Monday, November 15, 2010

Maui 2010!

Finally, the recap of our trip to Maui - it's mostly pictures, so I apologize in advance if you have a slow internet connection.

We flew from our little airport in College Station (so funny, a businesswoman was in the waiting area and stated that this was the smallest airport she'd even seen - hey, it has TWO gates!) to D/FW,which I had never been to. Holy moly, that place is like Disneyland! I know I'm sounding like a small-town hick, but that airport is crazy big. We landed and the plane taxied on an overpass above the freeway! Then when we got off the plane, we got on a high-speed tram (kind of like Disneyland's monorail) and zipped around to our next terminal. Fun times - I could have stayed on for another ride! And really, we had time...but I spent it exploring the cool stores at the airport. They had a Natalie's Candy Bar - I guess similar to Dylan's Candy Bar, which I've never been to - Jeff and I got a few candy snacks for the plane ride to Maui. Have I mentioned that I go into the travel-food mindset when I go anywhere? Well I do. Luckily for me, I don't travel all that often; otherwise, I'd really have to work at making better choices at the airport. Check out what I found:
Flat taffy! I used to buy this from the ice cream man when I was a kid - always a tough choice, ice cream or taffy. I haven't seen this stuff in forever!

Oh, and look what else is at the D/FW airport:
I didn't indulge, but nice to know I could have!
I passed the time waiting to board reading my new Dean Karnazes book, Ultra Marathon Man, which was really inspiring (and also made me want to order a pizza from Round Table to be delivered as I did a long run). This man literally eats on the run!

Wait, wasn't this supposed to be about Maui? These two are the reason we got to go:

My Mom and Dad - celebrating their 50th anniversary (yes, they married young) and relaxing near the pool at our hotel. My Dad bought a nice ukulele in Oahu and spent many afternoons relearning old songs (he took lessons as a kid). Thanks for bringing us along on your celebration vacation!!!

View from our balcony:
I made a new friend:
Land shark!

Oh - remember when I posted a picture of my bike's cousin last year?
I swear it was in the same spot this year...and I got bold and posed with it!
I just think it's so funny to see it again.

We took this picture when Jeff and I were walking around Lahaina one morning. Parking wasn't the easiest to find, so we decided to leave the White Whale (rental van) parked more "downtown" and hoof it to Aloha Mixed Plate restaurant for lunch. Boy, it got hot during that mile walk, and I was so hungry by the time we got there:

Feed me!
Pretty view of Lanai as we waited for our food...
I fully intended to take a picture of my plate when I got it, but obviously couldn't wait! This was a Kalbi ribs mixed plate, which is a Korean-inspired dish. So good! It comes with white rice and macaroni salad, which was way too mayonnaise-y for me, but believe me, I chowed down on the ribs!

While we were in Maui, the World Series was happening, and as Giants fans (hey, I grew up in the Bay Area and went to many games - sorry, Texas Rangers), we found the Maui Brewing Company and watched one of the games:
left to right: my Dad, brother's wife, brother, Mom, me and Jeff

I did really good with my eating (except for the travel days - then it all went off the deep end) - most of the time I split a meal with either Jeff or my Mom.

At the Hula Grill - and yes, that is half of a salad in front of my Mom! Good thing we split it, right?

That is not to say that there weren't treats...
There was also a flavor that had Kona coffee, dark chocolate, and caramel...and I was so sad when I realized that I left my last bar tucked in the seat back of the airplane on the trip home, darn it!

Oh, and we had plenty of coconut gelato:
Excuse the hair - this was at the end of a day spent wearing a helmet while hanging from a cable in the air - yes, we went zip lining! That event will have its own post, once I get the rest of the pictures...but here's a sneak preview:
Can you believe I willingly stepped off that platform?!?

One more food picture - we had a very nice dinner at Gerard's on our last night in Maui - boy, it was excellent! I had the grilled filet of beef:

Amazing! I ate about half of it, and then passed the plate around - everyone had tastes, and Jeff finished it off. For dessert, I had coconut sorbet...YUM. We certainly ate well in Maui!

We had a wonderful time in Maui and look forward to returning again one of these years! Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for such a wonderful vacation!


  1. YAY MY POST :)

    Love this shelley and totally lived vicariously.

    I need me a trip but Im like you in the travelmindset.

    ESPECIALLY the airport for some reason. food Id not just 'not eat' but find, well, gaggy :) I will purchase and snuggle down with at the gate accompanied by some trashtastic magazines.

    **cue travel dream sequence**


  2. When I saw the title I thought "it's about damn time" I've been waiting, and it was worth the wait. LOVE THIS. We were in Lahaina 19 years ago for our Honeymoon. Before your wrote about your hair I thought, "cute hair, I bet it's the Hawaii humidity," love the curls! Your parents is so cute and young!

  3. Love it love it love it, dahling!
    How cool is this!?

  4. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Can't wait for the zip-line post.

  5. Oh I love the pics! Looks like you had a FABULOUS time! :)

  6. Trashtastic! Miz' comment made me laugh cause I'm all about the stupid bags 'o junk and the Star magazine when I travel. Why would you go to Red Mango when you could have a Cinnabon for goodness sake!

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Looks so warm and inviting. And, of course, the food looks really good too.

    Let me just put this out there now - your mom is beautiful and I want her hair when I grow up :-)

  7. What a great post Shelley. Thanks for sharing! I love the last picture the most but I really can't wait to read more about the zip line! Have a great week and hope you're feeling more back to normal!!

  8. Finally! Awesome pics. Your parents are way cool, and love your dad strumming on the uke! Looks like a simply amazing vacay. It must have taken you hours to uplaod these with blogger, or is it just me who has a hard time with it!?

    Thanks for giving us all a 1 minute vacation.

  9. Oh thanks for the travel diary! Just the right combination of interesting foods and adventure! Ziplining! can hardly wait for the report. I am a little fascinated with it, although don't know that I would have the courage to actually DO it!

    The hawaiian candy bar, the taffy from our childhood, and the coconut gelato--another thing I really want to try. My brother talks about the gelato he had in Italy as the most amazing thing ever.

  10. That sounds like an amazing trip - wow, your parents look really young to be celebrating their 50th!

    Love that you found the bike again. Can't wait for the zip line post - I am not sure I would have the courage to jump off that ledge!

  11. OMG! I love that flat taffy. Brings back so many memories.

    When you go to Galveston, you MUST go to La King's confectionery on the Strand. Please trust me. :)

    Like your new friend. He has legs of steel.

    That was HALF a salad? Dang!

    Just wait until I show Chuck that zip line pic. I've been nagging him about that for over a year. Little green over here.

    What a wonderful trip! And happy anniversary to your parents.

  12. You just look so happy and peaceful in all those pictures. And that makes ME happy!

  13. Thank you for the travel post! What a fun time! Is food over there really expensive? I have heard that was one of the downsides to vacationing there regarding the cost of goods.

    I cannot believe that was a half salad. Do they serve the whole one in a bucket?? Holy moly.

    Loved the last picture. You two look so happy and relaxed :D

  14. Oh how I miss Maui! Thanks for giving us a tour of your trip and I like your mom's hair too ;-)

  15. Oh, HOW FUN! I loved the taffy and Dean K. book, he's such a cutie and such a strong runner, inspiring!
    Glad you had s much fun!

  16. Fun, fun, fun! Loved all of the pics and I'm so glad you had a good time.

  17. Oh, thank you for that. It is cold and gray and drizzly up here, and a vicarious vacation in Maui is the perfect antidote!
    And I remember that overpass in DFW -- going over a freeway was bizarre.

  18. I think I would love vacationing with you. I had a ball just reading your recap!


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