Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Massive Randomness

I *may* have mentioned it a time or three, but Texas has been in a terrible drought.  My town has not had rain since June 22 - that is, until the awesome force of my yoga class brought it on Wednesday evening, when we did the (rain) dancer pose...and sure enough, the skies darkened, the wind whipped up, and the lightening sirens went off in the park we were at.  It wasn't a deluge, it wasn't a downpour, but it WAS rain, and it was beautiful.  Bryan/College Station, you can thank Prana Yoga. ;)
Not us, as there is no ocean in my town.  But this is what the dancer pose looks like...and I actually DID IT without having to hold onto the light pole!


Last weekend, when we were up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (side note:  why am I either in B/CS or D/FW?  What's up with the two-town situation???), we ate at what has become my favorite hamburger place in Texas (had to clarify that because my favorite in California is Aptos Burger) - Scotty P's.  Holy yum, I die every time I eat their chili cheeseburger.  So amazing.  And maybe it's because I only get to eat there every once in a while (this was my third time ever), or maybe it's because their burgers are so dang good, or maybe it's just that I become a food-hoarding-chow-hound when I walk into the restaurant, but I do not split my burger with Jeff there.  Which is what I have no problem doing when we eat at our local burger joint in town on Friday nights.  But come between me and my Scotty P's chili cheeseburger, and you may just get a fork in your hand.  Diet blog?  What diet blog???


When our house was built, the builders left our backyard pretty much in the natural state, so there are a lot of mature oak trees and a bunch of scrub - smaller trees and bushes.  Very rustic, and we like it.  So do the squirrels and birds - we have a lot of cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, crows, doves, some tiny brown birds, and the occasional woodpecker.  I have a great view from my office, and it's always fun to see who's visiting the yard.  The other day, I was shocked to see this pretty guy:
Not the greatest photo, as I was inside and using the zoom lens, but you get the idea...

After emailing it to my mom, she said it's a Painted Bunting - and apparently it's rare to see one, so I feel pretty lucky!


Back to last weekend (I know, jump around much, Shelley?) - I thought that we'd actually have a visit to Sam's place and not have to go to Ikea - don't get me wrong, I love that store, but it's an event to get through it.  Turns out he was thinking about adding to his desk (which is the beauty of that system - you can change it without having to start over) and rearranging his bedroom, now that he'd lived with everything for a few months.  So.  Off we went.  And as we were blasting through the showroom, I checked on a headboard that he'd considered buying previously.  Would you believe it was marked down to $19.99?  A queen-sized birch headboard???  Would you believe he bought it?  Of course you would - he's my son, after all, and knows a good bargain when he sees one!
Yes, the bed is blocking the door to his balcony, but he's got another door in the living room.  Also?  I washed his sheets and made the bed - hey, once a mom, always a mom.


Fashion Friday has gone to the, feet!  As this week has been spent in either swimsuits or yoga clothes, I decided that you needed to see my latest pedicure color.  While blue is my go-to color of choice (with occasional forays into purple and orange), I have been wanting to paint my toes green, and last week, I did it (or rather, the guy at the nail salon did it).
Why YES, the toes *do* match my flip flops!

I noticed that they also match the color of Sam's car, and my yoga mat - actually, my instructor Kimberly also noticed that...ahhh, another kindred soul!  And while I didn't think to take a picture, I've been wearing my purple Athleta skort with a green t-shirt and the flip flops.  You know, I think I would have done quite well back in the day when women matched their pocketbooks to their shoes!


Well, we are looking at a high on Saturday of 107 degrees.  Yay.  I'm planning on getting out early with my cowbell and cheering on the full marathon runners in my running club, who are doing their longest run to date - 13.1 miles.  Yes, a half marathon.  Only with no medals or fanfare.  So I'll be their fanfare.  Color me impressed that they would run that far with no finisher's shirt, or medal, or goodie bag - this is just another distance on their journey to 26.2 miles.  Incredible and amazing, and remember, they are doing this when the starting temperature will be around 80 degrees, and it will likely be close to 90 by the time most are finished.  Ah-mazing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Im planning to hide inside all saturday, hold my new kindergartner and cover myself with ice while sipping frozen protein shakes spiked with rum.


  2. I think I want a chili cheeseburger now LOL!

    We had those 100+ degree days for awhile but did get some relief...and because of Irene, we're not even going to crack 80 tomorrow! I will try to will Irene's rain your direction (but since you live south, that could be tricky)

  3. LOL at your green matchy-match toes! I would expect no less from you, my dear.

    I think eating a whole burger yourself -- from a place you have only been to 3 times -- is perfectly reasonable as an indulgence. Now, if you went there three times a week...

  4. Hi! I love dancer pose. Doesn't it make you feel athletic, artistic and pretty at the same time? Who doesn't like that.

    I love the matching toe nail polish. I'm thinking of shimmery blue for my toenails this weekend.

    :-) Marion

  5. I COMPLETELY understand about the no sharing of the burger. Most times I want to share with Mr. Helen but there are a few things that absolutely need to be mine, all mine!

    107 there, a hurricane here. Wanna run away together somewhere neutral with better weather?

  6. Don't you love hamburger places like that? I'm so glad that my favorite ones are a good distance away or I'd be in a lot of trouble. And having them as treats makes them just that much more tasty. :)

    I do love how you match everything. You were my inspiration when I ordered my swimming stuff. I thought about how you match things and tried to channel my inner Shelley. LOL

    Running a half without medals?! No goodie bags? Girl, the dollar store has cheap medals. Go get those poor runners some medals. They're $1. That's just a shame. That shouldn't happen.
    Oh and be sure to take pctures! :)

  7. That bird is so beautiful!

    Shelley if you eat that burger every once in a while, there's nothing wrong with that. You deserve to give yourself a little treat every now and then.

    I love the green toe nails, up till today I've been too much of a chicken to try green or blue on my nails :)

    That dancer pose was in my yoga workout last Sunday too. I didn't look as elegant as the person in the picture :)

  8. You are a dedicated cheerleader! It is so hot here I try not to out....period.

    Loved the green. Who knew it would match so much stuff.

    Gotta get back to yoga. You are really working the poses. Good for you!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. That green combo is awesome - of course, green is one of my favorite colors ;-)

    Pebbles was at IKEA then - did you see her? ;-)

    I'm glad (but jealous) that someone in Texas got some rain. Nothing here. Is your Mom a birder? Does she have a basic book to recommend on Texas birds? Seems I have a lot in my backyard, too.

    Great weekend. More cowbell.

  10. Wow, if I tried that pose, I would be sure to break or sprain multiple body parts. At 364 lbs, I think if I tried this pose right now I would be lucky if I could raise my leg higher than 6 inches without falling to the ground. I think I will save this picture and make it a goal to one day accomplish. When I can pose like that, I will be all kinds of fit.

    The burger sounds great, the heat not so much. August is my favorite month here in the Seattle area. It's our driest month. I think our high today should be 79.

    Love the nail polish! Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Hannah would love your toe color - its her favorite color!!

    You still crack me up with all of your matching!

    I am loving our temps - todays high is 80 and the lows at night are 55 - perfect sleeping weather (sorry for rubbing that in!)

    Have a great weekend Shelley!

  12. Shelley and Helen--run away to California!!! Our weather is soooo boring LOL. Actually its heating up out here too. 98 in the valley. But we could all head up to Lake Tahoe together!

    That bird is amazing--how cool to see so many different kinds.

    And the dancer pose? VERY impressive.

    You know what I think about the hamburger....

  13. lol. i matched my last pedicure color to the color of pants i was wearing to a funeral i was going to the following day.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I heard on NPR about your heat and feel bad for you guys. It sounds awful. Enough to melt off the green nailpolish.
    We might get to 85 degrees this weekend. I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt today. It's warm out there but mostly when I work on the fire road, toting branches and scrub-brush at lunchtime. (gotta do sumthin!)

    Love that painted butting. Leave it to your brilliant mother to know those birds.

    I'm not an Ikea person though I wouldn't shoot anyone who redid my kitchen with their stuff. Hope you are well. I have been remiss.

  15. I love the dancer pose, I feel your pain in that heat...UG!, and those are some seriously jaunty toes!! Happy Friday Shelley!!!!

  16. Um, two things...

    What about In 'N Out Burger in Cali? That's my fav...

    And 107, you've got to be kidding. Although we're in the 90s here in Oregon today. Hot is hot!!

  17. Damn I want a burger now.

    How cool on the bunting! I love wildlife and seeing different birds.

    I wish we could send you half of the rain we are going to get on Sunday (and we still would flood), but we can both do without the wind.

  18. Ikea- gives me hives. Used to love it, but can't deal w/ it anymore. I never know if the svank will match the kvnek and I get overwhelmed w/ all the options and pieces. Kids and I were talking about it today and #2 said "they are always like 30 min. away from anywhere and off a highway. Who stops on their way home from vacation and picks up a couch?" He is so funny.

  19. Oh I LOVE Scotty P's! Their steak soup is FAB and they have some good salads also. Plus their sweet potato fries are wonderful! I'm hungry. :)

    We got a little cool down here today. Hope you did too!

  20. Hey, Shelley,

    First, Laurie cracked me up; "I never know if the svank will match the kvnek." bhhahahaha

    And I am so with Kelly the Happy Texan "channeling her inner Shelley". I can totally relate.
    I'm a fellow pink lover, so I particularly think of you regarding my pink stuff.

    Like the shot of the green pedi. Couldn't help but notice those slender ankles, you athlete, you.

    As Mom of boys your guys age, I had to chuckle at your photo of the bed. I too feel the urge to wash their stuff and make beds and general clean up at my sons' home, but for the most part I do refrain. I don't think I could hold back though, if it was a new headboard celebration, y'know. [I have even had the urge to send an email reminding them to wash their bedding. haha. But I don't do that..]

    Fall is coming your way..


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