Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Workout Update

Well first, I have to start with this picture:
Yes, that is real blood on my shirt

I know! I feel like a total badass! Seriously, I didn't even notice the blood or feel any pain, for that matter. After our 9 mile run on Saturday, I couldn't wait to take off my fuel belt and find my lip balm...I had a serious case of chapped lips going on during that run. Then Coach Dale said something along the lines of "nice gut shot" and hey, look at that! I remember tightening the fuel belt as I started the run because the bottles were bouncing a bit - I guess I got it a little too tight and it rubbed a raw spot - the infamous "chafing" that runners are known for experiencing.

So, between the sweaty boobs picture from last week and now the bloody gut picture today, a couple of thing are becoming obvious: 1) that I have no shame; and 2) that I am apparently a hardcore runner!

This was a good run in the way that most of us ran close together - in fact, I even ran with one woman for a little over four miles before she pulled was fun to have someone alongside, even though we ran into each other at one point - oops! I was heading for the sidewalk after a turn and she was heading for the street. Too funny...and a few miles later, I ran into another person - again, after a turn. Didn't hurt, but I had to laugh because who knew running with five people would be a contact sport?

This was a hard run in the way that nine miles is a long way to run! And although it started out cool, it warmed up really fast and I was pretty hot by the last few miles. So glad I stayed with my original outfit choice of shorts and a technical t-shirt - when I felt how cool it was at 6:00 am, I almost put on a pair of capris. And in our pre-run meeting, Coach Dale said that runners should dress for 20 degrees warmer than what the temps are, because you warm up pretty fast, so my shorts were the right choice.

The top of my left foot was tender after my 10 mile run last week, and while it didn't hurt during my 9 mile run this week, it was really sore and a little swollen afterward. I was already lacing my shoes a little differently because I have really high arches, but I googled "runners shoe lacing" (how I love the internet!) and found a different technique, so I tried it. Runner's World had a how to video - I watched it a couple times and got one shoe laced sort-of correctly, then I found another video that showed it from a different angle and got the other shoe done right. Fixed the first shoe and except for having to lace the last set of holes because the shoes felt a little too loose, it seems to help.
Weird lacing technique...but it seems to work!

On Monday, I had a 45 minute easy (recovery) run on the schedule. As I am bored spitless with running in my neighborhood, I decided to be a big brave dog (Rugrats, anyone?) and run from my house to Starbucks. The only really iffy area was just outside of my neighborhood, where there is no sidewalk/bike lane/shoulder right by the access road to the highway. I did ok - traffic was really light and I only encountered three cars, who all moved over for me. But, as soon as I got to a place where I could cross over into the mall parking lot, I had to stop and catch my breath - apparently my adrenaline got my heart rate UP during that little bit! And once I started back running, I kept stopping to walk every little bit. But you know what? For once I didn't get all down on myself - this was supposed to be an easy run, and I ended up doing three miles in 35:34, which is STILL less than 12 minute miles - and that's with walking! Oh - did you catch the part about only running 35 minutes instead of 45? What can I say - I had arrived at Starbucks! I had arranged with Jeff to meet me there, so I could get a ride home (after a nice cup of ice water, a Grande coffee and half a bagel). It was fun way to get my solo run in.

This morning I met with a woman, Willi, whom I've known for a few years - we've talked about running together and I finally got brave enough to call her. We ran in her neighborhood, which was out in the country - it was a bit challenging on a couple of stretches, as there was no shoulder so when cars approached we had to stop and step into the dirt/grassy area to the side. But it was a nice slow run and it was fun to not only have company but to get to see new scenery, including some funny antelope-type animals...I'll have to take a picture of them next time.

One more short run is scheduled for tomorrow - hopefully "with" Matt...and then it's another 10 miler on tap for Saturday. Call me crazy, but I'm kind of looking forward to it!


  1. Look at that blood! AWESOME! You rock it, my friend!

  2. now you REALLY fit my superchick anthem song huh??? thats pretty badass! :)

  3. You are badass! Looks like a real big chafe. I had a little one and felt uncomfortable the whole time =( you rock!

  4. I think you should get a tatoo somewhere that says, "Hardcore Endurance Runner"

    Yeah Baby!

  5. You really are a hard core runner! I like walking new places. Good for you...

  6. Shelley, you inspire me with every single post. I can't believe it, but I envy you your bloody t-shirt. I think it's awesome how well you're doing and someday I will catchup so we can run together! Be careful though. You know we had that woman die while running in Dallas cause she got hit by a biker. It is so sad, but luckily was a freak accident. I actually had a patient yesterday say she was afraid to walk outside now. That was her excuse for not exercising.Good grief.

  7. You're definitely a hard core runner with your blood :lol:

    Girl you are so much better at this running thing than I am right now. I had to run today but was home so late after traffic jam that my energy was all used up.

    I will do a short run tomorrow with miss Bella.

    I'm proud of you my dear friend.

  8. Crazy (and bloody!) Great idea to run to the coffee place. A sort of reward for hard work is super motivating. and i'm trying desperately not to sound sarcastic. Is it working?

  9. I'm just gonna call you "Sharkbite Shelley" from now on. :-)

    "Gunshot Shelley"???

  10. Sweaty boobs + bloody shirt = hard core runner Shelley! :D

    When I read you were running to Starbuck's I thought, is she going to try to run back home after getting coffee? Great idea to have the hubs drive you home!

  11. Okay, I won't call you crazy. But, whoa. Looking forward to a 10 mile run? Well, that's just darned impressive.

    I really like combining exercise with a destination. I've done it quite a bit with my walking. There's just something so real about it.

    Right now I'm combining exercise with getting the garden fixed up. Then I'm gonna combine exercise with taking a load of stuff to the dump. Okay, this is a little too real. I like the Starbuck's destination better!

  12. Next it will be trips to the dentist with only a bullet to bite on!

    Hardcore, indeed.

  13. Damn Shelley - I don't want to hear that you are running on a broken leg next!

    As you know, I dearly love incorporating a destination into exercise. It makes the arrival fun and is its own reward. Maybe some day I will run to our Starbucks, but it is 8 miles away, so much farther than I want to go right now!

    Yay for Saucony shoes :D

  14. Your photo is what made me check out your blog..I saw it on a blog roll. :)

    Glad to hear it wasn't a gun shot to the gut. Reading around on your blog has been very inspiring. And I LOVE your bike!!

  15. Maybe you aren't crazy for looking forward to that 10 mile run, but I'm jealous of your enthusiasm. One day I'll get there :)

    The blood is awesome, haha. One time I fell on my bike. It was a small silly fall, but my knee got this big scrape on it. I showed it off so much, lol. After all you aren't a really athlete until you have a couple of scrapes and bruises right?

  16. Bad. Ass.

    (I thought it was chocolate)

  17. holy crap women! you are bad ass ;-)

  18. You are definitely a "real" runner now - and that is some SERIOUS chafing. Hope you aren't hurting too bad right now!

  19. You are so hardcore. Love the new way of doing your laces! (PS is it time for new running shoes yet? Maybe that's why you are having pain on the top of your foot...)

  20. Girl you are SO hard core, I love it! Next time, we'll catch you hanging out in the med tent(wait, I hope not)!


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