Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - Hot Yoga!

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned going to yoga lately - well, that's because until Monday night, I hadn't attended any yoga classes since I went to Senior Yoga.  What can I say - I just wasn't all that excited about that group - a little (actually, a lot) too much talking, not enough doing, for my liking.  Plus it was about an hour and a half class, and that was after I swam.  Talk about having exercise take up half the day!  While that particular class wasn't for me, I knew that yoga was - I just needed to find the right group.  And I think I have - while this might should weird to many of you, it's a hot yoga class that is currently being held outdoors at the park just up the street from my house!

I found this group through one of those local coupon deals - at $15 for 5 classes, I couldn't pass it up.  I even treated my running buddy Jenny to a coupon to lure her into coming with me...because really, who in their right mind would not only DO hot yoga, but do it outside, in the Texas heat, at 6:00 pm, which is usually when we reach the high temperature for the day? 

::raises hand::  Me, that's who!  And Jenny, and another woman, plus the instructor and a guy who is the instructor for the Tuesday/Thursday sessions.  And you know what?  It wasn't bad!  We were in the shade, and yes, it was hot - 101 when we started, and I'm sure the humidity had it feeling more like 105 or so.  But, as the instructor explained, the heat loosens up your muscles so there's less chance for injury.  And I like to think that this group is being energy efficient - no need to go into a studio and crank up the thermostat when you can let nature do that for you for free, right? 

Anyway, we did a lot of poses - most were standing, and I have to tell you, I was a shaking fool!  Even though I am pretty strong from swimming, holding some of these poses were tough.  I was a limp rag when we were done - the class lasted for 75 minutes, and another benefit I discovered from doing yoga in the evening was that I passed out when I went to bed!  Of course, I didn't stay asleep, but I'll take a few good hours of hard sleep any day, er, night!  The only thing I need to do is find a thicker yoga mat.  We were on concrete, and boy howdy, did I ever feel that coming through on my knees!  A trip to TJ Maxx or Academy should take care of that little problem.

So along with swimming 5 days a week, I'll be doing hot yoga at least one evening a week - probably two, because I really don't have an excuse not to...being that it only takes me a minute to drive there.  Can't beat that, right?


  1. I LOOVE hot yoga except for the length.
    I could do 75 even but all the class here are 90.

    that's too too long for this misfit.

    I shall hotyoga VICARIOUSLY.

    or at least be hot ;) here in TX and think about yoga.
    will that work?

  2. That sounds like a great class Shelley! And indeed why go inside when you can have it hot outside, right :)

    I found out couple of weeks ago we have yoga classes in my village too but I find it a bit too expensive so still thinking about it. But I like yoga too.

    Well done my girl.

  3. I could never do yoga outside...if a bee/wasp/hornet/other flying insect approached, I would immediately lose my pose and would turn into a track star :-)

  4. Yaaaaay yoga. One thing you can do re: the knee issue and flip a bit of your mat over so it's doubled up under your knee or bring a small towel to pad your knees (you can just move it aside after you're done using it). Be careful wit the mats from TJ Maxx etc, because sometimes they're not very sticky and you can slide around a lot, which is a pain in downward dog :)

  5. awesome! I want to do hot yoga but the studios here in munich are too far away from my house and we have been in the sixties so outside is not really "HOT". What kind of clothes do you wear for hot yoga at 100 degrees?

  6. It's so funny because my first thought was "how can she do hot yoga outside??!"" Duh - the Texas heat!

    I never went back to my yoga class either - not sure I will go to that one again, but maybe find a different one I might like - but it does kick your butt!

    Glad it helped you sleep for a little while!

  7. If you can't beat the heat join it. :)

    There is a hot yoga studio near me but I can't bring myself to try it.

    What do you wear to yoga?

    You're really getting in the exercise! Way to go, girl.

  8. I wouldn't be able to do hot yoga. Regular yoga makes me light headed, and heat makes me light headed, so combine the two and I would pass out immediately. But doing it outside sounds wonderful, any exercise is better outside if you ask me.

  9. I've never done yoga. I'm not sure why. I just envision soccer moms in cute matchy outfits and it makes me self-conscious. I know. My hangups. But, you make it sound fun. Maybe someday I'll get the nerve. I've never really done group fitness classes, except for TKD of course.

  10. OMG that's brilliant! Most people can't do any exercise when it gets this hot and you (and they) found a way to do exercise outdoors that you can't do UNLESS it's this hot.

    How green of you!

    And I double up on yoga mats and put one right on top of the other when I'm outdoors. Which isn't often.

  11. You know how I love my hot yoga!!! It's actually about the temp we have it in my class. 105-110 with humidity. I'm so glad you are doing it!!

  12. Sounds like a fantastic class Shelley. I do yoga 3 times a week, but have never done the HOT yoga...I think I'd pass out. I'd love to do yoga outside though! (maybe on a cooler day! :) ) Have a good one.

  13. I wish I could find time for yoga in my schedule. :( I've noticed while running this summer that the heat really helps my knees and just muscles in general. I don't have to warm up or stretch other than a walk before and after. The heat loosens me up naturally!

  14. I love it when there is just NO excuse...and yoga is SOOO good for the body and mind, great job, I know you'll keep it up!

  15. I just can't get into yoga. I keep trying it because I feel like I am supposed to like it LOL.

    I doubt I would do the hot yoga. This northern girl doesn't like the heat!

    Shelley - get some magnesium for sleep. Seriously.

  16. That sounds like an awesome class. I have only tried a yoga DVD and I was shocked at what a work out it was!

  17. Hot yoga. In Texas. In July and August. Daaaaaaaang.

    I bow to the master exerciser!

  18. I want to try hot yoga sometime. I'm waiting for one of those coupons to pop up in my area for me to try!


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