Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Mishmash

My jaw has been aching ever since I had that work done for my crown, so on Tuesday my dentist gave me a muscle relaxer to take ONLY at night "because it will make you sleepy."  Guess who is immune to the sleep powers of a muscle relaxer?  I was so disappointed.  I was also ready to pre-book a room at the Betty Ford clinic, because hello, if I find something that actually lets me sleep through the night, I'm gonna be all OVER it.  Alas, twas not to be.  He also gave me prescription-strength ibuprofen, and I think that's helping the soreness a bit.  One thing is for sure, I'm not eating like I normally do, although this is a hell of a way to diet!


Speaking of dieting, I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead the other night via Netflix.  While I loved seeing Phil, a really large man, go from being hugely overweight and depressed to a much healthier and happier person, I couldn't help feeling like the movie was one long commercial for a certain brand of juicer, which I will not name here because they don't need any more free publicity (but it's easy enough to figure out if you Google it).  And while I do believe in the benefits of fruits and vegetables, I couldn't help wondering how these people got protein in their diet.  I actually went to the movie's website (where, BIG SURPRISE (not) you could buy the juicer) and tried to take their "nutritional needs" profile, but you had to register, which I did, but it kept giving me an error message and quite frankly, they lost me pretty quickly with that.  I don't own a juicer, so obviously I don't juice, but really, wouldn't it be better for you to get the fiber and chewing sensation from just eating fruits and vegetables?


Paco has been driving me crazy lately.  The squirrels in my backyard romp and chase each other through the trees a lot, and he NEEDS to go bark at them.  So fine, I let him out.  He chases them for a while, then I let him back in.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Eventually, I get this:
 Soooo tired.  Don't bother me.  Dreamin' of squirrels.

But not before I'm ready to lock him in his crate.  I even took a little video of him barking at the squirrels to share my misery show you, but I decided to spare you the noise pollution.  Speaking of the squirrels?  Here is one of the trio:
And a little later, this is what he was doing:
Yes, even wildlife is getting tired of this heat!


File this either under A)  Too easily amused; or B)  Slightly loco.  Your choice.  I took this picture to show you that my earrings match my glasses, which matches my shirt.  I know.  How old am I, anyway?

I think the correct answer is B.


And now, it's time for a slightly different Fashion Friday - the Shopping With Shelley™ edition (a semi-regular feature, for when I remember to bring my camera with me on my shopping trips).  One thing that I did quite often while I was losing weight was to go try on clothes - rarely buying anything, but mostly to keep myself motivated - either "ooh, I'm in a new size!" (ok, that was usually when I bought something) or "a few more pounds and this will fit" - it was a cheap and fun diversion for me, and a complete thrill when I could finally shop in the normal sized clothing stores, too.  As I'm A) trying to get some weight off; and B) low on dough, I'm not buying anything, but I am having fun trying things on.  This week, I can tell that it's hot - every thing I was trying on was loose and flow-y.
This one dipped down in the back and felt really cool - perfect for summer.  There was a top layer of cotton lace that looked pretty cute, plus it tied in the back.
I have been stalking this top for a month now - I love the colors.  Unfortunately, it's still priced at $30, which is way too much, in my opinion.  Fortunately, everyone else seems to think so, as there are a bunch of them still at the store.  I keep hoping that one day I'll go in and it will be on the clearance rack.
This one was ok - I liked the colors, but I felt like the pattern accentuated the bulge on my stomach.

I also tried on some dresses at Target while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, but I only had my cell phone camera, and the shots came out really grainy.  Target once again was all over the place in their sizing - the dresses were all too big (I needed smalls - really?!?), yet the shorts?  Hah!  No go.  Ego checked, lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I'm the same way with night time cold medicine, it keeps me up all night!
    I love the purple top. Then again you look great in all of them :)

  2. I love the squirrels pictures. Our dogs have driven most of them out of our yard, but we do have a very persistent blue jay who sparks a lot of barking fits.

    And Target it wacky - I can be size X in the jeans and, in the exact same brand that supposedly follows the same sizing, I'm an X+2 in shorts. And the X+2 is tight.

    But since I loooooove the sundress and the work dresses I got there, I'll get over it.

  3. That is the funniest squirrel pic! Maybe he's tired from running away from Paco. :)

    I can not shop at Target. I've bought a couple of shirts but the sizes are bi-polar there and I never know what I'm going to get.

    Youshould get that $30 shirt! You could be rocking it right now. Of course I know I would deserve a good butt kicking if I talked you into buying it then it went on sale two days later. :)

    Sorry you're not getting sleep. Maybe Ambien? It has the opposite effect on me when I've tried it. I'm a party animal and don't remember anything the next day. I've heard a couple of scary stories that I'll spare you from.

    Oh, and I tried an all juice diet back in the day. Bought a fancy juicer and juiced for two weeks. Results? I GAINED weight!!! Hello, carbs.

  4. If you find that ever-elusive sleep wonder drug, I'll be your roommate at the Betty.

    Yea, even I feel sorry for the squirrels these days. It's too damned hot!

    As for Phil - well - his particular story touched me - I didn't see it as one long commercial. I didn't, however, go to the website either. That may have changed my opinion.

    Hope your toothy stuff feels better - that is one bad way to diet, sure 'nuf.

  5. Great fun post. The sizes at all the stores drive me crazy. I find a top or pants I like and take in three sizes so I won't have to keep going in and out of the dressing room. I like the blue top on you but I can't see the tummy bulge in the picture. I have that pooch too and it makes a lot of decisions for me. :)

  6. I love the last two tops you tried on - I probably have a half dozen similar to them, so much so that when Hannah and I go to the thrift store, and I find another similar one, she's like "Mom, put it back, you have too many already!"

    Maybe I'll do a fashion Friday next week with all of them! :D If we were neighbors we could share! :D

    Happy Friday Shelley!

  7. Paco loves his pillow so much! My dogs are driving me crazy because I can't leave the back door open due to flies and heat. They might have to get a dog door one day!
    You look great and I love that you stalk clothes. I do the same thing. Who wants to pay full price?!? Have a great weekend my friend! Stay cool.

  8. That is the BEST squirrel pic EVER!!!!! Hope you are able to sleep better soon! And LOVE the tops, especially the middle one. SOOOO pretty on you. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. And Paco....relax, they're only squirrels. :)

  9. LOVE the captions on your photos!

    My DH's miracle sleep drug is Melatonin.. Have you tried that? (Can you get it in the states?) Gives you wicket-crazy-vivid dreams, so consider yourself warned!

    As I drop weight my newest hobby has become shopping my closet to see how well my clothes of years past are fitting. I'm coming across dresses that I used to think "oooh, if i were x thinner, this would be hot", and now they're too big. That's a kickass feeling. I hope you feel Kickass about the work you've done, you look great!

  10. All cute tops, and I loved that your earrings matched your glasses matched your top. You are one funny lady. And was that a RED squirrel? We only have ugly gray ones here! Have a great w/e! Hope the jaw feels better soon.

  11. I love the squirrel passed out in the tress like a cat! You are funny. As for shopping, I bought quite a few Style Company cropped pants at Macy's one day sale last weekend for $9.99 each. Got some black and chocolate in different styles. I can wear them to work. I was excited to fit 14w, almost out of the plus section. Then I got some cute t-shirts from the underwear section on clearance that look like regular t-shirts to me for less than $5 each. I only like dirt cheap because I am finally shape shifting. Yeah.

  12. I may have to hit a Target if I can get into a small there.
    That Paco...why should you get relief from squirrels. That 2nd photo is nutty good.

    The answer is B - most definitely.

  13. OMG, I love the squirrel pics! Way too funny!

    Sizing can be so across the board that I have tried not to let it bother me....

  14. Seriously Shelley - we are twins. I watched the same movie on netflix the other night and thought the same exact thing! Juice fasting is fine for a few days, but you just cannot get enough protein that way long term.

    Seems to me you could make smoothies and at least get all the fiber and other goodies in the fruits and veggies.

    I really do admire the trucker, though. He certainly turned his life around.

  15. I haven't heard of that movie, I'll have to check it out. I could never survive just on juice - I need to chew on things. And juicers take out all of the fiber and pulp, blenders leave it all in. It doesn't sound healthy to lose weight that way.

    I take some Nyquil every night to help me sleep through my husband's snoring. I'm glad I'm one of the people it works for..

  16. I own a juicer and you can get plenty of protein from plant food. I usually make fresh juice and drink that after I run in the morning. You get enough calories and it keeps muscles from getting cramped (you get potassium from the bananas and pineapples are super for your body) Of course, it isn't the cheapest way to eat but it really is worth it.

  17. Bella en Paco are the same except in Bella's case the little miss wants to get outside to chase birds. Yeah right as if she ever catches one LOL.

    I love the second top the most, hope the price will go down a bit and you will be able to buy it.

    Have a great weekend sweety.

  18. We live next to a nature preserve and there are two squirrels that romp and play and chase each other in our back yard. One very hot day I spotted one of them on my patio under the covered part in the shade laying flat out with his limbs spread taking in all the cool the concrete had to offer!

    Love your mini fashion show!

  19. I laughed at your squirrel post on FB. Paco the Wonder dog always makes me smile.

    Keep stalking that $30 shirt, it's the cutest!

    Hope the jaw feels better soon. Muscle relaxer for a sore jaw...interesting. Not helping you sleep, even more interesting. How about a hammer to the head. I've found that works.

  20. Pre-book a room, haha!

    I think baby doll tops make me look pregnant, always, never fails (like that purple one...)

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Target sizing definitely is all over the place, but I love the finds I get there. I can usually end up with a good mix of fashionably polish and comfortable, since my favorite outfit is yoga pants and a cardigan hahah

  22. I never heard of that movie before Shelley. I'll have to check it out. I would like to juice. I have a juicer, but it sucks and you have to use a whole bag of carrots to get half a juice glass full of water.

    I've thought about the Jack La Lane juicer, but not sure if that's the same thing either...

  23. The purple one is my favorite of the 3, but I think you can do better overall.

    I've never heard of the documentary but based on your description it sounds more like an informercial! What a shame.

  24. I love love love that squirrel pic. That's exactly how I feel in this heat!


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