Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update - Maui Wipeout Edition!

Aloha from Maui! I found a cool coffee shop here - Hawaiian Village Coffee - free internet, yay! We are having a great time so far, except that I spent the first couple of days hurting myself...apparently I left both my common sense and balance back in Texas.

On Saturday, after we ran around renting scuba gear and beach chairs (and a giant umbrella for pale-skinned me), my parents, Jeff and I went for a stroll along the promenade that runs along the beach. I wasn't thinking clearly and wore my cute purple flip flops, and I ended up with a gigantic blister on the balls of both of my feet - ouch. How I can go running hundreds of miles with zero blisters, and walk a stinkin' mile in flip flops and end up with the mother AND father of all blisters is beyond me. Well, not really, once Jeff pointed out that I baby my feet with my super-soft Thorlo Experia socks and really good running shoes - my poor feet didn't know what hit them! Jeff went to the ABC store and bought me some blister band aids so I could do my scheduled long run on Sunday.
Getting ready for my first run on Maui!

So, yeah, about that long run. I had 8 miles on my training schedule. I got up early and was off and running by 6:20 am - it was light out, and lots of other people were out running and walking. It was really nice - how lucky can I be, to get to run along the edge of the beach in Maui? Unfortunately, my blisters were really starting to bother me, so I decided to cut it short when I hit 5 miles. I was just approaching our hotel and looked up to see if my parents were on their balcony - which they were. Cool! I raised both arms up in the air to wave to them, smiled, and simultaneously hit a patch of wet sand and an edge in the concrete - y'all, I hit the pavement, hard. Knee, elbow, palm of my hand - I did a lovely job of embedding sand into my hand and gave myself a nice case of road rash. I fell behind a hibiscus hedge - I knew my parents saw me fall but couldn't see if I was ok, so I popped up and raised my hands in victory to show them I was alive - can you believe that my mom didn't get the picture? Apparently she was concerned about my safety and had set down the WAS a good fall. Anyway, I limped off to the outdoor shower to rinse off my hand and then met Jeff on the beach, where I took off my shoes and socks and waded into the ocean for the Hawaiian version of an ice bath.
Just before the fall...the hedge in the lower right is where I took a dive.
Ouch! My scraped up hand. :(Ouch! My scraped up knee. :(
Maui "ice bath"

So in the course of two days, I beat up my feet, knee, hand, wrist and forearm. Who says running isn't hardcore? Ah well. I obviously survived. Gross alert: I drained the blisters and they seem to be healing - I should be good for my race on Saturday. Always an adventure with me, what can I say?

Beat up but still smiling! :)


  1. D
    you are officially HARD OF CORE.

    but we already knew that :)

  2. Glad your OK love your good attitude.
    Been there (falling) done that don't want to EVER do that again.
    Hope the rest of your vacation goes well.

  3. Okay, am I the only one with the song "Wipeout" running around my brain?

    Bless your heart, girl. I hope you are all healed up for your run. And be careful! Riffing from Helen, do you think you have "vacation head"?

  4. Sounds like you're a klutz too! Ah, kindred spirit.

    Enjoy the beach for me. really really really miss it. Vee at

  5. I'm kind of disappointed you lied to me :lol:

    You told Helen that you did run on Saturday for the virtual run but forget to wear pink and what do I see; a pink vision :lol:

    I think I would have laughed when I would have seen it because it sounds really funny. I'm glad though that you weren't hurt too bad.

  6. You are a riot!! "raised my hand in victory". Great pics, it's freakin' freezing here (30's), just got back from school bus where there was steam coming out of our mouths. You probably never see that down South anyhow. Uhm, you wrote y'all. It never dawned on you have a Southern accent???
    Keep having fun, but BE CAREFUL!

  7. There's official runners and then there's "OFFICIAL" runners. You are of the second variety after your fall.

  8. I picture you popping up from behind the hibiscus, doing your best Molly Shannon... "SUPAH-STAR!!" ROTFL

    Or maybe just a very poised, "I meant to do that." LOL
    Lovin' the beach scenery. Glad you're having a good time!

  9. Evidently not only do you have vacation head, you have vacation feet too. Good Lord, do we need to get you a body guard so you'll make it back to us safely?!

  10. Oh Shelley!!! I hate blisters more than anything!

    Glad you survived, take it easy though, you are still on vacation!!

  11. "Beat up but still smiling."
    I love that quote. It's speaking about life. (in general) or at least my life in general.

  12. Ouch! Take care of yourself. Running in Maui, how awesome is that! You look great!

  13. I like that statement too! Beat up but still smiling!

  14. Wouldn't be an update lately without some sort of injury report, but dang - take it easy LOL!

    I wanna see pictures of the fun!!

  15. Good grief. Would you be careful already? You have a marathon to run, don't you? Enjoy your trip and quit trying to kill yourself!

  16. OMG, Shelley! Since I know you're okay, I'm going to say my sick sense of humor LOL'd when I saw the picture Mom took right before The Fall. It's like a scene out of movie: one minute, there. Next, not so much. I'm so sorry. :(

    Glad you're okay, and sorry to hear about the blisters. I hear ya' - feet love the running shoes/socks, but flips just eat them up. Ouch!

    Have fun and don't skimp on sunscreen.

    *hugs* from Orlando!!

  17. Son of a...that's gonna leave a mark! I think that's from a Chris Farley movie. I wish your mom had gotten a pic too.

    Hope the feet are better and you are running pain free.

  18. Hi :) I am just having a "glimpse" of your profile a little, read about you and am amazed, how you have changed your life and how blogging had helped you....I hope I can write this there and read your posts, because I also started to blog and some 2 weeks ago something happened in my mind that I understood that I can really loose my weight just with time...I am not very big,but just I feel bad, I can't dress normally, and I am too young to be overweighted...Than you that people like you post your stories :) Hope I will get some friends, too, later here on blog, as you did :) My blog: tobeasgodmade (to be as God has created my body, not purged with unhealthy food and ruined the look of it :( )

  19. Ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH!!! I can't think of anything that hurts worse than road rash. Oh yes. BLISTERS. Man, I think Jeff needs to get one of those little buggy things and sit you in it and push you through that race on Saturday! Now THAT would give you something to blog about LOL!

  20. I don't want to spoil Shelley's comments,wish I could write to you,Debby,personally,but I am really sad now,because I just was searching for a little support not judgment,Shelley also once started and got support...I am sorry to bother ;( and actually I was writing to this blog owner...:/ See there are no friendly people...

  21. I see you are having an adventurous time on Maui! Be careful - those hedges attach. Enjoy. We are having big surf right now. Make sure you get to check some out.

  22. Yikes! Glad you're ok! Maui looks beautiful! Um, no more falling, please.

    Winks & Smiles,

  23. Awww, Shelley. Hope you are healing and letting yourself relax and enjoy the trip. Take lots of pictures!

  24. Sorry about your fall, but wow!! You look really great Shelley :)

  25. I didn't think you were updating while you were gone!

    OMG, you are hard core aren't you!!

    Hope the blisters are fine by tomorrow!

    Ah, to be in that water - lucky duck!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

  26. Ouch!! Poor thang. I hope you are feeling better now.
    You crack me up. That sounds like something I'd do.

    How awesome that you get to run there. It's just beautiful.

    Hope those blisters are healed up quickly. And no more stunts! ;)

    I know you're having a great time. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  27. You have awesome determination! Today is my first day in my weight loss journey - you have inspired me.

    Thank you


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