Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Kip Edition

Last Sunday I had Jeff take my annual bike pictures - that post will be up on Monday.  But here's a sneak peek:

Kip would not get out of the shot no matter how many times I tried to shoo him away.  So I finally picked him up and plopped him in my bike basket, thinking that would make him want to leave.  No...old Kippers just laid down and got comfortable!  So after a few pictures, I decided to take him for a little bike ride - would you believe that cat stayed in the basket the entire time???  Three laps around my street!  He is so passive - it's no wonder he broke his pelvis in what was probably a garage door coming down on him.  What a nut.


It's summer and the Watermelon War has broken out.  OK, maybe just in our house...but Jeff and I have both become addicted to watermelon.  There is nothing like cold watermelon for dessert on these days when it's still nearly 100 degrees AFTER dinner.  We buy a seedless one every four or five days and cut it up, storing it in some plastic containers in the fridge.  Well.  It seems that someone, and I'm not naming names here, but it isn't me, has no problem eating an entire container in the evening.  Which leads to someone else claiming another container as "hands off" because she would like to know that the melon is there when she wants it.  Yes, 27 years of marriage, and we are fighting over watermelon.  Maturity, we have it.


The watermelon thief and Kip.

Kip loves Jeff.  Every morning when he sits down to read the paper, Kip has to jump into his lap and keep him company.  The other night while we were grilling our dinner, Jeff sat down and instantly, Kip was right there.  And as I was outside taking pictures of the food on the grill (what - doesn't everyone do this???), I was able to get this cute shot of the two of them.  I'm thinking of framing it so Jeff can put it on his desk as work.  Too much? ;)


Speaking of grilling dinner, this was on the menu Wednesday night:
 Zucchini, summer squash and onion (sorry Biz!), ready for the grill.
Holy yum, this was good!  Pork tenderloin and some pineapple rounded out the meal - but I could have had twice the amount of veggies and no meat and would have been just as happy.


Running Club started back up last Saturday - they are training for the Dallas White Rock half/full marathon.  At first I was going to be all bitter sad about missing out, but guess what they did?  My sweet coaches (and friends) created a position for me!  They knew how much I loved being involved, so they made me the Social Organizer!  Which is right up my alley, considering most things that runners do, aside from running, involves we will be doing frozen yogurt runs after the Tuesday night track workouts, group breakfasts after the Saturday runs, a burger night or two - all sorts of fun things to keep up the camaraderie as everyone takes on this new challenge.  Plus look for even crazier water stations during the benchmark runs - what's that saying?  If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter?!?  Woohoo!!!

I'm also an admin on our Facebook page, so I brought my camera to take pictures of the new group.  I didn't realize I got this cute shot until I saw it later on my computer monitor, but look at the excitement and glee shown in the body language of the two women under the arrow (click the picture to enlarge it) - the whole "what are we about to do?!?" is conveyed perfectly by them, and I just love it!  This is what my running club is all about - taking ordinary people and turning them into RUNNERS!
Half marathon group about to start their first run of the season!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Canada Day to my readers to the north, and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!


  1. I love it that Kip will ride in the basket. I would totally get a basket if I thought JDG would ride in there with me.

    What a fun post, Shelley. You made my smile (and hungry) right off the bat this Friday morning.

    Have a grand 4th!

  2. I love the bike! I have a pink Schwinn with basket, horn and streamers. I tried putting my peke in the basket but the fat thing is to big.

    The watermelon story is to funny! Hubby and I have been married over 20 yrs and we fight like children over nuts. He complains about his can of mixed nuts being only peanuts. *GRIN*

  3. So glad your group made that position for you. I have a feeling once you get back to being a runner with them, the social coordinators forever after will be wondering if they stood up to the "Shelley Standard."

    Your Kip looks like my Stripes and is making me want another kitty. Too bad I can't have one without a litter box and hairballs...

    Would you please send some watermelon this way? Because the last 2 I bought have been awful. It's maddening. Oh and we had that identical dinner on Monday (well, no pinepple). Twin powers strike again!

  4. You look good in those bike shots! What a funny cat.

    Frozen yogurt, breakfast out, burgers? You're making me want to run!

    And th grilling and watermelon--yum. I need to get some propane so I can grill again.

    Fun post!

  5. I'm jealous of your running club. I feel like all the clubs in my neighborhood take themselves WAY to's my goal to join them by fall regardless! Have a great holiday my friend!!

  6. Social Director. Sounds like fun. The pic was cute of Kip and Jeff. I used to have a watermelon thief at my house, then he got married.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  7. As a "crazy cat lady" I LOVE that Kip is so laid back!! My kitty Bella is a pretty cool lady, but I can't imagine that she'd go for a ride on a bicycle!

  8. Ha - you know me too well Shelley! And actually for our work bbq - I brought TWO DIFFERENT kinds of onions - chopped white ones for the hot dogs and purple ones for the burgers - how nice am I??!!

    I love seeing Kip in the basket - so fun! And that last picture? Priceless. :D

    Happy Friday!

  9. I love the pics of Kip on the bike! I love cats, but hubby HATES them so we have an ongoing argument which he is currently winning.

    I know what you mean about the watermelon. The kids have been known to eat an ENTIRE watermelon in ONE DAY! Little pigs. I can't wait until our watermelon is producing. We already have a few teeny tiny ones on the vine.

    I think it's great that you've found a way to stay involved with your running club.

    Hope you have a great 4th. Stay cool! This Texas heat is killing! We'll likely be in the pool most of the weekend.

  10. Oooh, watermelon this time of year - what's not to fight about?

    It is so great that you are staying connected with your running group. I'm proud of you for doing that, and everyone benefits.

    Enjoy the 4th in God's country. We'll just be hiding in the house or in cool movie theaters praying for rain.

  11. Umm...not sure you want to be an athletic supporter ;-)

    That picture of Jeff and Kip is darling and you should totally frame it. I have my furkids framed at work on my desk!

    Too bad Paco can't fit in the basket and go for a ride :-)

  12. Kip so cute, your bike - OH MY so jealous ;-).
    Have a great 4th of July Shelley!

  13. Have a great holiday weekend.

    I LIKE watermelon, though I don't love it. EArthfare has a deal this week though that you can get a seedless watermelon for only 2$. Unfortunately, all the ones they had when I went yesterday were MASSIVE & I know I could never a. finish it or b. store it!

  14. Kip is so adorable in the basket on your bike, fantastic shots. And I would definitely frame the photo of Jeff and Kip, it's a great photo.

    How nice and how great that they made you a part of the group and let you organize everything. Maybe you can't run but you can be there for support, especially for Jeff.

    We still have to buy a new grill but the weather hasn't been very good for grilling outside yet either so no hurry for us.

    Have a great long weekend Shelley.

  15. Kip is so awesome! I would totally take him everywhere with me!

    I need to try that with Pixie, but I don't know if they make baskets big enough :D

  16. I am jealous that Kip will let you ride around with him in the basket. Mine would freak out if I even tried to put them in the basket while my bike was stationary.

    What did you put on your vegetables before grilling them? It looks green so I am thinking it's not just salt and pepper. Thanks!!

  17. Yeah - your bike picture!! That's so funny your cat would just hang out like that. I have 3 cats and they would fly out of that as fast as I tried to put them in!

    I love the picture you posted of your running group - so fun!! And it is exciting to start an adventure like training for an endurance event and not knowing how it will go!

    You'll be a great social coordinator!!

  18. LOVE the watermelon war! We've planted some but were late so ... hope hope hope that we get at least a couple this year. If not, off to the store. However, we have to fight the chickens for watermelon because it's THEIR favorite summer snack!

    BTW, looking good!

    Vee at (I need recipes for a fundraiser cookbook, please, to get my son a seizure dog!)

  19. Oh my gosh - a pink bike! I am so jealous!!! And your cat is hilarious.

    I'm sorry you can't run with the group, but it is great that you are staying involved with them. That's a great spirit to have!

  20. Your cat is so funny! I think its great that you are staying involved in the running club. Any ideas when you will be able to be back at it?


  21. LOL @ Kip. What an adorable bum,

    I love that you guys have Watermelon Wars. I just bought one for a party tomorrow and I am looking forward to cutting it up! I love watermelon in the summer.

  22. Oh, Kip is so cute. And I always love looking at your bike pics.

    You are the perfect person to be the social organizer! So cheerful. :) I know you'll be the perfect "athletic supporter." LOL@that.

    Have a great weekend, Shelley & Jeff. I'm off to get some watermelon today. You have me craving some since our supply ran out. (I have a thief too!)

  23. I got this last year from Marisa, Loser for Life. Freeze watermelon chunks and then put them in the food processor. It is like a watermelon icy...yum.
    Also, I am the social coordinator for my son's travel soccer team. Clearly the party girls are those that get that position.
    LOVE that picture of the two women, perfect of you to spot that.

  24. Awww!!! I LOVE Kip!!! What a cutie. Must be summer if there are watermelon fights! :) Have a great 4th Shelley!!!!


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