Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Paco Speaks Edition

There is a blogger, Running off the Reese's(warning - don't go there if pictures of candy and baked goods will set off cravings) who is quite funny, and she does these captions on her pictures that crack me up.  The other day she talked about the site she uses to make these (, and of course I had to give it a try.  I'm not even close to being as funny as she is, but playing with the captions is very entertaining, and so now you all have to suffer through what I made for today's mishmash.  I apologize in advance...


First up is where I tortured Paco by swaddling him, thanks to reading this hilarious post, and later, a dare from Helen to do it.  Poor dog didn't stand a chance.  Of course, I no longer own any swaddling blankets, thanks to my children being twenty-somethings, so I had to use an old towel, but Paco didn't seem to mind the difference:
Then he copped a 'tude:
Then, the swaddling worked, and he took a nap:
Just as an FYI, it's harder than you might think to swaddle a dog with long legs.  I seem to recall torturing swaddling our dachshund, Jackie, a long time ago and it was much easier.  Take note, Debby - Queen Sophie might like this.  Or not. ;)


I made Marisa's coleslaw the other day and boy was it good!  Take a look:
 This meal sure beats drive thru!

It has dried cranberries, green onions, coleslaw mix, apple cider vinegar, honey, a tiny bit of olive oil, and salt.  We loved it - click here for the exact recipe.  Thanks, Marisa, for coming up with this - I'll be making it again for sure.

I walked (gently) to Academy to buy some swim goggles, and took the long way back.  Found a dime, which brings my walking money to close to 50 cents (woohoo!) and a student ID:
Through the magic of Facebook, I found the owner (of the ID - I'm keeping the dime!) and contacted her - she had already gotten a replacement, so the question now is...can I pass for a college student and get a discount?  There must be something it's good for!  Nah, I'm kidding - I tossed it.

Also on my walk home?  I saw a horse.  He was right by the fence - I could have petted him, had I not been a scaredy cat.


Speaking of swimming, I survived Wednesday night's workout.  Luckily Coach Joni is used to giving swimming lessons to children, because that's the level I was at.  That whole "kick/stroke/breathe" thing?  That you're supposed to do all at the same time?  Much harder than it looks.  But, I got in the pool, and that was a big step for me.  More on the swimming next week.

And now for Fashion Friday.  It's kind of a repeat, but I haven't been dressing in much other than workout clothes.  Although I did take myself shopping twice this week - sometimes just trying on clothes is a big help in reminding me that I like my new size, which in turn helps me to choose healthy foods and not coconut M&M's, which I haven't had in nearly two weeks.  *high five!*  Never fear, though - I fly to California late next week, and you KNOW Barbara and I will be hitting the stores!  I'm hoping to come home with a pair of white denim capris or bermuda shorts.  Fingers crossed I find them!  OK, onto the photo shoot:
It's like he KNOWS where the camera is pointed!
Someone sure has thinks it's all about him, haha!

I just realized that I'm wearing all Ann Taylor Loft pieces - the cardigan and ruffled tank under it were bought last summer when I was visiting Barbara, and I bought the jeans last February when I was visiting my mom.  How funny - obviously, their clothes fit my body - now if only there was a Loft in my town, I'd be set.  This was what I wore to the orthopedist on Monday, right before he dashed my hopes of any springtime running.  Had I attempted this picture later in the day, you would have seen black mascara running down my face from all the frustrated crying I was doing.  But I'm much better now - mentally, anyway.

Oh, and look what I got last night:

The shirt from last season's running club!  Coach Dale had a devil of a time with the supplier, and I believe he had them redone about four times - the sizing was way off.  But it was worth the wait, as they look fantastic!  I took this picture at night so it's hard to read, but the top says "Together, one band of runners" and the words making up the runner's bodies are all of our names.  Love it.  Am already planning my outfit for Saturday - and wouldn't you know, I just happen to have a pair of socks that match the shirt!  Ahhh, things like this ease the mental pain of not being able to run with my group.  Plus?  Coach Dale treated those of us who showed up to get our shirts to frozen yogurt - yum!  Thanks, Coach! :)


Hey, don't forget to enter my GU products giveaway - I'll be announcing the winner on Tuesday, so you still have time.  Have a nice weekend - hope everyone gets to enjoy some nice sunny spring weather!


  1. hugs.
    oh how I get the frustrated crying.
    the mascara not so much :)
    we are supposed to wear mascara daily?
    THATS why it appears I hath no lashes.

    have a good weekend.
    Im off to wrangle my friday.

  2. Bwahahahaha! I cannot stop laughing at the swaddling of Paco!!! Rocky better look out, I may be trying that on him!

    So glad you liked the coleslaw! It gets even better as it sits, so it's a great make-ahead dish for a bbq!

  3. Shelley you made my day much more fun. I love what you did with the photos of Paco, especially the one where you are in his shot LOL.
    If I wasn't in love with Miss Bella I would come over to steal him from you. He's just too adorable.

    So you're having a trip planned to California again. That should be fun for you, can imagine you look forward to that.

    And I'm proud of you overcoming your fear of the swimming pool and gave it a try. Well done my friend.

  4. Way to step out of your comfort zone with the swim!

    Those captions are hilarious. I need to do some of those because I have always thought captions, but never put them in there. Now I am in trouble.

  5. Oh dear lord I am sitting Here giggling hysterically at those photos of Paco! What a trooper. But you must promise me you'll never tell him I'm the one who dared you.

    Also I would like to point out that it's getting warmer here... we have an Ann Taylor Loft... I think you should come to CT for your next fun trip!

  6. Paco "I think my mom has lost it. Although there is no Loft here, I am SURE they have a psych ward for nuts like her who swaddle dogs"

  7. I try to wrap up our dog all the time when he's laying on the couch - he looks so cute!

    I totally forgot about picnik - love your pictures today!

    And of course you have socks to match your shirt - I wouldn't expect anything less.

    Thanks for your well wishes today - things are about to get real ugly at work today!!

    Hugs and Happy Friday!

  8. Oh I have a lot to comment on here. But wait. First I have to comment on someone else's blog. What is the deal? Someone (PW) writes a (granted it was funny) blog about swaddling blankets, and 14000 people comment on it???? Oh, and then you see that 14000 people have already commented on it, but you feel the need to add your comment, so now there are 14001 comments??? I don't get it. (you realize I'm talking the 'general you' not you you.)

    Okay. Back to your blog. I LOVE Paco. Sophie has a crush on him. She's always going on about his long slender legs, his sleek shiny coat, and his slim handsome nose. (she's not a fan of the smushed in face or the big white fuzzy coat)

    Good for you on getting in the pool. Can't wait to hear more about it. Trying to figure out how a California girl who was raised near the ocean is not a swimmer? Or is it just formal swimming that is hard? I can't do that either.

  9. I jumped outta my chair when I read you actually got in the pool. my grin is from ear to ear... I am hoping you experience enough support to ad this to your activities for life. I have two ladies in their 80s come swim with me 3 days a week when I guard, one has Parkinsons and is loosing movement on her left side and becoming stiff BUT she can still get in and do her version of elementary backstroke and loves her time in the water...its a movement you can do for life!!!!

  10. Oh Paco. What a sport to go through that humiliation. He didn't even growl at you?

    Lookin' good, lady! Love me some Fashion Friday.

    That shirt is cool enough to make me want to join a running club. It's so cute!! Fashion Friday with your running shirt?

    Have a great weekend, Shelley!

  11. Come on over and make dinner at my house, that meal looks fantastic. I need to learn how to cook asparagus this summer!

  12. I've used picnik but not for tormenting my dog in photos -- I can do that easily without the words. As for swaddling...Yes, Bella deserves a good swaddling and often likes to swaddle in a towel post wet. I saw the posts on swaddling at that woman who said I needed to use deodorant - her website. By the way did I mention that she was hugging me when she said it? I can't remember what I wrote.

    Paco could have been up for fashion friday with the swaddle clothing.

    The photo of the horse with Wilbur made me LOL a couple of times.

    Plus the coleslaw looks yummy.

  13. LOVE the Paco pictures Shelley! In the third one, he has the look of "my life is crap - I just don't want to look at you!" Little Man!!! So funny!!! Great fashion Friday shot today too. Have a good weekend!!!

  14. Glad the swimming is going okay :) Love the running club t-shirt & the paco pictures :) I think if I ever tried to wrap McKinley in a blanket, he would run away!

  15. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.

    I can tell that Paco trusts you with his life, because he loves you. I like the look in his eyes in the first two photos. He may be thinking: "let's get this over with, but I do like the attention!"
    As a dog lover and "mom" to a cairn named Sophie, I can attest to the fact that they are VERY smart!

    Also, very cute outfit BTW!

  16. Paco is so funny and the captions are exactly what I'd imagine. Glad you're giving the swimming a go. You'll find it's quite a workout. Yummy yogurt. Thanks. Now I want some.

  17. I love all the captions Shelley!! Paco is so cute :)

    I feel bad about your running situation - it's tough when you can't do what you want.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. LOL poor beleagured Paco.

    I still love that hot pink on you.

  19. I think Paco looks adorable in swaddle position. :) I'm sure he has a different story though! Haha.

    Love the cute pink outfit though!


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