Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update - More on Big Sur

As promised, here's part two of our Big Sur adventure:
My autographed book :):):)
Jeff Galloway (of the run/walk method fame) is answering audience questions, while my friend Bart is getting ready to speak next.  I only heard a little of Jeff's talk, but like Bart, he was great at connecting with the audience.
Plate one of my salad bar dinner from the Chart House - I swear there is lettuce hiding somewhere under all those toppings!  Plate two was fresh there was a spoonful (or two) of Theresa's mud pie dessert that she very generously passed around the table - YUM.
More slumber party fun - Lynda, Barbara and I.

Matt in his spot - sitting next to a bigger flat-screen TV than I have in my house!  Did I mention that this was a really nice hotel?  They even handed out freshly-baked, warm chocolate chip cookies at the front desk when we checked in!  Barbara sure can pick the good places!
Waiting for the race to start - we were at about the halfway point on this hill (Rocky Point restaurant is at the bottom and that's where we congregated before the race).  People were upbeat and trying to stay warm - it was interesting to see the discarded jackets and gloves as we moved up the hill (and along the course) and I will admit I did a quick "shopping" scan to see if there was anything I wanted badly enough to carry for the next 10.6 miles.  There wasn't, but along the course, there were some nice things that runners had left behind.  I always figured it would be really crummy clothes from Goodwill, but there was some good stuff too!
Random gorgeous view as we walked...
We heard these drummers long before we saw them - they were amazing.  Watsonville Taiko drummers.
Matt took a video of the drummers with his iPhone, and then we fake ran for posterity.  The laughter you hear?  Is pretty much how the entire 10.6 miles went. He was also joking that the marathoners running toward us had contempt for us walkers, but as a runner, I know that is not the case.  A little jealousy, maybe, especially on the hills, but contempt?  Nah.
Another random gorgeous view - the day could not have been any prettier.  Matt is holding an empty GU packet - hey, they were handing them out and we each took one - did I mention we'd been up since 3:30 am?  We needed all the pep and energy we could get!
This was a "clean" race - you did not just randomly throw down your empty GU packets like you can in a lot of other races.  We held onto our trash until the next aid station, where there were trash cans.  Matt was feeling weighed down by his packet - poor guy, if he'd only not had to carry it so long, I'm sure his pace would have been much better! ;)
The sun finally rose and boy did it feel good!  Another RGV.
This shot cracks me up because it reminds me of posing little kids on a bench with a pretty backdrop.
I'd been seeing these gorgeous spiked flowers - both in deep blue and purple colors - all over the Santa Cruz area since my arrival, so I wanted to take a picture with them.  As I posed next to the purple flowers, I heard loud buzzing, turned, and saw that they were FULL of bees!  This is my "hurry and take the picture so I can get away" face!
We stopped to admire my future house...
Another RGV - see the private driveway on the left?  That led up to yet another beautiful house.  Could you imagine seeing these views everyday?!?
RGV - ahhhhhhhh.
The strawberry ladies - they do this every year, and I have to tell you that these were the best strawberries - really hit the spot!  This was just before mile 8.
I like seeing my shadow take a picture of the strawberry.
After we crossed the finish line and were handed our medals ceramics, we were herded through a giant food tent, where we could pick a box of snacks.  The set up was a great way to feed a lot of hungry racers with not a lot of congestion.
 The goods - a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, which I love, and the medal!
Icing on the cake - I'd say that this is a sweet reminder of the weekend, but I know these memories will stay with me for a long time.


  1. LOVE

    you just grab life and EMBRACE and **live** Shelley.

    It makes me smile.

  2. Love the video - in fact - love the whole post!

  3. Every photo tells me how much fun you had. I love the pics and especially your funny comments. When you move into your future house can I please come over for a visit?

    I can imagine this is something you will think back at a lot, you've had so much fun.

  4. Oh my goodness, Shelley. What an amazing race! I might have to put this on a todo list. That medal? Is fully made of awesome. What fun.

  5. I don't think you could ask for anything more from a race... great views, good friends, excellent swag, best memories!

  6. What a beautiful site. I mean, really beautiful. You think those people that live there appreciate it like we do?
    Matt seems like a hoot.
    Love love love the pink shirt. Surprised it was long sleeved considering it was May and in CA.

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and amazingly beautiful adventure! Love Big Sur; just the pics alone make me feel relaxed.

  8. Loved this review of your race and it only took me about 5 minutes to figure out what RGV stood for. What a beautiful way to start your day.

  9. Those views are amazing!! I wish I had a view like that every day! Glad you had an awesome time. SO proud of you as always!

  10. Sounds like such a blast! I would love those strawberries, but I likely would not have moved from that spot.

    That medal almost looks like a tombstone LOL!

  11. Thanks for round two of the race! OMG, I could not even imagine having those views - I've been walking in the upscale neighborhood by my office - I'll have to take some pictures of the houses because I was like "really - someone needs that big of a house?"

    That being said - I saw a lot of for sale signs!

    You made some great memories!!

  12. What a fantastic recap!!! Thanks Shelley! And congratulations!!

  13. Love those photos! What a fun time you had with B, L and M!

  14. Oy my gosh! I love it so much. The views. The noms. The medal,er, ceramic. It's all wonderful And may I please visit you at your future house? WOWSER! Good taste, my friend.

  15. thanks so much for sharing the pics! I cant wait until I am done with Medifast and can get back into my running. I was excited just looking at your pics! I cant wait to do a bigger run than my previous 5k.


  16. Wow, more gorgeous photos! I love the "icing on the cake" jewelry. That's worth all the effort. OH, wait, I guess the memories will be good too until your boozing ways catch up.

  17. I love all your race recaps. You make it look so fun and easy. I the the medals. The whole trip just sounds wonderful.

    I was thinking about your mom the other day. How is she doing??

  18. I will be visiting Big Sur in June (first time in CA). Would love to hear "must see" recommends!

  19. What a treat to walk a gorgeous half, get awesome pictures, food and a medal at the end? How fun!

  20. So, so cool! You definitely know how to find the most interesting races!


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