Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Mishmash - Old Lady Edition

True confession time: A few days after my half marathon, I had my beautiful medal draped over a sconce light in my office. A light that I never turn on. Except that I did...and burned the ribbon of that medal - the one I had worked so hard to earn. I was sick. Could not believe (and yet I could, knowing me) that I did something like that. I emailed the race organizers, explaining what a doofus I was and asking if they could send me an extra ribbon - and guess what I got in the mail a couple days ago? A whole new medal! How nice was that?!?


Speaking of medals, Lori asked me in the comments on Wednesday's post if I was training for anything in particular - the answer is yes. I'm training for the Austin (half) Marathon on February 20, followed by the Armadillo Dash half marathon on March 6, then the Dallas Rock and Roll half marathon on March 27, and then the 10.6 miler in the Big Sur Marathon on May 1. With a few fun 5K races as well, hopefully. I guess this probably sounds pretty ambitious, but the racing season in Texas is short and I really want to earn some more medals get some good races in, so this is what it takes. I'll let you know if my legs fall off!


My seasonal job at the jewelry store is going well - I'm really enjoying, as you all knew I would, being around all of that pretty jewelry. For the record, I haven't bought anything yet. I am having fun doing the "test drives" of certain pieces, but so far, that's satisfying me enough that I haven't given any of my paycheck back to the store. I do have a new pet peeve, though - cell phone ringers. Geez people, how LOUD do you have to have your ringers? And the songs-as-ringtones? Annoying as all get-out in a crowded store when you are trying to help people. I swear, the other day, it seemed like cell phones were ringing constantly. Come ON people - turn it down a skosh! I know, I sound like an old lady, but you had to be there. Now I'll just tuck my Kleenex back into my sleeve, put on my slippers and go brew me a cup of Sanka. ;)


2010 is officially the year of the long-lost-friend reunion for me. First I found my old sailing club buddy (and new author!), Matt, last summer. Well, last Friday, I was reunited with my old pen-pal, Linda! She and I were matched up through a pen-pal group when we were about 12 years old. We exchanged letters for years - she lived in North Carolina - and we even met in person once, after she was married and had her first daughter. She, her husband and baby were in central California visiting relatives and they made the five-hour drive to my house, where we spent a few hours getting to know each other in person. Eventually she was living in Texas, and wouldn't you know it - I lost touch with her about a year before we moved to Texas. I looked off and on for years - and even with the internet, I never could locate her. Facebook was no help - she has a pretty common name, and the few Lindas that I thought *might* be her, and sent friend requests with explanations to, turned out not to be. Finally a few weeks ago I googled her full name again and found tax records - I wrote a short letter (which now seems so appropriate, given our original pen-pal status) and long story short (I know, too late), she emailed me! She included her phone number, so I immediately called her - how fun to catch up! Here's a picture of Linda and I, circa 1983:

Fresh faced teenagers!

And one of me and her cute daughter, Amanda:
Can you believe I was 19 in this picture? I look like a child! And Biz, I think my Dorothy Hamill glasses frames could give yours a run for their gosh, could they BE any bigger? By the way, I had already met Jeff and was a few months from getting engaged...can you say "robbing the cradle"? LOL


The other day I wrapped a few Christmas gifts and set everything on the dining table to get them out of the way. Somebody discovered his present immediately:
I died laughing - I swear, I couldn't smell that rawhide bone at all, but Paco sure could! I ended up having to hide it in the pantry and buy him off with a couple of Milk Bones. At least I know there will be one happy dog come Christmas morning!


It's time for Fashion Friday - woohoo! First up is an outfit suggested by Helen, after seeing my red blazer last week - she thought it would look good with my jeans and some red shoes. I don't have red shoes but I do have an old pair of red boots - I threw that outfit together and she was right - it was cute! I actually felt very "casual chic" on a day that I ran a bunch of errands.
A minute after I took this picture is when Paco discovered his Christmas present - his spidey senses were already kicking in!

Next up is my "old lady" outfit - I wore this to work and got a couple of compliments, but I just couldn't shake the "old lady" feeling. I think the jacket, even though it's cute, is just too "old" for me. And yes, I am aware that I'm using too many "air quotes" - it's the's "messing me up!"
Black pants, purple sweater, lime green jacket
I love the ruffle on the back of the jacket...and the pleating ruffle on the front pockets is cute...but I don't know - it just feels matronly, despite the cool color. Or is this color cool when it's on a jacket? Maybe it belongs in Florida at a Mah Jong group. (Oh, and for the record, this is usually how my first close up shot turns out - it takes a couple of tries to get the camera adjusted *just so* on the tripod, lol)

Moving is that shirt that I bought last May and couldn't get it to look right - it's a little big, but I think it looks ok with the teal sweater buttoned over it, hiding most of the bold splotchy pattern AND bringing it closer to my body:
You can't really tell, but I'm wearing brown pants. Not too exciting, but it worked for work. Another first close up shot - just keeping it real, folks! ;)

And now we step out of my entry way/dining area - I brought my camera with me when I met my friend, Terry, for lunch the other day, so she took my picture afterward:
My first new, non-running top! I realized when I was buying it on Saturday (on clearance, with an extra 25% off coupon - yay Steinmart!) that it's been forever since I've bought "real clothes" - how funny is that?!? Anyway, I love this outfit, and feel about 20 years younger in it versus the "old lady" outfit. Perception is so strange.

OK, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That's really cool they sent you a new medal!

    You really have big plans for the first few months of the year, makes me feel like a turtle :lol:
    I haven't planned anything except my half marathon in April but I will after that. We have runs here in Holland the whole year with a peak in April/May and September/October.

    I love the first outfit the most, it makes you look young and sporty.

    And Paco is so cute, I always have to laugh how he manages to get in one of your fashion Friday pictures.

    When I first saw the photo's of you when you were 19 I thought that your friend must have had a kid at very young age because I agree: you look very young on that photo. I wouldn't have given you 19 years back then.

    Have a great weekend Shelley.

  2. WHAT??


    is it too late for me I wonder?

    probably since im not running....

  3. Wow! That's a LOT of mileage in the spring.... You go, girl. :)

    Cracked up at Paco's discovery. So clever, he is! LOL

    Awesome that you were able to get a replacement medal/ribbon!

    And....cell phones in public: FAIL. Call me 'old lady' (air quotes and all), but people REALLY lack manners when it comes to talking in public. I'm stepping off my soapbox now....

    Oh, and LOVE the pics circa 1980s (?). Funny about the 19 y/o one. I swear my first Hubs robbed the cradle, too (and I'm six months OLDER than him!)... married just a few days into being 19, and looking very young. Whew!

    *hugs* from Orlando, friend!! Happy Friday!

  4. Wow very ambitous running schedule there. I take it your done working out/training with your old group & trainers Matt?
    Call me old too because I didn't see anything wrong with the green jacket. I liked the last picture best though..
    Well at least you know Paco will be happy come Christmas morning.

    Have a nice weekend and don't work too hard at the mall.

  5. I LOVE that green jacket! It's not old lady at all! Pair it with jeans and some hip shoes/boots and you'll be rockin' the look! Seriously, though, I actually think it's more youthful than you think!

    Paco is hilarious. Our dogs have spidey senses too. We would never put their gifts under the tree because they are super nebby dogs!

    Good luck with all those runs. Sheesh, I'm tired thinking about it!

  6. Crazy runner girl.
    Love the RED boots, I want some.
    Don't think it's an old lady jacket, in fact, it looks chic.
    You were very skinny at 19. Did you not have a weight issue your whole life, like I did?

  7. First off, thanks for your insightful comments yesterday. I appreciate it.

    Secondly, you look adorable in all the pictures. Even the old lady with the Sanka! (I think it's quite nice). But my favorite picture is of you and Paco!

    You are going to be a busy, busy woman this spring. Color me very, very impressed!

  8. Maybe it's because I've got a bunch of nagging running injuries going right now, that schedule made me tired just reading it. Very ambitious, especially the two halfs in March. You go girl!

    The red jacket outfit is adorable! I'm so glad you tried that. I'm afraid to go shopping with you now as I'm usually in a track suit with sneakers or slip ons - talk about "old lady" - lol!

    Cell phones? Between the bad drivers and the loud talkers and the loud ringers and the inappropriate use in general, I might be an "older lady" than you.

    How cool that you reconnected with your pen pal. I had some pen pals growing up too but I'm pretty sure I don't even remember their names. How's that for "old lady?"

  9. I liked the green jacket but it did make you look a tad old. The red w/red boots, on the other hand, rocked!

    Good thing about the medal. They didn't have to do that. And woohoo about hooking up with a longlost friend. We need more of those.

    Vee at

  10. I can relate to your "air quotes". I speak in italics, mostly. :-)

  11. That is a lot of serious racing, my friend. But I hear you on the short racing season. I am going to be working this winter on training for a 10K for the spring. Don't have the race picked out yet, but that's when things start picking up around here. AND if that goes well, then we're going to work toward the half marathon that is featured on the anniversary of the day I ran my first 5K!

  12. Girl...I ran the Austin half last year and you definately need to prepare yourself and train for the 3 mile uphill section of the race.

    Good luck!

  13. You have two medals now! You should turn one into a Christmas ornament. :D

    That's so cool that you were reunited with your pen pal. She still lives in Texas?

    Ha, I got married at 19 too. Gosh, we were still kids. You look so young. Not exactly 19. So cute. :)

    That red blazer is my favorite. That outfit is so flattering on you. The color, shape, everything.

    OMG, you're going to have a friggin box of medals by this summer. Look at you go!
    Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch Shelley she's the runner chick.

  14. LOVE the red jacket and boots. LOVE Paco and the bone. Del Sur??? Frozen yogurt again???

    Cracked up at the whole old lady paragraph. And I agree with the others--love that jacket, maybe just a different combination will 'youthen' it , as long as you remember to take the kleenex out of your sleeve.

  15. You always look so good.
    Ho perception.... it's for real!

  16. Love the "present sniffer"! So funny!!!! Know what? I really like the green jacket!!! The color and the flounce are LOVELY!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  17. nice outfits! I haven't been lucky with coats and jackets lately. They're always too big for me. Maybe I should be looking in the teens section! LOL!

  18. I love the green jacket - I think the problem might be that it needs a lighter colored pair of pants to go with it. Maybe tan, or your light jeans, and maybe, if the shirt underneath were a brighter color (like bright purple, rather than dark) it might "young" it up a bit.
    Paco is such a sweetie. Our old dog Emmy is still hanging in there, but now she has a mass on her neck. :(

  19. The green jacket thing looks nice but what kind of material is it made out of? Old Lady skin? Or polyester? You look like a figure skater with that little skirt in the back. but it's a great color imho. Maybe it's just the fabric.
    You look great in everything you wear.
    Glad to hear that those folks sent you a whole new medal. I'll take your burned, ruined one.
    Big Sur marathon, huh?
    Love those photos of you as a young lass. I got married at 19 I think. If I can remember correctly. I don't know exactly. I'm made out of old lady skin.

  20. Dang, that is a LOT of big races so early in the year!! Please make sure that you;re not overdoing it with that kind of high mileage so quickly....I don't want you to get like me and burn out!

    I love all the outfits, but I have to agree that the green jacket, for some reason, doesn't seem to go as great as the other outfits. Maybe it's the whole outfit put together??

  21. I need a full view of those red boots. I've been obsessed with red boots for three years and I still haven't found the perfect pair! By the way, I don't think the green jacket outfit makes you look old at all but if you felt old, that's NOT okay!
    I apologize for the gross shower pictures, I couldn't helm myself.

  22. I believe I am about your age, & it has been kind of a weird journey with WL and clothes. [I'm still on my way down..] But a jacket or cardi or whatever that was FINE before, is now matronly for me. ? What is that? I think you are right there with me on this. My "look" (clothing wise) seems to keep getting younger as I get smaller. hm. But within reason of course; I'm not *quite* wearing the stuff my HS daughter does, ya know.

    Anyway, I think it is an interesting thing. And I'm with you on not wearing something that makes me feel aged or just frumpy.

    LOVE the pics of Paco gift sniffin'. He so cracks me up.

  23. Hi! I stumbled across your Blog from

    My name is Sarah Kay Hoffman; I am the Community Manager for the Sears Fit Club.

    I just have to tell you - you ROCK! I absolutely love your blog, what you've done & your attitude! I automatically "followed!"

    I was wondering what kind of pink bike that is? Is it a Schwinn? It's a beauty!

    I'm super excited to follow you and your success!


  24. So much to reply to!

    1. Love that you reconnected with your penpal, and what great pictures from when you were young! I remember those glasses and hairstyles well. :)

    2. The red jacket and boots, WOOHOO! Love it with the faded jeans too; that gives it a great nonchalant look.

    3. I really like the green jacket and I don't think it's old-lady-ish -- but try it with some "younger" looking other pieces instead of just dark underneath. Like the faded jeans, or a white collared shirt. Or a fun skinny scarf!

    4. Woohoo on finding a way to remix the patterned top! A skinny belt might work with the teal sweater too.

    5. I am telling you, it's the jeans that are making you think younger vs. older. :)


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