Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Mishmash - Brought to You By the Letter "F"

Food: I am more of an "assembler" when it comes to meals rather than a "chef." I will put together a ginormous salad, or grill chicken and vegetables, but I do very little "follow the recipe" cooking anymore. That said, Helen featured an egg dish a couple of weeks ago that intrigued me enough to get some ingredients (eggs, veggies, cheese) to make it. Unfortunately, the first go-round did not go, as I was planning on using leftover veggies from our shish kebab dinner, and someone, who-shall-remain-nameless-but-you-can-probably-guess-since-there's-only-one-other-person-living-in-this-house, someone took the container of vegetables to work for lunch, thus thwarting my plans. Argh.

So this week, I tried again, and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with how my egg creation came out, especially considering I really didn't follow Helen's recipe very well. I sauteed some diced onion and red pepper in a bit of Pam, and put that in the bottom of each ramekin (that I sprayed with Pam). Added some steamed asparagus, threw in a splash of Frank's Hot Sauce, about a tablespoon of sharp cheddar cheese, and one egg per ramekin (I blended the eggs with my stick blender before pouring in). A little salt and pepper, 33 minutes in a 375 degree oven, and bam! Dinner, breakfast - whatever you want.

Veggie souffles!
This was actually dinner - I'm trying to make an effort to eat a little better when Jeff is out of town, instead of just having peanut butter and jelly on the English muffin and calling that a meal.


Fear: I have some. My ankle isn't completely healed. I did manage to run without it hurting last Saturday. If it had hurt, even a little, I would have stopped running immediately. But it didn't. That said, it does some things that makes me worry. For example, it burns after I've gone for a walk. Burning pain is different than the sharp "I can't bear to put any weight on it" pain that I had when I first injured it. But, it's still something. I have a high pain tolerance, so I just deal with it...most of the time I don't even bother with taking any Motrin at this point. I will ice it when it's really bad, but even then, I'm not super consistent.

I have my running club starting up again tomorrow. It's a 10 Week/10K program, and they have two levels - beginner and advanced. I'll start with the beginners, because I know I need to ease my way back into running. But I'm really worried about what tomorrow will bring. I hope that the run last Saturday wasn't a fluke. Or the reawakening of the mess in my ankle. I hope I can run without wrecking my ankle further.

I like to run. I want to run. I will even gladly take the muscle aches that come along with starting to run again, because, hello - I'm running! I just don't want to have another setback. Please don't crush my hopes, silly ankle.


Fun: In the form of my hula-hoop. I am getting better at it, and it's just such a crazy fun thing to be doing that I swear it raises my endorphin level not only by the exercise, but also by laughter...I am really having a blast with it!


Fur: I caught a squirrel in action, trying to feast on the bird seed in our "squirrel-proof" bird feeder. Funny thing, he gave me quite the staredown before he made his launch!

Oh, I see you Mr. Squirrel!
Gutsy little fellow, aren't you?!?
OK, you're getting too close to the food - time to release the hound!

And with that, Paco zipped outside to bark the squirrel back into the tree. They are cute and all, but I'm not buying this bird seed for the squirrels!


Fascinating: I just found out that my mother saw Elvis Presley when he landed in Hawaii back in the early 1960's! How did I not know that?!? She and a friend went to the airport and watched him deplane and walk across the tarmac...ah, the good old days, before airport security changed everything.


Fraud: File this one under holy crap! Yesterday afternoon Jeff's credit card (a debit MasterCard) was fraudulently used to buy a $500 gift card from a Wal Mart in Illinois - our bank called right away, as the thieves originally tried to charge more than he had in the account. Amazingly, the three women thieves were caught and were at the police station when Jeff called - he spoke to the sergeant, who was very happy to hear that Jeff had his credit card in possession - this meant he could charge the women with theft. Wow - how often does that card thieves actually caught in the act?!? I have to say we are very impressed with how quickly our bank (First Victoria) acted, as well as the Litchfield, IL police department.


Fashion Friday: I had a hard time with this outfit - I bought the purple top in Oregon last month, and tried layering it over a couple of different colored tank tops. First I tried this really pretty teal tank - while I liked the colors together, I just wasn't feeling it once I had it on for a while.

Plus my hair was blech. I went for a run/walk earlier and the curls were a mess, so I straightened it with my blow brush and it felt too heavy. Ugh - ever have one of those days when nothing comes together?

Anyway, I tried the purple top with a white tank, and I liked it better.

This is what I ended up wearing, but I'm not 100% sold. Maybe I should have worn my lighter-wash jeans? Or capris? It almost wasn't warm enough for capris, plus I only have navy blue and brown - not sure that they would have worked anyway, color-wise.


Alright, this Fing post (giggle) is done. Hope you all have a Fabulous April Fool's Day!


  1. Oh, Oh am I first?

    I don't think you can mess up the egg recipe. You made it look so much more appetizing with your pretty presentation next to the fruit! YUM. I need to make those again.

    HOLY CRAPOLA on the debit card theft! I had that same thing happen to me a few years back. It was a very surreal feeling to be sitting at home looking at the credit card and having the police tell me someone was trying to use it right that minute. Glad they were caught! The little bit of aggravation you will have to deal with to get him a new one is worth it. Wow.

    Try not to be afraid about your ankle. I know that's easier said than done but I also know that it will eventually be OK. Even though it's hard waiting for sure.

    Speaking of fear, I did the same today! I told you there's some sort of crazy vibe between CT and TX!

  2. Have a fabulous Friday, Shelley. I'm glad the thieves were caught. That is AMAZING that they hung around the store long enough for telephone calls to be made.

    Good luck with the running club. I know you are glad to be back to it. Just take it easy. No need to rush or overdo, which I'm sure you won't - but I'm feeling motherly today, so I just had to say it.

  3. What a fabulously fun fantastic post! I second Roxie's suggestion re: the ankle. But you already knew that LOL.

    Wait. No Froyo in this post? What's this world coming to?

    Love the purple/white combo.

    I like squirrels too, and I don 't like them messing up my bird feeders too.

    The fraud. Very scary. Did they tell you how they got Jeff's card number? And Illinois? That seems so far from Texas.

  4. That is a very cute outfit. :-) I hope that your ankle heals soon. I know that it can be frustrating to not be able to run 100%!

  5. Go and try it tomorrow Shelley. Don't be afraid. If you can't run, you will know tomorrow. For now just try to enjoy the thought that you will be joining a running group tomorrow again.

    My Dad has seen Elvis too when Elvis was stationed in Germany in the army and my Dad was in the army too at that time. Gosh that man was handsome when he was young.

    The egg dish looks very delicious!

    Love your Fashion Friday outfit of this week.

    And Finally ... I'm a bit disappointed that with all these F's topics you didn't even addressed one to me LOL

    (you know I'm kidding you, right?)

    Have fun tomorrow Shelley at the group.

  6. I like the white tank, maybe a grey? just thinking.
    I got a bill from Mac Makeup a few years ago. At the time I wore NO make up, it was funny, of all things to spend on my card. Months later the police followed up, it was a cross dresser that had stole my card. Hysterical!
    Yes, take it easy w/ the ankle, but I really appreciate the fear, it is your thang, for goodness sakes.
    Fun Friday to you!

  7. I mean to mention it was $500 to Mac. Seriously, have I EVER spent that much on makeup???

  8. I can't believe SHELLY just said "F-ing." I'm rolling on the floor laughing here!

    Good luck with the run tomorrow! No matter what, you still win because you'll get out there and learn something new about how to work with your ankle.

  9. I like th white shirt layered underneath the best.

    That ankle better not give you any problems. Don't you hate it when our body parts don't cooperate? You have to let them know who's boss. Seriously, I hope it doesn't give you any troubles tomorrow. I know how much running means to you.

    I can't believe someone did that with Jeffs card and they actually caught the thieves. I didn't think that ever happened. Good job police and bank! We got a call last week that there was something suspicious with Chuck's card so they were shutting it down but he could come into a branch and get a new one. Weird. Why can't people get jobs and struggle paycheck to paycheck just like the rest of us?

  10. PS I'm getting really nervous about next week and I don't know why. I can't believe the jitters are hitting this soon.

  11. I think you did great with Helen's recipe - so proud of your cooking skillz :D I love your fruit in the glass at dinner too.

    I am sure you'll do fine tomorrow and glad that you are starting at the beginners level (even though you aren't!) just to test the waters.

    My mom and dad were on of Elvis's last concerts, if not the very last - I'll have to ask my mom, but I think it was 1975?

    Have a great weekend Shelley!

  12. I really liked Letter "F" day :) I am an assembler in the kitchen too. I am scared of "recipe food." :)

  13. Yippee for the Litchfield police. How about yellow under the purple?

  14. You can always make you favorite jeans capris by cuffing them a couple of times.....I do this all spring. And I really liked the teal/purple combo on you. A little turquoise jewelry and you are ready to go!

    Go luck with your run and YEAH to the bank for the quick catch on the theft. Good to know that sometimes the system works!

  15. Love the F-ing post!!!!! Have a great weekend Shelley!!

  16. Regarding the ankle - just go with the flow. If it hurts, stop. If it doesn't, keep going. There is always another day to run.

    I had that debit card fraud last month and my bank was right on with stopping any pending charges from going through, thankfully! It is truly annoying that people think they have the right to help themselves to another person's money. Asswipes.

    And this? "ever have one of those days when nothing comes together?" Ummm... that is me pretty much every day LOL

  17. Hey, I thought of you and came here to tell you, and found Friday Mish Mash.

    I bought a new hat at Ralph Lauren outlet, and it is not only PINK, it is called "Maui Pink"! Now if it had been a visor, I would expect you would probably even own it.

    Veggie souffles look delightful.

    I wonder if you will post a video of you hula hooping. haha

    Wow, so glad the debit card story turned out well. Did the thieves make a counterfeit card?

    Your new top is very cute.

    Do you have an outfit for graduation already?

    Friday Mish Mash from letter F was freaking fantastic fun. Fondly, Chrissy

  18. I love theme-y posts.

    Have you mentioned the "new" pain to your doctor? Maybe it's a symptom that would help them help you get back to running?

    Your veggie souffles look great & so does your fashion friday outfit - you're overthinking it! I definitely don't think I would wear that top with capris, because they're more "summery" and the top isn't.

  19. I vote for lighter colored pants. It's spring! Also, I didn't know you had a hula hoop. It is the "real" kind that is weighted?

  20. Don't have Hell to the no yet on my Ipod. We're a few episodes behind on you. Next week it's episode 11 "the Sue Sylvester shuffle".

    I download the songs every week from Itunes but the songs are only available here after a show has been on tv so I have to wait a few more weeks.

  21. The egg souffle you made turned out awesome!! Nice job.

    I love that you never knew your Mom saw Elvis. Biz and I's parents saw him in concert when we were little, I think not that far off from when he died. - My Mom didn't get one of his scarves though!

  22. Excited for you to train with the 10k training group!

    I like the white shirt best. How about some khaki capris?

    Love this F ing post--F is for Fiji, don't ya know?

  23. Your egg souffle was so pretty! And sounded easy, too. Sometimes I make something similar (larger), and flavor it with an Italian Dressing packet, it adds really good flavor!
    I am totally jealous that your credit card theif was caught. Ours has not been, and it's been a while. Interestingly, they bought some things from Men's Wearhouse, and when they did that, they signed US up for the Men's Wearhouse rewards program! My hubby is blue collar, so we only shop there when someone dies.

  24. I have a red top similar to that one and I like wearing it with purple underneath. You might like that.

    Talk to your doctor about the burning. Your ankle may not be healed and your body is warning you. He may have some kind of taping that you can do to keep things in place. I have a friend who is a long distance runner and there is some cool tape out that professional athletes use when they have injuries.

    Good luck with the running, I love running too just to run.

  25. That egg souffle looked great! With the cup of fruit too, yum.

    I liked the teal and purple together, but if you weren't feeling it, then it was good to change. I sometimes don't like the same outfit I wore the week before. Try it with the lighter jeans, and maybe a shinier smaller necklace?


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