Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Workout Update?

This is week two, deux, dos, due, twee, zwei, dalawang, of no running for me. I'm a little bored, (as evidenced by my discovery of Google Translate) and I'm getting impatient with my EXTREME MAKEOVER: ANKLE EDITION. And it's only Wednesday!!! Argh. The only thing I've done for a workout is to pedal my life away on the recumbent bike at the gym. One time I didn't even read the book I brought - I just listened to my "long, long run" playlist and pretended that I was out running. I'm going back to the gym today with the intention of pedaling for an hour, and then I'm going to approach the weight machines and do a little upper body workout. Lori was kind enough to send me some of her upper body workouts, as I can't remember anything I used to do when I worked out with Brad and Linda. Hey - that's why I liked going there...I didn't have to do any thinking! So I'm putting it out there - I will go to the scary weight machines and I won't let them intimidate me (much).

I've been trying to ice my ankle a lot, and the most comfortable place to do that is on the bed. As soon as I get settled, Paco and Henry (our scaredy cat who normally lives under the bed during the day), hop on top of me. It's quite the scene with everyone competing for my attention while simultaneously growling and meowing at each other.
Paco is actually laying on my leg, pressing the ice pack into my ankle (I get bonus points for that, right?), while Henry is purring and drooling...I have to keep him away from my netbook lest he gets the keyboard wet!Different day, same situation...I was sitting up this time, with my computer on the white pillow.
Extreme closeup - Henners.
Extreme closeup - Paco.

Well. That was exciting, wasn't it? I actually have one running event to tell you about - last Saturday was the final benchmark run for my running club. The full group ran 21 miles and the half group ran 12. All in preparation for Austin. Since I couldn't run, I helped out with the aid stations. While it was good to see a long run from the other side, and I'm glad I was able to help, I still wish I was one of the runners. Are you tired of my whining yet? ;)

Slightly ghetto aid station - and yes, I was bundled up like Nanook of the North!

Here we are at mile 7 - behind the Kroger. This was the turnaround point for the halfs, and I wanted so badly to yell out "turn around - you are going the wrong way!" but everyone did, in fact, turn around when they were supposed to. Just as well - it probably was only funny to me anyway. Side note: I mentioned to Jeff that we looked like the people who sell puppies at various parking lots around town every weekend. Then Coach Joni and her husband Rand showed up with their bulldog. I swear, just a few minutes later Animal Control pulled up and questioned Rand! Too funny - we really DID look like we were selling puppies!

After all of the runners had come through, we moved on to another part of the route - because of the jig jags, this aid station covered miles 10, 12 and 15 for the marathon group. We were there for quite a while. It was at a dead end in a newer neighborhood - they were carving out a road just beyond where we were, but there was still a lot of brush. All of sudden, we saw a little deer come out of the brush, cross the dirt where the road will be, and go into the brush on the other side. Then came another, and was just a trail of baby deer and their mamas - so neat to see! Hard to believe that many deer are living so close to suburbia, but I guess suburbia is expanding into their land.

I so wanted to be out there running with them. Even at mile 15, when the fulls had just run up and down a hill and were all looking beat down, I wanted to be running. (of course, I would have been done before then, because I would have only run 12 miles) Most of the half group had finished and left by the time we were done with that aid station, but we went back to the park and waited for the fulls to come in. I have to hand it to them - that was a long time to be running, and it was tough, but everyone finished strong and I know they will do great for the big race in Austin. I just hope I get to be there, too.

***Just a note on the stickers - the 20 have all been asked for, and are going out in today's mail. Hope everyone who gets one likes it!


  1. Sure hope for a super speedy recovery for you!

  2. Thinking about you, I bet you are sleeping now since you posted just a few hours ago. I am up as if it were a regular day, but nope, no school, supposed to be a mess later, but leave it to Virginnie to cancel in anticipation. And, the one day I can sleep, I am wide awake. I would like to transport you over here today, there will be NO quiet moments on the bed with the cat and the dog.
    You are a trooper for helping at the aid station when you wanted to be out there running. Some of us, hmm, me, would have been in my bed.
    This too shall pass.

  3. Still thinking good, healing, non-boring thoughts for your ankle.

    Being the referee in a pet battle is not fun, but I bet it is interesting!

  4. Oh, and thank you for your comment yesterday. You are absolutely right. If it has been good enough, it will be good enough. Great point.

  5. Hang in there, Shelley! You'll be on the road in no time :)

  6. Henry drools? I didn't know cats drooled. LOL Isn't it nice to have buddies to keep you company when you're resting?

    Glad you were still able to get out there and cheer on your running team. I know you'll be out there running again soon.

    Forgot what you used to do at Brad's? Oh I remember! Those were some tough workouts. Should I find some old posts for you? Remember the one with the deck of cards? Or working off Girl Scout cookies? And your favorite: burpees. LOL I think your mind wants to forget those. :)

    Have fun at the gym.

  7. You can do it Shelley! Just picture yourself with Michelle Obama's fantastic arms and those weight machines will be a breeze. (We can dream, right?)

    I think Paco gets points for weighting your ice pack for you... surely that is helping the makeover!

  8. Love the aid station! What a sweet person you are.

    There is nothing better than animals laying on you when you aren't feeling well. It's practically hypnotic. Hang in there Shelley! I'm proud of you for letting yourself heal!

  9. Yeah - I should have listed burpees and box jumps in that workout I gave you. I'll have to send you lower body ones :D

    Love the pet photos. Sharing a lap - that's why we have one pet. I don't think Pixie would be into sharing very much, and our other cat certainly was not into sharing at all for her 18 years!

  10. I literally feel your pain! I am two weeks in after my second ankle tendon surgery. It sucks. My golden retriever is loving it though and is soaking up the time with me. Be patient and you will heal. You have done so good with your journey. Such an inspiration to me and to many others as well.


  11. If you get tired of pedaling, can you swim? And the upper body stuff is a good idea. You can make it through this. You'll come out the other side stronger inside and out. Plus, you'll get the bragging rights of having a significant running injury. Ha ha!

  12. You are in my thoughts today. After all that hard work, and consistency, to be laid up... you must be going nuts.

    xoxoox V

  13. That was a fun post, especially 'the view from the bed.'

    Do you watch 'The Middle?' A friend recommended it to me. There was the funniest episode, last one of season one, about the middle girl, Sue, getting hit by a deer while she was running. If you run out of movies to watch, you might like these tv episodes.

  14. hope you heal quickly. In the mean time get an aqua jogger belt ($20 at a sporting goods store) and jog in some deep water for a few weeks... at least its good cardio and supportive of the motions and your joints.

  15. Still sending healing thoughts your way for a quick ankle recovery. In the meantime, your pets ARE's small comfort, but AWWWWW!!!!! Take care, have a good day. Happy Pedalling!!!

  16. Paco is the best dog one could ever want! Helping you out that way!

    Was it cold Saturday? :lol: Very elegant outfit :)

    I still have my fingers crossed that you will recover in time.

    And last question: which of the translations of two is the Dutch one? I was surprised to see it with the others :)

  17. Rats, my comment got lost!

    I was going to say Lori is a weight lifting rock star, I could only handle about 1/4 of the weight she can, so be prepared!

    I live in the "sticks" so we get deer in our back yard all the time.

    I am afraid to ask what temperature you are bundled up because I fear you are going to say like 45 degrees, and if I were there I'd be in a short sleeve shirt and shorts!

  18. giving you a big tight virtual hug! hope you feel better soon =)

  19. Hang in there Miss Shelley! Are you getting in some extra writing?

  20. I hope your ankle feels better soon and you can get back to running. Make sure you rest though!

    P.S. You have an award on my blog!

  21. so sorry that I have been missing Shelley, it's so hard to get to everyone's blogs and comment. I hope to get better at it.
    I'm also so sorry to hear about your ankle, yikes....sending healthy vibes to you Shelley.
    and Darn it I missed out on the stickers, that will teach me!


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