Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update

First, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the lovely, supportive comments on Monday's post. I appreciate you all more than you can know. And we will get through this - I'm hoping that in about six months from now we will look back and say "well, there was a blip, but everything is just fine." Order restored, and all that. :)


On Friday, I participated in Lori's Healthy Heart Weekend challenge by riding the recumbent bike for 15 miles. What I wanna know, is, what kind of crack was I smoking when I pledged that number of miles?!? The most I had ever done on the bike was 11 miles in 45 minutes. Let me just tell you, 15 nearly killed me. Plus, I was trying to do it in an hour. It was rough. I deeply regretted publicly committing to that number. But, with the help of listening to a podcast by Adam Carolla, I finished.

Discovering that I could download *free* podcasts to my iTouch has been wonderful - what an excellent distraction from the boredom of the bike!
Sweaty and done!

This was the hardest I've worked, exercise-wise, since I was running. Coincidentally, it was also the best I've felt about myself after a workout, since I was running. Obviously I need to push myself more on the bike. Good to know, so thank you, Lori, for the challenge!


Ankle update: My gosh, are you as sick of this as I am? I just want it to be fixed so I can move on! My ortho was perplexed that it was still hurting, especially considering I've been a good girl and rested and iced the heck out of it. He sent me for an MRI, which I had done yesterday - the results should come in sometime later today, so we will see if there is anything that the xrays couldn't pick up, and what the game plan is. I swear, if it turns out to be just more "rest" I may lose it. Not really, but you have to admit, this IS getting ridiculous. More later...


  1. You look great Shelley on that pic! Well done on the bike ride! Fantastic!

    Funny thing: your gym has the same cardio equipment as my gym :)

    I hope the MRI tells you more but in a good way. I haven't been injured that long but I can imagine that you're getting sick of it.

  2. Great job on the bike ride and I've got my fingers crossed that the MRI is helpful.

    Still holding your Mom's health in my thoughts.

    I'm now off to scour iTunes for both songs and podcasts.

  3. Fifteen miles in a hour rocks, Shelley! Glad it made you feel good :)

    Hope all turns out okay with your MRI. Thinking of you and your Mom.

  4. Honey I give you all the credit in the world for trying really hard to keep a workout going while you can't run.

    I amy be able to run 10 miles, but 15 miles on a recumbent bike? Not me, no way, not ever. You rock Shelley!

  5. I love those free podcasts! I get several from NPR that are awesome.

    Way to go doing that 15 miles - my leg muscles quiver just thinking of it. Once you get back to running you're going to find your legs stronger from the biking, I bet, and you'll be even faster! And whine all you need to about the ankle - when my knees both required arthroscopic surgery last winter, I whined all the time. And unlike you, it totally derailed my exercise program. You're an inspiration.

  6. I need to get into biking as a work out to keep my leg muscles in shape while I'm on a rowing hiatus.

    And I empathize with the "rest" prescription - I've stopped wearing my wrist brace again, but am terrified that if I really stop resting my hand (ie, if I keep typing with it, rowing with it, lifting with it), I'll just end up in pain again. It's so immensely frustrating to have a body part that won't cooperate with your healthy lifestyle!

  7. Congratulations getting in that 15 miles. That's no easy task.

    I felt like you did: why did I commit to this and announce it? Why didn't I just say "I'll do it and tell you what I did afterwards"? But it's good to push yourself sometimes. It gives you that "I can do anything" feeling.

    I want to hear the results about that ankle ASAP. You know what's funny? A few years ago doctor prescribed rest would probably have been welcomed but now you *want* to run. It's funny how life changes. I hope to see you back running soon. I know it's driving you nuts. I'd be pulling my hair out too. At least your able to enjoy biking. :)

  8. You're going to turn into a biker, Shelley. I am working my magic on you ;)

  9. I love the bike and it can definitely give you a great workout. I too get bored on the stationary and I love pod casts or books on tape or just reading a book, which I can only do during slower intervals.

    Fingers crossed on your MRI test! Keep us posted! (oops no pun intended Ha ha!)

  10. Oh My Heavens. I just read about your I'm praying. Praying hard. God can heal. Big Hugs to you and your mom. :)

  11. You think you can hop on your pink bike and take it for a spin, or do you have to be recumbent?

  12. I'm hoping that the MRI turns out to be good news. Great job on the big bike ride! Good for you!


  13. Yay for taking on and conquoring that challenge!!!!! Congrats!!! Sorry that your ankle is still troubling you. Grrr. Hang in there!!!! Take care and have a good day!!!

  14. Getting caught on you. I am so sorry about this thing with your mom. I will be praying for you and her family. How nice that you get to go to Oregon to visit and help out. Will be looking forward to the dressing room fashion show. Enjoy your time for sure.

    15 miles is a dang long way! I need to google this adam person!

    Have a good flight.

  15. I like doing the bike sometimes because I can rock my glasses :)

    I also LOL'd at the crack smokin' comment because I say that all.the.time!

  16. nothing like free things to keep yourself entertained! I'm all about that. Best wishes with recovery


  17. I finally figured out how to read blogs on my blackberry! I am so glad your mom has such a positive attitude for what is in store for her. And thank you for your continued support these past few days - I appreciate it more than you will ever know - hugs!

  18. Lori's biking comments to you always make me laugh. I am very impressed with your 15 miles on that bike. i have to go back to the gym and give it another try!

  19. Lori's biking comments to you always make me laugh. I am very impressed with your 15 miles on that bike. i have to go back to the gym and give it another try!


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