intervals in!  Woot woot!!!  I am excited about that...BIG TIME.  Fingers crossed that this timeline all works out.

OK, if you are squeamish, now is the time to stop scrolling.
Here's what my leg looked like on Wednesday, just after the stitches were removed:
I was surprised to see where the incisions were - the one on the right was where the camera went in, and the one on the left was where the instruments went in.  Erica said that it looked like a giant snake bite!
Swollen and bruised on my foot and even going up my shin.  No wonder it hurts!

Nifty surgery shots - the doctor gave me my own set.  He also went over each shot with me, but quite rapidly, so I'm not much help in deciphering these:
All kinda gross, if you ask me!
Close up of my damaged cartilage - he said that it's not too bad.
This is where he ground down the bone spur - said that it was impinging on the other bone, basically rubbing bone-on-bone because the cartilage was worn down.  He seems to think that this will solve all of my ankle problems - I sure hope so!

I never thought that, last January, I'd be recovering from surgery, but at this point if it gets me running again, it will have been well worth it.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I fractured my foot last year in June and lived in a boot for a month. I never realized how active I was until I had to lug around that weight on my leg! ;-) You'll feel great once you can start moving again. November 15th seems like its far away-but it will be here before you know it.

    Your flowers are lovely!!

  2. Beautiful flowers, great gifts and from an RN's point of view, the ankle looks fabulous......I'm impressed. If I ever need ankle surgery I'll be in touch!!

  3. What lovely care packages! I hope this surgery really did the trick for you!

  4. How nice to get packages and flowers like that. Sure makes you feel loved, huh? :) I hope your recovery continues!

  5. Sweety you have been spoiled but you know what: you totally deserve it because you're one of the sweetest persons I know.

    That's all good news from the doctor. I'm counting the days with you till you can take that walk, I think we all do.

    Rest and recover for now my friend. It will be November 15th before you know it.

  6. Keep up the good recovery, Shelley! The recap of your brisk walk on the 15th of November is going to be AWESOME. Can't wait to read it.

  7. Countdown til November 15th commences! After my wedding, I will need a new something to countdown to so I'm picking your walk :-)

    Thanks for sharing those surgery pics...they are sooooo cool!

  8. So nice that you received lots of extra love while you recuperate. Mom's are great at putting together care packages aren't they?

    It's going to be November before your know it... hang in there!

  9. Love all the loot and the flowers are so pretty. While I know its hard to not be able to drive, resting is just what you need - and so glad you may be back in the pool by the end of the month!

  10. My dad was a hand surgeon and back in the day they used slides. There were open hand slides all over our house, piles and piles of them. These pictures are NUSSIN (if you read Drazil, you'll get that reference).

    You got great gifts; must be that people love you!

    I can't wait to hear about that first little run!!!

  11. Wow, lots of good loot!

    The queen would be pleased to give you an audience.

    And the pictures--not that gross. Is the bone spur that little messy outcropping, or is it the whole round thing?

  12. You are very well supported over there!! Love all the get well swag! :)

    Sending you lots of healing vibes!

  13. I think your ankle looks pretty good! Isn't it great to be on the mend side of the surgery knowing every day it will get better and better?

  14. Between the goodies and all the good vibes, that ankle has no choice but to get better quickly! (You hear that, ankle? Get better!)

  15. After all this suffering (except all the goodies and flowers and gifts and niceties from everyone) I sure hope you are able to run with ease come January. I think your ankle looks swell.

  16. Those photos are really cool. It will be great to have you running again in this nifty socks your mom gave you. Have a restful weekend.

  17. Hi again Shelley! I just had to comment on your IKEA-comment in my blog.. I totally get where you're coming from. However...... my name - Maren - is the name for a TOILET SEAT at IKEA. I kid you not! I could have been a beautiful bookshelf or a cabinet, but no. A toilet seat! :D

  18. Hi Shelley. BIG BIG yay on your recovery (and being spoiled!!) I found the photos really facinating and not gross at all. Keep getting better, you'll be out running again in NO time!!

  19. late to this as I was traveling but had to add again how I love the way the blog world has rallied around your recovery.

  20. Awww, look at all the great gifts your friends are sending. Good for you, and how nice of them. You are a good friend to them too!

    My sister had similar pictures after she had knee/miniscus surgery; it's amazing how just those little scrapes can cause us so much trouble, isn't it?


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