Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Easter Recap

Having a blast here in California - as usual, Barbara and I hit the ground running and have been busy!  We slowed down a bit yesterday...relaxed at home during the morning (ok, one of us got up and went to Zumba - here's a hint: it wasn't me), then Barbara's husband Dave started to teach me how to play the piano, and her daughter Theresa took over.  We played Ode To Joy - even did a duet with that one, and also played a little something else that I can't remember.  Fun, but at the same time quite challenging for me.  After a while we all got dressed and drove over the hill to Santa Clara, where we had our Easter meal at Barbara's sister's house (hi Sandi!).  I did fine with my eating on the meal but the desserts were quite tempting and I enjoyed everything I ate - no regrets!

And now for some pictures:
 Barbara's mom Norma, sister Sandi, Barbara and Theresa - my other family. :)
 Hello my lovelies!  Dessert table - Portuguese sweet bread was in the basket, apricot pie (leftover from Barbara's birthday party), fruit tart, cupcakes - all homemade by Barbara's mother, plus a strawberry cake was in the fridge.
 My precious!  See's Candies!!!  Janell, I thought of you when I ate some. :)
 Barbara slicing the apricot pie - her family has apricot trees, so there is always yummy 'cot items around - along with the pie, there was homemade apricot jam for the sweet bread.

After we ate, Sandi had an egg hunt for Theresa, where she had clues to find each egg.  She did great and ended up with some fun items in her basket.  Then Barbara and I took a walk - let's be real here...we weren't going to burn off the calories from our meal, but at least we moved a little.  Plus it was reminiscent of all the walking around town we did as teenagers, although this time we didn't walk by the fire station to look at the cute firemen.
So glad I got to spend a beautiful spring day with my friend! 

One thing that I always appreciate and love about northern California is the beautiful landscaping - the weather is so conducive for growing plants - it's a noticeable change from Texas.
These pink flowers were growing on a tree - don't know what they are, but boy were they pretty!

We walked through Sandi's neighborhood and ended up on the outskirts of the Carmelite Monastery - this has been in Santa Clara for nearly 100 years - it's a huge compound surrounded by pink walls, and cloistered nuns live there.  I'd never been on the grounds, but they are open to the public, so we went in.

The grounds are quiet and peaceful...
 Barbara walking ahead on a path that ran alongside the chapel.
 Chapel - note the bell tower behind it.  Sandi can hear the bell ringing at her house, and we heard it later that afternoon!
 Neat old gate that was at the entrance to a covered arbor.
 This little shadowbox held religious items that people left behind.
 Barbara walking in the covered arbor...
 Another shadowbox at the other end of the arbor.  I find the mementos left behind fascinating.
 Sign at the end of our walk.  I'm grateful that they do allow the public to walk around - it's a peaceful oasis right in the middle of town!

After our walk, we went back to Sandi's house, where the Easter bunny had an unfortunate accident:


  1. love all the pictures and yet stopped and stared at the one of you and your SUPER YOUNG FRIEND Barbara.

    you two look so alike (as many goooood friends do huh?) and so happy to just be (

  2. What a great Easter you had! Hmm, I've never had See's candy. Somehow I had it pictured quite differently. Loved the monastery photos. What a peaceful and lovely place. Looks like you are having a blast!

  3. Great pictures! The monastery looks so peaceful. I have to visit California someday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  4. So glad you are having a great time Shelley! Your Easter day was perfect - just jealous of your weather!

  5. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  6. The happiness that you're feeling is jumping out of the words here... and radiating out of the faces in the photo of the two of you. What a wonderful thing to have a friend like that!

  7. Awesome picture of the two of you. It's cute because you guys kind of look alike with your hair except for the blonde curls and the brown curls.

  8. Beautiful pictures and that fruit tarte looks incredible.

  9. Thanks for the great pics! SO glad you are having fun on your trip!

  10. Now the big question is: was that a PALMER'S chocolate Easter bunny? That is the only worthy brand, in my humble opinion!

    Great photo review of the day. I go to a Catholic retreat center right in the middle of Menlo Park that is very much like that one. I LOVE those flowering (cherry?) trees. There are a couple near work that i like to visit every spring.

    Desserts look great. Its probably good I was not faced with so many options...

    That is such a pretty picture of you and Barbara!

  11. What a great visit you've had. LOVE all the pictures!!! Condolences to the chocolate bunny on the loss of his ears! :)

  12. What a great Easter you had!

    And holy yum to that dessert table!

  13. What a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful day. So glad you are having a wonderful time.

    Sorry to hear about the chocolate bunny casualty. There may have been more of the same around here but I'm not telling. ;-)

  14. Looks like you're having a great time Shelley, I'm happy for you. Beautiful pics!

    Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday, meant a lot to me and I'm glad I found you my dear friend.

  15. Lovely Easter pics and I'm so glad you're having such a great time with your friend!

  16. See's!?! You better have saved me a bite. Now I need to go to the Carmelite place and eat some caramel.

  17. Awww, lovely photos of the monastery (those shadow boxes of mementos are so cool), and of all of you enjoying Easter. Glad you are having fun!


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